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Me and the rest of GwTh and others took gear to take blackcliff, we grinded for 3 hours doing search and destroy. The Baronies needed only 6k more effort while Chaladon required 1k. Amazingly enough, just as we finished our game and watched in disappointment the unlikely score, some other group won the final points to require Blackcliff! We got it!

Serpent point suddenly vanished from being contested, and Black cliff immediately went to a defense against the chaladons that had a headstart with 50% effort.
What the hell happened? We put so much effort, with some final moments of luck we got it, but then it just jerks itself and did that!

I am sure that things will be much more interresting than this pretty soon. But still, that minor whateverthehellmisshapthathappenedthere is... anti-climactic.
In any case, I hope there will be more of this soon!

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Hard and soft points vs Impact.
« on: March 06, 2016, 07:20:01 pm »
Until the ship kinda... folds as it rams the ship below it.

The spyglasses spotting ability is simulating the mindset of war tactician and awareness of the enemy in a very simple and cheaty way.
The rangefinder should give the same impression in the way a rangefinder would be helpful in a game as well. But how? And that is the question here.

For those of you who say that the rangefinder is just an extra data tool do not see the waste of space and content the rangefinder is providing. A selection that shouldn't be a selection.
And as a game element, it does absolutely nothing but tell range, but the devs did try to simulate a way it would help a gunner (And that is the circle thing) Which they did not make 100% accurate because of how it can prove to be too good if it did do it 100% accurate.

And you know what... I think the circle thing should be accurate, that way we dont have a SUPER obvious reticle like in practice mode, but a vague one where you have to aim around and find the sweet spot.

What is also interesting (SOMETHING NO ONE MENTIONED) is that the circle thing predicts their speed. So a speeding galleon moving from left to right, you can make the long range shot with the circle thingy without leading the shot yourself.

The trade off here is, Someone has to be Aiming at that specific ship with the Rangefinder in order for the gunners to get any use for it.
But the rangefinder sucks dick simply because of the circle thing is NOT 100% accurate on purpose, And if it did, it still would not guarantee you shots because the speed and altitude of the ship can change by the time the predicted landing of the shot would go there.

So my suggestion is,
-Make the rangefinder helper circle thing better, or more obvious, and/or 100% Accurate.

The cons are,
-Occupies one person
-Gunners searching for a sweet spot
-2/4 people dont have Spyglass OR Pilot has 1 less ship tool

With this, Sniping can be misleading if you are using the helper and being charged at with his movement being too erratic for the rangefinder to help you.
Giving bad habits, but ultimately makes sniping a mind game of movement if it becomes useful.

Yes, it's a niche ammo, but aren't most of them?

No, thats why lochnagar is great, because it is probably the 3 or 2 few Niche ammos.
The new Loch waters itself down to the rest of the not niche ammo (sort of).

Having a new ammo type for the new change doesn't change much in terms of usability and a variety of options and makes for more choices, ergo more thinking, or confusion if you are not familiar with them.

Dev App Testing / Re: Sunday testing release notes.
« on: March 06, 2016, 10:07:12 am »
The spire still dies quickly if you even try to flank it!
Its HUGE! easy to HIT and now it wont be able to REACT!

Even in competetive i see people having a hard time using it.
The only time spire shines is when no one aims at it, but its so big you cant miss it.
And because of the heavy guns it will always reveal its position.

Im still suggesting to make the acceleration (not speed) greater, simply due to how that will make the slender but HUGE body able to actually Slip by shots, duck and dive from and into cover. And maybe even make the adjustable speed a necessity for the spire instead of just full-steam every time.
Or go for the safer option of bringing back classic spire armor, or up the health even more (Which i think is ridiculous)

I dont know anymore... These beta patch notes are really blind for us to make sense of where you want the game to go.

 oh and hi guys long time no see, my cold dead hand is reaching up for some reason in defense of the spiur

I fell in love with the gameplay and ultimately backed any current kickstarters muse had at the time, i dont regret even if it wont come out or is coming out too slowly to have my attention for when it does. Because i loved the game.

But yeah, i do feel lied to. After a while and observing the slow pace in creation (With full knowledge they arent a fullyblown 100 man dev team that still managed to make an ambitious game) along with some content that does get brought out. I simply accepted the money I spent. No biggy.

But its sad to see the kickstarter not deliver its exact plan according to how it was told when people backed it up. Whenever Coop does come out i do expect a valid extension. But i have a suspicious feeling i wont be playing it anymore by that time... maybe.

