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honestly with the first addition of the corsair i was really excited for balance changes from the engineering standpoint. just looking at the stats of the corsair, for example, seems to indicate that its a unparalleled powerhouse. gunners can blast away from every angle, often with the heaviest weapons. the pilot has fantastic sightlines and maneuverability. it would seem a completely unbalanced ship, except that when the rubber hits the road, its actually a ship that you would expect to have twice the crew on, maybe even up to ten or so to keep everything ship shape. The acrobatics of the engineers having to repair it is not a result of a ship that is poorly designed, but rather of a ship that would normally have more people.

for the angleans this makes sense because despite their limited population, their raiding parties have to come in on the ships, hence the massive balloon for being able to lift the massive quantities of booty. the heavy hitting weapons to overwhelm the defenders quickly, and the huge open space near the hull repair point is low enough to easily fill with stolen goods quickly. the ship would therefore be easy to crew with a few extra hands, and a masterfully designed ship for raiding.
as a warship its a weird ship, but its not impossible to imagine that when wartime comes, they get all their ships up in the air, even if they have to run a little shorthanded.

the yeshans have similar design parameters we can see justified by the ships design. we are seeing a large open space above decks, and a strong forward facing weapons system. it seems like in a battle the ships would fly in formation (very reasonable considering their more philosophical approach to governance and combat.)  the judgement therefore would likely be more populated with marines, rather than raiders, who would stand on the upper decks shooting down on other ships, or dropping grenades and firebombs. the access to the open spaces in this ship would make combat of this kind very effective. we can presume however that the protracted wars has left the ship somewhat underhanded again. in fact MOST ships seem like a couple extra hands seems like the "recommended crew" for these ships, from the massive galleon on down to the high performance squid, everyone seems understaffed, crewed mainly by a bunch of really tough old sailors who can get the job done come hell or high winds

TL:DR is that it seems like the ship is insanely designed, but i like the balance via engineer skill ships, as we already had balance by pilot skill ships like the squid and balance by gunner skill ships like the galleon or spire. also it's not impossible to imagine that many of the ships were well designed for more people that are crewing them, so from a lore perspective the ships the Judgement make solid sense.

World / Re: Where on the World Map are the Maps?
« on: May 07, 2017, 05:19:40 pm »
given the green landscape and hostile looking shoreline, and it's seemingly climatic mildness, i'd suggest the southern parts of chaledon

we know the fjordlanders started before the chaledonians because it was a barony warship that the chaledonians copied as a model for their first airships. it says a lot that they are competetive now given that they STARTED after the fjordlanders were already in the game

yesha's strength is that their society is meritocratic, their agricultural system is stable, and their population is massive. this means that they have decent commanders, leaders and lots of everything. their R&D is as good as people can do, but they arent reverse engineering the archeo-tech, so they are behind those that are. they have HUGE shipyards though and a huge navy, so they have lots of ships to compete with anyone

the barons of the fjordlands are all vying for power between each other and against outside forces. they dont have the wiggle room to be squeamish.  they have managed to create a pretty stable nation though, if a little socially stagnant. the people are strong and honorable, the fleet is diciplined, and their firepower massive. people are flocking to the baronies from that big middle part of the map, causign them to start worryign about food shortages, but other than that, thigns are actually going pretty well for them.

the chaledonians are improving at a frightening rate, but they started WAYYY later than everyone lese. their tehcnologies arent generally all that military, except by accident, and their society and agricultural base are unmatched. their military is alittle too elegant though to stand up to the huge fleets of the other nations, i feel. at least for now, the shrike seems like a move in the heavy direction that might tip them into the power position

the arashi are scavengers, and their desert is filled with archeo-tech that they have found, reverse engineered, and recreated. They are in fact second in technological sophistication only to the Anglean republic who has done the same.

they arent simple desert folk, they are sophisticated engineers that live and thrive in the desert

my suggestion is make the damage increase oportional to the number of stacks on teh component. just a little bit of debuff? not the end of the world. full stacks (however many that woudl be) of debuff? very bad news indeed

Proposed Stats Option 3

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: new weapons: thinking outside the box
« on: January 22, 2017, 04:38:36 pm »
perhaps the reloading might not need to be as full-time a job as i first conceived it, maybe having a range finder might also be specifically important, giving the engie something else to do for the other half of their time?

i just hate on a fish when theres nothing to do, or a spire when you are standing there just sorta staring out into space waitign for teh side guns to come into play on a sniping ship () not in a sniping war obviously, but when its more of a close range ship trying to close across dunes or whatever

i like the idea of a heat mechanic for the weapon, more specific monkeying might be required for this to work best.

the other

General Discussion / Re: Disable mid match joins
« on: January 20, 2017, 07:02:04 pm »
i couldn't agree more with jedi here

if you are joining a match, you are VERY unlikely to have had the kind of discussion with the captain and crew that you would have in lobby. if you join a match, you take the recommended load-out. you cant argue your point with the captain, hes busy. you click the button, the suggested load-out pops up saying here's your gear, crewman. then you can be like... hell no i'm not running a buffgeneer today. hit decline, it pops you back out, and you can go join another game if you want.

