What some of us stare at daily

What some of us stare at daily

Hello Everyone,

Unity 5 is in full force and you can see Guns of Icarus on Unity 5 in our dev app. We’re testing it for bugs and issues that the new engine upgrade introduced. Also be sure to try fighting against our new AI pilots!

We’ll be talking about unity 5 and the upcoming open alpha today at 3 pm eastern at twitch.tv/gunsoficarus. Come ask us about it, other things, and hear us ramble and get off topic!

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New map in the new engine!

New map in the new engine!

Hey everyone,

First and foremost, apologies again for no fireside. There were net issue which should hopefully be fixed up for next week. We will still be running testing over the weekend so we hope to see you there! Unity 5 is live on the dev app and we need your computers and eyes!

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Our process for map making

Our process for map making

Hello everyone,

A long slow clap for the beautiful gif above from Tim, our art director. This should show an outline of the process that goes into all of our maps.  We’re coming up to the final week for the “Why We Fly” video event, please send in your submissions so you can get exclusive titles that will NEVER be given out again!

Our apologies for last week’s stream being missed. We had a pressing press engagement that ran long, but we’re back this week! We’re be at twitch.tv/gunsoficarus at 3 pm eastern talking about the hotfix and upcoming Open Alpha that’s in the works!

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balloon horde bug

Trying out a new ambush mode, but the AI jumped us with over 100 objectives!

Hello everyone,

We’ve been testing out a lot of new ideas all through the week. Ambush, Skyball, and new VIP changes are being worked on right now. With all the work both Skyball and the VIP changes are ready to get dirty and have players run though them. You can find their testing through the Experimental Crew. We’d love everyone to show up and let us know what you think of what we’re working on.

As always we’ll be live at 3 pm eastern at twitch.tv/gunsoficarus to talk about these changes and new game modes live.  Come ask questions, be a part of exclusive events and rewards, and join in the community experience!

Don’t forget the “Why We Fly” Video event is live! Exclusive titles and a chance to be one of the faces of Guns of Icarus is up for grabs!

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Why do you choose to fly in these bullet riddled skies?

Hello Everyone,
We’re creating a video of the best part of our game: the community! All you have to do is send footage of yourself or of you playing in one of the listed situations.  Everyone who sends in footage will receive an exclusive title reward: Evangelist. If you do one for every situation you will receive a second exclusive title: World Bearer.

The videos that make the cut will be edited together into a community “Why we fly” video. We truly appreciate the time our players put in and want to show them off to the world!

Send your entries to feedback@musegames.com, please have the subject line read “Why we fly” and include your in-game name. Contest submissions will be accepted up until July 1st

You can send in footage for one or all of these situations. These help us put a theme to the video and make editing and categorizing much easier. Examples are included for each of these. Feel free to take artistic license with any of these ideas. Videos can use webcam, in-game, related media, or any combination. Feel free to let your creative side flare!

There is no time requirement or limit for these videos.

Why I fly: A video with a description of why you love guns of Icarus.

Favorite Gameplay moment: Some gameplay (Can be of yourself or someone else) with commentary (either taken in the moment or added after.)

My faction: Announce your faction, it’s up to you if you want to include your reasoning.

Favorite Ship: Announce your favorite ship, it’s up to you if you want to include your reasoning.

Here are some simple examples:
My Faction
Favorite Ship

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friend code

Make Friends and use them for personal gain!

Hey everyone,

We’ve been getting questions in game and during fireside and wanted to take the time to explain the new Friend Referral system and the removal of slot swap.

Friend Referral is a pretty basic system. Give you code to a novice player who activated their account within the past 30 days, when they redeem it in the system you will receive a special reward. You will receive rewards at 1, 3, 6, 9, 15, 30, and 50 friend referrals. In these rewards will be dyes, the new store coupons, and exclusive titles. So recruit your friends and use them for special rewards and exclusive prizes.

Just as important are the changes to the slot swap. There’s been a lot of confusion on this and we definitely want to clear it up. Slot swapping was never meant to be in the game. At first it was done by players with spectator and it was done from one side to another, we planned on phasing it out once we put in slot request swaps (so at least one person on each side agreed with it,) and only in this patch have put that in.
The ability to swap freely has been abused by player before to make unfair teams, but many players came to us saying how they used it for the opposite effect. We want to keep allowing that though and in an upcoming hotfix on Friday we will be allowing slot swapping again to the weaker side. This way players won’t have to “ask permission” to try and improve the game balance.
We’re going to keep an eye on this system and see if it’s working out and once it’s in, we’d love to hear your feedback.

Thank you everyone for joining us on this crazy ride as we try to push, prod, and poke systems into the game to improve the community experience.

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Editor’s Notes:

Welcome to 1.4.6, one of the biggest patches to hit Guns of Icarus, with the first new entirely new game mode – VIP – in a long while! VIP is tactical, but also thrilling and violent. It’s been really exciting and rewarding for us, as we’re finally able to take the mechanics we’ve been developing for Alliance and bring them back to Skirmish PvP. Not only do we have the new VIP mode, we also have a massive tutorial revamp, complete with voice over, more interactive scenarios, and final tests for players to earn higher medals and rewards. There’s more! A new coupon system and friend referral bonuses are here to reward everyone who’s been so instrumental in helping us grow the community. This isn’t the end of skirmish content either. As we speak, another game mode – Skyball – is being designed for the next patch. It is an entirely different and unique sky sport game coming FREE to all owners of Guns of Icarus. Get ready for some zany fun and more explosions and stay tuned!

New content:


New VIP Game Mode

You’ve gone out on your own to play this mode, and we’ve seen how much fun you all have.  We’ve connected with Tropo, Richard, and KitkatKitty the creator and organizers of the player run VIP matches to discover how your rules and nuances make the mode fun.  Score points by killing each team’s VIP.  If the VIP kills another VIP, you get bonus points!  First team to get the required points wins the match.  Important thing to note, the first ship on each team in the match lobby is designated as the VIP.  Plan accordingly!  There are 5 revised maps to play this hectic mode on with a set of achievements to boot.  Happy Hunting.

costume paradeAlliance Sprung a Leak!!

While we’re deploying this morning, we misconfigured something…  And! All the first level costumes for Alliance are now in the game!  it’s not often that our mistakes have pure, unintended, and positive consequences. While we have to rework our progression for Alliance, we’re happy to announce that everyone in game is now gifted (accidentally :D) an Alliance custom free! Enjoy! If you so choose, the Alliance preorder is on our Steam store page, feel free to check it out.



New Tutorial

The best crew member is a crew who knows how to complete basic tasks on the ship.  This is why we’ve completely revamped our tutorial to ensure that new players can have a place on every ship.  It even offers mini-game challenges that even the experienced players can test the skills with and earn medals.  There are tutorials for all classes and each one is meticulously instructed by Captain Morrison via radio (just in case you crash the ship).  These revisions should offer a more in-depth yet concise, and highly engaging way to learn how to play the game.

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