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Fear not! My second mate will be quick to relieve me when the time comes at which point i will be delegated to the lesser (but no less important duties) of keeping the balloon in the air, or shooting at things. Be warned however, his hat is not nearly as fancy as mine! (Every true captain needs a fancy hat).

You know you are pulling Phobos's wrath upon your head, if you happen to have high level allies, right?

Also, wild Ceresbane rant about low level players in 3... 2...

Ya, but we all start low level, besides it's named the "Willie Dee" for a reason. The only ship in world war 2 to be sunk by a foe they had already destroyed and sent to the briny deeps.

The Signal Tower / Streaming Guns of Icarus tonight (2/5/16) at 6 pm (PST)
« on: February 05, 2016, 12:30:04 pm »
Hi everyone, I'm a relatively new streamer and will be streaming tonight. Here is where it gets fun, every Friday i do a different multiplayer team based game. However while my team is trying to win I'm drinking. So near the end of the night when they are starting to really get into I start to get way, way out of it.

This week I decided Guns of Icarus would be perfect. I have a little experience with the game but by no stretch of the word am I "good" at the game. So I hope you drop by and check out my crew and their drunk captain. Also if you are playing tonight and you see the airship "Willie Dee" on your team...sorry.

I will start streaming at 6pm (PST) and the crew will trickle in as they get off work. See you then!

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