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Community Events / Chaos Skirmish This Saturday 30th April 2016
« on: April 29, 2016, 07:41:41 pm »
Hi everyone!

Which rule set would you like to play this Saturday, April 30, 2016, for the final match of Chaos Skirmish?

Option 1:
Lochdown: Loch 'n' load! You'll likely inflict more damage on your own weapon than the enemy ship! Time to learn some trigger discipline.

Option 2:
Through the Fire and Flames: Some people just want to watch the world burn... fight fire with fire and pray your pilot can extinguish the flames before you're reduced to ash and ember!

Option 3:
Under the Sea: It's better down where it's wetter. Dive into the Deep and deal damage with daring and grace! Spray some ink and make 'em sink.

Use the poll and let us know!

Event Information:

You can find event information at this Steam Group page.

If you have questions regarding this event they should be directed to Atruejedi, or you can contact to have them forwarded to the player.

The vote ends officially at 9:30pm Eastern Time!

Welcome to the first symposium of the Inter-Clan Coalition of Awesome Really Useful Science (I.C.C.A.R.U.S)! We’re here today to hear a lot of very brilliant minds express themselves to further the way that we wage war in the skies – scientifically!
We will be hearing from many different researchers throughout this process and we would appreciate it if you respect everyone’s work as you would wish them to respect your own.

Please present your papers on the scientific advancements that you have made in your travels around this harsh world. We are looking for:

Interesting Gameplay – any style of gameplay and/or teamwork that breaks from the ordinary.
Innovative Designs – Marrying weapons together that aren’t typically paired and seeing how they could be used to perform intense destruction.
Unorthodox Methods – How would you go about confusing your enemies with your strange new tactics? Tell us how!

When you present your ideas and results, please make sure they are well documented such that other crews could reproduce your findings based purely on what you have written. We want your conclusions to be testable so that they can be verified, much to our amusement.
Thank you for listening to our introduction. I would like to thank Captain RethBurn, Patched Wizard and Pavel Dzhons for getting this symposium started with me. We proudly open the floor to our first brave scientific mind!

The Lounge / Guns of Icarus Community Podcast: The Questions Thread
« on: April 25, 2014, 08:06:40 pm »
Hi all! Have I got a treat for you?

Yes. Yes I have.

Welcome to The Questions Thread for the
 Guns of Icarus Community Podcast!

Yes, it's finally here after what seems like years of preparation and telling absolutely nobody about it. Finally, I am allowed to come clean with you all and give you the run-down of what's going on here.

The GoI Community Podcast is a venture that a lot of CAs and Mods are working towards at the moment. As the game moves from strength to strength and with a lot of new updates on the horizon, there's plenty to talk about! But, we want to get the community involved - it is a community podcast after all! So, to get you all stuck in - here's your chance to get your voices heard!

We want to hear your questions that you can pose to the CAs and other crew involved in the podcast. It can be about a wide variety of topics and (So Long As It's Clean And Nice And Stuff) your question could be read out on the show!

So. Your mission (Should You Choose To Accept It) is to post a question here for us to answer. Best of luck!

Much love,
-Jacob Fii

The Signal Tower / ♥ Captain Phoenix & RethBurn's Wedding ♥
« on: April 12, 2014, 09:07:42 am »
Lasses and Lads, Skylords and Skyladies, Peasants,

Today is a very special day as it is time for the wedding of the year! We are gathering at 11am EDT to witness the marriage of RethBurn and Captain Phoenix!

The entire ceremony will be streamed to twitch at so you can be there in spirit!
But better yet, be there in person! If we have enough people attend in-game then we'll open out the marriage ceremony to more ships so you can float alongside them as they tie the knot!

Ground Rules For Attendance:
 - Ships with Light Guns Only! (so no Galleons, Goldies or Spires)
 - Ships may only carry Beacon Flare Guns (So AIs can't use them, and for a big light-show)
 - Wear your sharpest attire!

We hope that you'll come along and share this great moment with them. If you want to be there in person and listen to the wedding ceremony as it happens in-game (not on the delayed stream) then we shall start a Party Chat. Be warned though, polite silence on the part of witnesses will be imperative.

You are all invited. Please don't hesitate to come along!

Event scheduled for Saturday 12th April 2014

PDT: 08:00
EDT (Muse Time) :11:00
BST: 16:00
CEST: 17:00
AEDT: 01:00 Sunday 13th April

- Jacob Fii
   - Minister and witness to the marriage.

Feedback and Suggestions / Supportive Round Types.
« on: January 08, 2014, 09:15:23 pm »
Have you ever wondered why we have rounds that make fires, but none that put fires out?
This is just an idea that I've been mulling over recently, but there are a number of interesting support round options that could be explored. Integrating such rounds into the game would increase the value of the Gunner class, encourage cross-ship co-operation and more!

Hydrated Rounds:
Imagine a round type that, instead of harbouring an explosive shell or doing damage, has a casing of fire deterrent. Fire it at an allied ship, and it extinguishes fires on components upon their ship. This would be an incredibly clever round type to employ in teams and could potentially free up the time of engineers, allowing them to focus on other duties such as buffing. The tactical advantages could be highly valuable.

Smokescreen Rounds:
Envisage a situation where you want to be able to hide from an enemy but you are in plain sight. Perhaps a convenient cloud of harmless smoke might solve your problem. Smokescreen rounds could be a support round type that, whilst firing ordinance at your enemies, also allows you to mask yourself in a protective shroud. That kind of 'stealth' capability might allow you to escape a tough situation unharmed where you might not have otherwise. We all know that we have the capability to make a lot of smoke, might as well use it to our advantage.

Anyway, those are just a couple of examples of some interesting support round types that might come in handy. It would be very interesting to see a gunner equip round types like these in order to assist their ship in moments of peril in a way that isn't just shooting at enemies. Doing all sorts of funny tricks with weapons and the like could be used very sneakily and tactically - something I'd love to see.

Feel free to come up with more ideas for support round types and post them below. Let's see what we all come up with! :D

Community Events / Happy New Year!
« on: December 31, 2013, 07:07:44 pm »
Happy new year everyone - may this year give you as much exploding, high octane and silly joy from Guns Of Icarus Online as the last one.
Keep on flying! <3

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