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Feedback and Suggestions / Third-person camera mode?
« on: August 05, 2014, 03:19:49 pm »
Would it be too much trouble to have a third person camera perspective mode when playing? People tend to spend time and money deciding the right looks for our characters, let us enjoy them a bit more.

Just tossing this out there.

Gameplay / Questions on The Dynabuff Hammer
« on: July 30, 2014, 07:24:32 pm »
So, I'm usually engineer, and I am hardly the best, but one tool that appeals to me in theory is the Dynabuff hammer.

Makes engines faster, guns more powerful, adds extra protection to the hull armor, decent and drop speeds of the balloon, and cures baldness and cancer.

But in practice, it doesn't seem to do much. The guns don't seem to have that much of damage output increase, the engine thing is a downright detriment if you're buffing the turning engines, and in general the buffs it applies do not feel noticeable.

So I kind of want to know a few things:

1. Is the Dynabuff hammer ever really worth it when you could have a more niche yet stronger repair tool?

2. What's the numbers breakdown on the buffs it gives to each ship component?

3. Am I misunderstanding it's functions? I mean I know it can't do actual repairs but I wonder if I misread what kind of buffs its supposed to instill?

Feedback and Suggestions / Idea: Class "Skills"/"Skill slot"
« on: May 28, 2014, 11:48:18 pm »
Basically the idea is to give every class a single, additional slot in which they can slot one of a handful of exclusive abilities. Some of these would help shore up a class' weaknesses (like letting gunners repair their guns faster than an engie could), improve on their strengths, allow for specialization, and/or just add a bit of extra variety to the game.

Here's a few ideas example ideas, I won't give exact numbers since I don't have a full comprehension of the specifics of this game yet, but here they are.

Speedy Service - Boosts an Engineer's movement speed, jump height, and ladder climb speeds to get to ship components in need faster.

Deft hands - Reduces cooldown time on repair tools for faster repairs.

Tinkerer - Improves the buffs given by the Buff Hammer and extends the protection period of the Chemical Spray Extinguisher. Sort of making this a "buff specialist".

"Don't Touch My Gun!" - Increases repair power on weapons while reducing cool down on fixing them. Also grants short period of increased damage with reduced recoil when you repair a gun from broken.

Point Blank Shooter - Grants bonus damage as an enemy ship is, also increases the arc you can swivel your gun by a few degrees more in all directions.

Sniper shooter - Grants bonus damage the further away an enemy ship is, also gain a small, additional bonus to attacking engines.

Dare Devil - Increases benefits gained from piloting tools, especially self-damaging ones

"Play it safe" - Reduces penalties received from piloting tools, especially self-damaging ones

"Just a dent" - increases the amount of HP ship components can be repaired for.

Well, these are just a rough idea. So what do you guys think overall?

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