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Community Events / Teaching event (Boot camp)
« on: May 04, 2015, 11:45:22 am »
So some of us in Rydr have long felt that there isn’t always sufficient resources in the game for help if you are a new player in Guns of Icarus Online. We remembered that back when we started there was a lot of high level players who were nice enough to tell us that burst gattling is not the greatest, or that kerosin damages your engines.

However with the new matchmaking system and there being more novice players lately the game becomes more difficult to understand, so we thought we would arrange a little event to educate new players willing to learn. This will involve will be a simple structure: 6 skilled players distributed among each of the ships as engineers and two in spectator slots who keep an eye on the use of pilot tools. The tutors of each ship will try and give direct feedback to the crew as well as tips and tricks for how to do different things they might need to know to better execute their station. We will also go over some simple yet functional ship builds as well as general loadouts for pilots, engineers, and gunners as we all know is more gun dependant.

With this we want to invite everyone who wishes to get a quick start in Guns of Icarus or who wants to come back and get a refresher on some of the mechanics*.

The event will be held every Wednesday at 8pm UTC+1** starting May 6th, 2015. To gain access to the event contact me to recieve the password (Any Rydr can direct you to me) or PM one of the tutors as they announce it in the general chat.

*if we believe you are too good we might ask you to leave or move to spectator, we are not hosting a pub stomp event.
**We will have a test period of about 2 months to see if there is interest in the community for something like this.

Best Wishes
Some Rydrs:)

P.S. Please observe that this is not a Rydr-hosted event and anyone interested in teaching are free to contact myself about taking part in this.

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