Unearthing the unknown.

Unearthing the unknown.

Clusters of civilizations were walled off from each other after the world brought itself to ruin during the Great War.  Resource starvation, global warming, unpredictable dust storms, and disease reduced humanity to merely a glimpse of its former self.  It took many years for people to pick up where civilization had left off.

Gabriel and his first airship, the Icarus, proved that exploration and communication between long stretches of terrain was possible.  Trade was finally viable.  A symbol of hope.  People started to learn that they were not the only ones who had survived, that there were others out there… but others who were not quite like themselves.

From the isolation that was brought upon by the years of desolation, and finally from the utter isolation, six dominant ways of thinking emerged.  Each of these six factions have grown out of the same dust covered world but have formed six different ways on how the future should take shape.

Who is in the right?  Who has the upper hand?  Who deserves a chance?

Who will you fight for?

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