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Feedback and Suggestions / "Free"look while being mounted on guns
« on: September 10, 2013, 10:30:26 am »
I've been thinking about a new feature which would allow players to turn their heads while being mounted on guns. It would work like that when the assigned key is pressed the player would have some kind of a freelook with the mouse ~90° horizontally and ~60° vertically (or whatever is realistic in the given situation). Releasing the assigned key would reset the view to center.
My reasons to include that feature is to give the gunhandler an option to gather some informations about what's going on around him (especially about incoming targets) without the need of leaving the gun because that might cause:
  • the gun getting centered, so you'll need to aim again
  • an other crew member jumping on the gun forcing a reload or wasting the entire clip on an other target out of effective range

Feedback and Suggestions / About tutorials
« on: August 28, 2013, 02:04:33 pm »
Watching famous youtubers and seeing other low level players it became obvious to me that lot of these players have no ideas about how some things work in this game, especially the cooldowns. With Guns of Icarus "soon" to be ported to PS4 (and maybe XBOX1?) the game will reach an other, large demographic who are kinda used to being their hand held by the game. So I think it is pretty important to have a proper, detailed tutorial about all the things. The devs already made effort to make it more useful but there are still things to cover. So why not discuss what we think the tutorial should include?

Here are my thoughts:
First of all, the countdown should be removed. Maybe different levels, like basic and advanced tutorials, in which case the basic is kinda done.

For the pilot the all of his equipments should be presented. There could also be some challange maps for example going through some gates in the air with different versions; like a regular one, one with only reverse available, one filled with dummy ballons and mines - which could introduce the player the crew managing skills.

For the engineer, the first thing should be to fix the equipped tool detection bug. And it would also be useful to show the player that the rubber mallet is not always the most suitable tool for repair, because for minor repairs the spanner can be more practical. The buff hammer also should be introduced.

For the gunner all of the guns and ammo types should be explained. And also mentioning that the guns turning and reloading speed suffers when it gets damaged.

Any thoughts?

Feedback and Suggestions / Lobby for competitive play
« on: August 25, 2013, 10:33:35 am »

I've been thinking of several features for competitive matches which could help to run those games.
These ideas may not necessarily be groundbreaking world exclusive ones, but based on what I've seen in other games and such. So a competitive lobby with the options of:
- Set to enable/disable friendly fire, because why not? If you play competitive you should know which one is the enemy ship.
- A referee: now this one would be the huge deal. Referee would be a special slot in spectators with a set of rights. Rights like: change the map and game mode, start the map instead of waiting for countdown, restart map, pause/unpause the game, kicking unwanted players (like AFK spectators),  putting on/changing lobby password, "muting" spectator chat, ??.

What do you think?

Feedback and Suggestions / Do NOT force reload
« on: August 09, 2013, 08:04:12 am »
Right now if you mount a gun that has a special ammo type loaded you don't have, it automatically reloads the gun, which I don't really like. Because there is no indication of a gun has special ammo loaded, I might cause some kind of timing problems with my forced reload although that wasn't my intention. So my suggestion is that give the player a chance to decide what to do: a) leave the gun (WITHOUT reload), b) reload the gun manually. And mounting a gun like that could look like this: (check attachment)

Feedback and Suggestions / Wanted posters
« on: June 08, 2013, 09:46:46 am »

There is this nice thing called the bounty hunt.
So, my idea is to implement that in the game, in an elegant(?) fashion: by wanted posters.
A sample:

The portraits and names on the poster would change based on the current bounty target's name and apparel. What do you think?

Hello everyone!

My opinion is that the most annoying thing about the game is the human factor (yeah, welcome to multiplayer I guess...): the captains leaving it's crew. While these cases might be not always ragequits, but mostly it seems so given the timing of it. Nevertheless, this usually starts a chain reaction ending up with an empty, surrendered ship. This sucks, especially if you are serving on the same team's other ship with a fair crew and as an opponent it takes aways the sweet taste of victory, leaving a "bitter" feeling instead. I think something has to be done.

But the question is: what can be done about it?

I would divide this matter into two things:

What should happen to these captains?

I guess some punishments could be given to those captains after leaving their crew for X times. Penalties such as: deranking and/or temporarily locking out of the pilot/captain role. Deranking could be countered as getting thumbs up Y times in the same role, while the temporary lock out could be countered as getting Y thumbs up as serving as a crew member using other roles.
I already see the responses before I post this, that why should people be punished for quitting, maybe his/her crew sucked, maybe he/she had to do something IRL, it's just a game, his/her internet went down and such...
But what I think is:
1. He/She who takes the role of a captain knows (or should know) that this role is about responsibilty, and he/she also knows (or should know) in advance that his/her crew MIGHT suck, and he/she also knows (or should know) that he/she leaving the game means that the crew is doomed almost for sure. If you don't agree with these you should not be a captain.
2. About the argument that it's just a game: yes, it is a game, a teamplay oriented game which can be completely ruined with captains leaving.
3. The punishment is about notorious quitters, not occasional "justifiable" cases.
4. The punishments are not too harsh and neither final but symbolic and can be easily countered.

Now the other thing which might be more important:

What should happen to those who are left?

I think there should be a function that a member of the abandoned crew is able to completely take over the pilot AND captain roles. We know that other crew members can also fly the ship, but without the right gear and the role's functions, it's like Icarus' flying with his melting wings right before his death.

I know that my suggestions would be not complete solutions but might help somewhat, and it's also open for discussion for other opinions and suggestions.

So what do YOU think?

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