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The Cantina / In Game Cultural Slang
« on: March 07, 2015, 01:08:49 am »
A lot of us have a phrase or saying that is native to our area, almost like dialect of sorts. Sometimes it can be narrowed down to even specific cities (Pittsburgh, Boston, New York, ect) Each have a turn of phrase or a way of saying something that marks them from that area. Over time, things change from trends and use (for example, the word 'bully' used to mean 'something great', but today refers to harassment. Quite a change).

As far as role-playing goes, there is a great opportunity as far as sayings for specific areas or roles.

For example:

As cold as a barony smile
Madder then a sandstorm hare

Or even specific words. Perhaps 'gilded' (a term usually in reference with gold decoration) would take on a different meaning with the Mercantile Guild. Like saying someone is gilded could mean something like 'rich though trading with the Mercantile Guild'.  Or even 'someone important through the Guild'.

I'd be curious to see other examples on how this could go.

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