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Feedback and Suggestions / AI commands/controls
« on: January 24, 2015, 08:17:06 am »
As we all know AI are a royal pain at times, either ruining the plans of a main engineer or shooting the wrong guns despite efforts made, obviously it'd be wrong to make them more efficient in their artificial intelligence as people would then sooner have ai crews.
Thus I would suggest adding the F4 practice command to turn AI off into the game itself this giving pilots more direct control of the AI allowing for timed repairs and timed shooting without causing the ai to get in the way and frustrate players on the ship.
Simple yet effective and still leaving AI the lower option of actual players, a great benefit to those of us who play on the less active periods of time when you're just unable to fill ships fully.

Feedback and Suggestions / a new cosmetic inc reference picture.
« on: January 17, 2015, 04:38:04 am »

Because every Junker has a tinker captain who would make one of these!

Be it part of a theme or a shoulder attachment.. I want one in game!

The Lounge / Show us your face!
« on: January 16, 2015, 02:18:06 pm »
So Replaceable inspired this post with talk of identity!
Soo show us your face!

Me doing photography at WLFCC comic con

The Pit / Welcom new players, don't shun them..
« on: November 23, 2014, 03:40:25 am »
Going to put this in the pit as I can't see it ending in a reasonable debate! (It certainly did not last night.)
Match Maker is working over time, new players are turning off their novice status to avoid 10 minutes or more waiting time, and last night teas a lobby for 3v3, a new player, two matches under his belt winds up in our lobby and one of the other pilots. (I won't name and shame but he knows who he is!) started raging the new player to leave or else he'd not captain for the match, so a lot of is told him to leave since we all started at level one at some point. The level 1 (like so many new players.) seemed oblivious to all the arguing revolving around him, and the 'vet' (level 19..) left the lobby, only to be sent back a few seconds later by MM, and he starts going on again how the new guy should 'go away' so I told the 'vet' my fullest opinion on the matter using my most colourful of languages. (Since the 'vet' showed no manners why should anyone show him the same courtesy, he clearly did not understand when he was told kindly!) So the 'vet' rage quits for the night another capt takes his place, and a standard match begins! (Yay!) new guy learns a lot and leavs lobby after round, teams get swapped, life goes on.

My overall point?

Yes many veterans are upset by being out in lobbies with low level players for X reason, but that's no reason to shout and swear at new players... Yes speak your frustrations, hell email, post a rant here in the pit, but for the love of Cthulu stop making yourselves look like arseholes... We all get angry but venting it directly to one sole person is wrong...

The Pit / A rant of my own...
« on: November 20, 2014, 11:53:15 am »
I joined shortly before the Steam Sale began and due to this I had the pleasure of meeting some great teachers and new friends in the pre-sale community, but then came the hoard... Don't get me wrong, I am often accused of bashing all of them but I'm not, we did get good new people from the sale! And I wish them a happy future in guns! If I have room on my ship I welcome them aboard and help them learn, even if only the basics, if someone's willing to learn I'll not shun them away, my problem is with the trolls, racists and other scum the internet is known to harbour... A block list bigger than my friends list and a mostly inactive friends list..
I get this off my chest now as the trolls begin to vanish and I hope to see my old friends again soon and make many more along the way!

The Gallery / Anglean Raider costume.
« on: November 08, 2014, 03:39:10 am »
Edit: working on fixing the image links
First post on the forums, so I'll introduce myself too!
I'm Dave, LARPer, Costumer (aka cosplay) and leather worker.
When at the workshop if I have time left over I try and put together different costumes and recently upon discovering GoI I also found myself reading through the lore of the world and the Anglean Republic caught my attention, a ferocious people who survive the colds through scavenging the relics of the old world, so it inspired me!

This costume is far from finished, lots more weathering to be done, and more scavenging of props and relics to put on the costume :)

Heavily weathered hat with a few 'relics' added, added a small leather patch to make it look repaired, the accumulated dust from scavenging at the dunes. :)

A full length leather trench coat, will be adding more patches and repairs to it before I show the full coat, but the shoulders have some detail to them. :)

Right hand.

The left hand glove, although the torch is scratched up (picture fails
To show detail) I'll be trying to get it more weathered.

An old digital camera attached to a leather patch, it'll make a nice addition to the coats torso :)

Still a lot of work and scavenging to be done on this costume, still drawing up designs for the mask and goggles as I'll make them myself and undecided what I'll be doing for a shirt, but it's off to a good start! :) once the jacket is done I'll be able to acetone out the dye to make it more patchy.
Just wish I had a scrap yard a little closer to home. XD

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