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Feedback and Suggestions / burst rounds change suggestion.
« on: March 03, 2016, 12:11:16 pm »
burst rounds add a percentage to a gun's jitter, say +15%.

obviously this doesn't apply to a gun that doesn't have jitter in the first place. i think this change would assuage some of the complaints about hwacha, without breaking anything else too much. only other gun that is affected is the light flak, but i don't really know how bad that would be.

General Discussion / Making mines more !fun!
« on: September 17, 2015, 05:50:26 am »
Clearly mines are the best part of goio by far. How do we make them even better? It might be interesting if there was some way to interact with them besides avoiding..

First off we should lower their hp drastically. Right now technically they can be shot at, but it takes like 40 normal gatling bullets to kill one.

I propose a few other ways to influence mines:

Set it on fire to make it rise (hot air rises, right). Finally a use for incendiary!

Pop its balloon with direct to make it drop. Already works, takes one heavy clip shot from light carro.

Shoot the spiky part to make it explode. Should not take much damage at all, it's a mine designed to explode on contact. A mine exploded like this should probably do reduced damage though..

Shoot it with minotaur to make it move a short distance in any direction. Mines pushed this way do reduced damage (say 60%).  Bonus new gamemode: mine football!

Feedback and Suggestions / Suggestion For Selective Rematch UI
« on: October 28, 2014, 12:54:13 pm »
EDIT: This modular idea seems nice at first, but it's also horribly complicated with different edge cases and overlapping sets of teams. Changing to richard's suggestion.

Let players rematch with either their own ship, their own team, or with everyone in the lobby. Current behaviour only allows the second and third options. Discuss.

Another UI suggestion. Add tick boxes next to other ships (ally and enemy) at the end of a game. If a player wants to keep playing with that ship, they go into a lobby with them.
For example if a match has 3/4 ships at same skill level and one other ship that's a lot better or a lot worse, the three ships could elect not to rematch with the fourth. Or if I just personally dislike my ally and really like fighting the other team, I would just tick their 'rematch' boxes and untick my ally's.
I know this sounds a little like a kick function, but then again so does 'rematch'. That's the thing about ephemeral lobbies, there is no real difference between having three ships leave a match, or having one ship kicked from a match.
This only applies to other ships, if you don't like your own ship you go back to main menu>solo queue.
To summarise
What is possible now- you're able to 'kick' the entire enemy team if you don't want to rematch. You can't ditch your ally without going back into solo queue.
What's possible under new system- you can choose which ships you want to keep playing with and which ones you don't. It doesn't matter, ally or enemy.

Feedback and Suggestions / Suggestion For Rematch/No Rematch UI
« on: October 27, 2014, 07:34:25 pm »
I have a suggestion about rematch/no rematch voting.

As I understand glicko2 sets an expectation of who is going to win the match. Sometimes it is less certain of the outcome, sometimes more (based on rating difference). The goal is to encourage uncertain (even/balanced) games. My suggestion is to check/uncheck the 'rematch' vote box based on how well the match outcome conformed to expectation.

If it was a stomp by high mmr against low mmr, make the rematch box unticked by default to put players back into queue and hopefully find a better match for both teams.
If the MMR delta between the two teams got smaller (unexpected outcome), then tick the rematch box by default because that was an uncertain game.

Since most people probably don't bother voting one way or another, this would subtly encourage more balanced games more often. Can muse maybe provide some data maybe on how many people vote either way, vs how many abstain?

Feedback and Suggestions / Split tar into two tools?
« on: July 14, 2014, 11:17:10 pm »
Just a simple possible change to accommodate multiple use-cases, and draw a kerosene/moonshine parallel.

Have one tool be the 'weak tar' (please someone give it a decent name) that does low self-damage and no shatter damage to other components. The purpose is concealment/stealth.
Other possible characteristics:
- they're closer in color to natural clouds, more stealthy
- the emitted clouds are bigger than regular tar
- the clouds are less dense- they rise and/or move with the wind
- can be burned away by flares.

The proper tar would be closer to what we have now, intended for concealment in combat and damage.
It would have intense self-damage and lots of shatter damage to other components.
Other possible characteristics:
- delay before emitting clouds and/or hydrogen-style lingering damage after tool is switched off
- the clouds are more dense- they sink and/or are unaffected by wind
- the clouds can extinguish flares is a cloud is placed around a flare

Super-crazy idea- the weak tar inherits the ship's initial speed. Maybe a third tool?

Feedback and Suggestions / Question about Co-op mode
« on: February 15, 2014, 04:37:34 am »
So, both devs and players seem pretty averse to any changes such as level-locked matches, because changes that split the community are bad. We need MORE mixing between players of different skill level, not less. I agree, though having to explain basic tool use while under fire can be annoying at the time :)

So, the question is- how will skirmish and co-op work together, if at all?
Will there be a massive schism when co-op is released as some people rush off to play co-op while others stay in skirmish, fracturing the already-tiny player base?
Will co-op be somehow integrated into the main game, perhaps a shared lobby list?
Will players who bought have co-op be able to invite their friends to play co-op for free (I really this one will happen, this is what made starcraft so popular back in the day)?

Feedback and Suggestions / Make rangefinder work on mines.
« on: January 23, 2014, 07:47:54 pm »
See title. Just something that I think would be fun, screaming at captain "Captain, there are mines ahead, range 300 meters. Captain, why are we not stopping. Range is now 250 meters. Range 200, Captain, hello? CAPTAIN ARE YOU ****ING ASLEEP OH GOD DO SOMETHING, 100m, /me frantically tries to grab helm while screaming incoherently, 50m, BOOM. Cap: Oh omni was something the matter, I was just heading to the hold for some moonsh--, er, spare parts. Why are we respawning?"

Also it would allow more precise split-second mine deployment.

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