So to me, the issue is just time, and keeping players busy. I do find this 'fact' true to me but, I have to advocate and say it would be worse if they would have given us all the promised content early on a very poor state.

I like to look at it like Valves philosophy of that it is done when it is done, just know that I (a backer) wont be there to celebrate when it is done. Atleast new players or others will.

Or maybe were just spoiled by pauses.

I find the conondrum in having or not having official pauses or not odd when i remember sunday rumbles not having pauses, same goes with other tourneys.

In those games, no pauses always had a flow in the game but at the same time, big salty behaviour because of DC's.
But at the same time, the flow never broke and made players a bit more creative.

One completely halts the ability of the players(Pausing games), and the other still allows for that ability, just its disrupted (No pauses).
And to go even further into why Pauses can be a hinderence is the flow in spectating and mindset of what is going on.

So, with alot of thinking, i feel like pauses simply makes us FEEL safe. But also destroys what was just going on.
But in the other hand, with NO PAUSES a team can charge in when they see player X disconnected which is a shitty move.
But at the same time, a skin hardened with DCing players should still be able to hold back.

Forgiving ONE player (3/4 of a ship) for DCing and then hindering the 8 players shouldn't exist.
I think official pauses shouldnt stay, and gentleman ruling pauses can make teams look like an asshole.

Lets have no Pauses because the game is very much playable without them.

Gameplay / Re: Hwacha and Pyramidion Balance?
« on: July 29, 2015, 12:03:51 pm »
True, nerfing light guns would nerf the pyra. But that would go across all ships then.

The thing is, pyras gat mort game was good not only because of the gat mort, it had much more factors to it.
The ram which actualy protects it from damage when ramming. It also protects the guns from being disabled at times.
And the ease of management made it easy to abuse pilot tools with.
When they announced that you can now shoot trough your own ship, that was a major buff to the pyra as it was the only ship with prevelant blockage for its gun when aiming up angles.
And now with stamina, you can bypass the speed nerfs with kyrosine/Pheonix claw+Stamina.

Pyra had alot going for it, The nerf that we have now has actualy slapped it straight so that it cant willy nilly do anything without fear.
I think the nerfs should stay, but encourage greatly to press on with pyra despite nerfs. I mean, is(Or was) a pilot good if he no longer can fly something nerfed?
Cus the pyra still does what it did.

Gameplay / Re: Airship RPG Archetypes?
« on: July 23, 2015, 04:37:32 am »
Ofcourse it is!

Gameplay / Re: mino push power
« on: July 15, 2015, 07:34:37 pm »
I support that idea, but then again. Good mino gunners of which i have had did make mid/long range ships have a tough time. With less reload time, as much as i like the sound of it, could make for the enemy ships to have a very difficult time.

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Impact Bumpers
« on: July 14, 2015, 02:55:36 am »
I find it extremely usefull when combining drogue and bumpers. You basically make any ship a raming ship that simply does not work against galleons... but works against any other ship with any ship! :D

Release Notes / Re: Version 1.4.2 Release Notes
« on: July 03, 2015, 09:06:17 am »
- Gamemodes are now included when voting for next map

Thank you!

- AI crew adjustments - Removed AI gunner loadout (all AI crewmembers use engineer loadouts)

Yess! Thank you!

- Harpoon rope remains when target is destroyed

Ya heard my pleaaa

General Discussion / Re: Ship Sizes
« on: June 29, 2015, 05:48:01 pm »
That would requier a good ammount of research and study work creating imaginary references from game elements into measurements that can be used to determine the sizes of the ships.
If you want to start at anything, youl have to do some "Avrage size" study of people, and then assume that whichever number on the player characters models. That way you have a good vision of each element inside of ships and their sizes. Use something inside a ship to measure out its length from first person view, or by scoping into another ship. Screen shot it, then calculate using player character as refrence throuout the ship.

Should give you an estimate size.

General Discussion / Re: Heavy Piercing weapon?
« on: June 29, 2015, 09:10:57 am »
Would be too basic for something like a heavy gun, if a heavy piercing weapon would be added, it should be in an extreme way.
The heavy flak is the most basic heavy weapon, but it is extreme in being able to kill in 1 or 2 shots.

So, either an extreme, or an oddball. Something that diffirentiates a heavy weapon from the light weapon equivalent

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Permission to Mod Flight of the Icarus
« on: June 27, 2015, 12:20:07 pm »
Well... can you mod it to begin with?

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