But did you ever think…. more explosions?!

Hello everyone!
Time again to hear about us, our work, and where you can go to chat with us. We’ve been hard at work with a couple hotfixes and a bunch of work done on Co-Op mode.

To hear about our work and question us about anything at  twitch.tv/gunsoficarus.  We’ll have Eric, Jacob, and Matthew explaining everything happening inside of the office.

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And now for the effect of lightning on 4 unsuspecting human bodies.

We had a week vacation at the lovely Boston, Massachusetts for PAX East and it was a great chance to see a bunch of new players getting their first taste of Guns of Icarus and a bunch of vets who were excited to see Co-Op mode.

As always you can hear about PAX first hand from us at twitch.tv/gunsoficarus. Eric, Jacob, Matthew, and possibly Howard will recount their tales of PAX, what was learned, and what the next steps for CO-Op and putting it into all our players hands are!

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The Screenshot contest is just beginning and we’ve already had some amazing entries! Check out a few we loved to the left.  We’re no where near ready to crown a winner though, so keep sending in your entries! There is no limit on the number of screenshots you can send in our way.  Simply the best screenshots win.

A few things to bring up.”

-Please turn off your tool-tips in the options menu as it will clutter the screen.
-If you’re going for the perfect screenshot, turn all your settings to max to get the best looking picture.



Thank you so much to everyone who has sent us pictures so far, but we’re super excited to see what the coming weeks have in store!


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Despite the objective to “disable” I can promise, from first hand experience, it can do much more than that.

One week till we get to show off Co-Op mode to not only the PAX crowd, but everyone who tunes in on March 6th at 3 pm. You can find it at twitch.com/gunsoficarus which will be hosting the Rob and Dan show.

We’ll be showing off Defense and Retrieve mode and we can’t wait to see everyone both at PAX and on the Stream!

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The Minotaur: for personal, at home, and destructive skyline derby use.

Hi everyone, the new Update is now live! Here are the release notes for the new update!

- Screenshot Contest:
Start sending your favorite screenshots to feedback@musegames.com with the title “Screenshot Contest.” The best screenshot gets any item of their choice! Winners will be announced at the end of March!

- Guns of Icarus Seasonal
An amazing new event is starting up and we need all great crews to show up and try to win free items, both digital and physical! https://gunsoficarus.com/community/forum/index.php/topic,5667.0.html

New Content:
- Minotaur Heavy Cannon: New support heavy weapon that knocks back enemy ships! Use to help your friendly airships keeps enemy airships out of gun arc or to prevent rams. Has arming time, Primary Damage is piercing, Secondary AoE is shatter. Fires like a Carronade where each ‘buckshot’ causes knockback. Knockback is equally distributed across both Primary and Secondary damages. The farther from a ship’s center of mass you shoot, the more ‘spin’ you will add to that ship.
- Workshop support for voice commands
- Game Grumps RubberNinja Voice Packs in game store.
Ross has lent his amazing voice talent to record 2 sets of voice commands (varied by how much they stay on script :D) for us. They are available through the in game store. All proceeds from the sales of the voices will go to Child’s Play, Ross’s designated charity.
- New Workshop items (Only a subset of new Workshop items that people submitted are presently integrated into the game due to a 1-2 weeks delay in Steam’s creator revenue sharing feature. Once Steam’s feature is ready, we’ll be able to patch those items in, add them to our store, and start revenue sharing with item creators.)

- Storm Ryder (Decal) by ¬°GeoRmr
- Flying Hare (Decal) by Rookster
- Gears of War (Decal) by Herr_Razor
- Holy Sun (Decal) by Skargil
- Ramming Speed (Decal) by A_Harmless_Fly
- Triple Horn (Decal) by SassyKat
- Gold and Sheepskin Goggles (Goggles) by AIB (aka AnInnocentbaby)
- Winged Panama (Headwear) by Il Mostro
- Wooden Moustache (Goggles) by Mr. Lambert

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Co-Op Mode Aka Oil Rig Simulator 2015 –JOKE–

Another week and another batch of sky pirates survives to the weekend. Great to have you listening because we have a lot of amazing work we’re really excited to show off.

To hear it all first hand from our lead developer tune in to the Dev fireside chat held at twitch.tv/gunsoficarus at 3 pm eastern. We’ll also be talking about the next round of testing for the weapon.  If you’d like to be a part of testing please join this group and grab a key.

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Mega Drills: Kid Tested, Family Safe

You’ve made it to the end of the week and it’s time for your reward.  Spending time with us and testing a new weapon over the weekend!

In today’s dev fireside chat held at twitch.tv/gunsoficarus at 3 pm eastern, you’ll find out more about the weapon and stamina testing happening at 3 pm eastern on Saturday.  If you’d like to be a part of testing please join this group and grab a key.

To see what the rest of the the team’s been working on follow the jump. Continue reading

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