Feedback and Suggestions / new weapons: thinking outside the box
« on: January 20, 2017, 06:50:52 pm »
i've been very thrilled with the outflow of ideas for new content, the new ships, the new guns the new ammos. some of which introduce completely new mechanics and searching to solve problems we didn't even know we had

unsurprisingly for anyone reading, i have a suggestion, surprise surprise, for a new (heavy even!) weapon

the hypaspist two man cannon

watching the Flak and Heavy flak i always wondered why after shooting the first shot, the chamber could be reloaded without having to reload the second chamber as well, allowing for a reload while shooting the second barrel and its resultant reloading as a completely seperate mechanism, allowing for reloading the first shot while leaving the second ready to fire throughout the process.

then i thought, well, a continual fire weapon woudl be absolutely bonkers, i want that. how do i balance it?

as a new player i always wondered at the automatic reloading of weapons, and by this time in my GOIO career, i think we take it for granted. lets shake things up!

so my proposal for a weapon is as follows:

a weapon whose separate chambers can be, indeed MUST be, reloaded by a second person. with one person shooting and a second reloading the chambers (standing behind hitting with spanner i think, unless anyone things a specialized tool would be more interesting than frustrating) allowing for a steady rate of perpetually uninterrupted fire.

i think the weapon itself then could be absurdly powerful considering the extra cost of use in needing a second person to maintain optimal damage.

so basically if you have the gunner doing both jobs, it would be maybe 60% dps of a heavy flak over time. with a loader it would be roughly twice that.

maybe adding a slight amount of pierce damage could allow the Hypaspist cannon to make the goldfish more interesting to fly, giving it another viable option for that front gun.

if the spire weapon angle changes are implemented, spreading the side guns apart to point along the starboard and port beam. this weapon would allow the second crew member downstairs to be able to be useful even when the ship is engaged in front on combat

the name Hypaspist comes from the idea of a 'shield carrier:' An attendant who stands by and supplies the resources required for a soldier, allowing them to concentrate on fighting

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: A cry for change
« on: January 16, 2017, 06:56:44 pm »
i think that i have a simple and really somewhat knitpick-y critique of neddie's post, and it is about a single word: AND in his final remark, as follows:

From my own hobbyist experience, if you're going to make a game, you have to play it, and you have to listen to the people who play it

i'm not sure you have to play it AND listen to the people who play it. theoretically there's an OR option to be considered. but i do think there isn't a third direction to go , and there's really few other options for making good solutions. you are going to either play the hell out of the game, and most of the passionate salty vets have, or listen to them.

i am going to suggest option two for the simple reason that there are a hell of a lot OF us still here. just look at the person-hours even a single of the competitive clans have put in. a single person simply cant compete with that. I'm not saying you don't care about your game, muse, i'm saying you mathematically cannot keep up.

the other thing ive suggested in teh past is that you seem to have forgotten that "perfect is the enemy of good" and that you are tryign too much to get it right ONCE after spending all thd time doing it (see ambush comes to shove update)

a awesome adage i heard from teh extra credit guys: fail faster, fail better. you need to take this to heart, and you cant spend another year doing it

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Absurd sniper gun idea
« on: November 22, 2016, 07:42:53 pm »
we had big one hit guns in the form of the heavy flak, and honestly there are a lot of people who miss it, and i share their sadness. basically if you line up a merc, lets have a gun to finish the job once the merc does its job.

i think the shatter damage might be redundant, and give it further use than intended, im personally rather frustrated with the artemis being such a versatile weapon, and its resultant ubiquity. so maybe im taking my annoyance for that too far in being a wet blanket for this idea, if so, i apologize

World / Re: The player's role: Aces or Mercenaries?
« on: November 20, 2016, 05:05:35 pm »
Keb is completely correct vis a vis ship origins

i always assumed we were privateers, technically allied with a faction, but ultimately free agents. dont like the side you're with? trade in your letter of marque from one side for another. equipping our ships and gathering our crews always seemed very much a part of OUR jobs. if the ships were less customizable i would feel more like part of a navy, where certain pieces of equipment are general issued gear

Dev App Testing / Re: 2 November 2016: UI Dev App testing notes
« on: November 08, 2016, 06:23:20 pm »
i still think the stormbreaker's upper gun shoudln't have the back swept angle, if you want he ship to have a sort of rugged brutality to it, why would it trip at the finish line, put it back straight out like it was

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: 1400 Hull for Spire
« on: October 14, 2016, 01:30:06 pm »
i just want that big shield thing on the front to take less damage. we know it can be done because the boss ships have the mechanic already, where the hits to non-vital parts of the ship don't receive their damage type bonuses. this is the perfect balance between getting hits and doing damage in THIS case i think. it's a huge shield on the front of the ship, what else is it supposed to be, if not protection? the long range fighting capabilities would increase, as precision at 1200 yards is a rare gunner indeed, but shunting off a percentage of hits would be a huge boon in long range combat, which is supposed to be the forte of the spire. conversely, a gunner can hit ANYWHERE but there off the front of a charging metamidion without difficulty, making it largely unchanged against its counters but stronger at the things we want it to be strong at. it might also give a VERY good spire pilot at least SOMETHING to do when being charged by a metamidion: hydrogen that shield up into the beak so teh ram isnt a instant kill. getting flanking positions against spires becomes much more important, and isnt that what we wanted it to be in the first place?

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