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The Signal Tower / Streaming Guns of Icarus tonight (2/5/16) at 6 pm (PST)
« on: February 05, 2016, 12:30:04 pm »
Hi everyone, I'm a relatively new streamer and will be streaming tonight. Here is where it gets fun, every Friday i do a different multiplayer team based game. However while my team is trying to win I'm drinking. So near the end of the night when they are starting to really get into I start to get way, way out of it.

This week I decided Guns of Icarus would be perfect. I have a little experience with the game but by no stretch of the word am I "good" at the game. So I hope you drop by and check out my crew and their drunk captain. Also if you are playing tonight and you see the airship "Willie Dee" on your team...sorry.

I will start streaming at 6pm (PST) and the crew will trickle in as they get off work. See you then!

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