Hi everyone!

In this new update, we’re excited to unveil another big batch of new and major things for your testing enjoyment! In addition to a new map in the retrieve mode family, we’ve also added a new faction ship and 2 more faction weapons. Another major system added is dynamic weather and time of day effects that vary across different map climates. Bases are now more threatening, with defenses and a more dynamic weak point design.

We’re now hosting regular group test sessions every Saturday at 12pm EST, and we’ll be collecting feedback afterwards. If you have questions or issues with the update, you can always email us at feedback@musegames.com.

If you haven’t pre-order Alliance yet, you can do that on the Humble Store, and we’re working on getting pre-order up on Steam as well. Thanks for supporting us!

Once you pre-order, just send us an email at feedback@musegames.com. We’ll give you a code to join us in the prototype, and you can have an exclusive first look at everything yourself and give us feedback!

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Though I walk through the valley of forum comments...

Though I walk through the valley of forum comments…

Hello everyone,

It’s been a busy week for us and we need to start it off with major thanks to every player that came out on Saturday and Sunday to help us test a crazy new balance patch that affected so many ships, guns, and physics itself.  The feedback was vicious, it was brutal, and it was unrelenting and we couldn’t be happier to receive it. “When Ambush Comes to Shove” is one of the largest balance shifts in Guns of Icarus since we fixed the way mass was calculated in our game over 2 years again.

We aren’t done testing and we’ll be back in the Dev App skies: (Get your key here) (Compare rumors here!)
Saturday 11 AM eastern (blind test)
Sunday 12 PM eastern (Non-blind test)

As always we’ll be talking balance, Icarus, and Alliance on twitch.tv/gunsoficarus at 3 pm eastern. We’d love for you guys to come hang out with us!

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When Ambush Comes To Shove

On the prowl for meta changes

On the prowl for meta changes

Welcome to the first large scale balance testing and style change since the mass rework of 1.2. We’ve decided to take larger approach with many smaller changes on numerous systems rather than targeting single weapons or ships directly.  This wide lensed balance update provides for you as players and us as developers new opportunities and challenges, so we want you guys to be talking to us every step of the way and we’ll do the same so we can improve how we approach balance and the game as a whole.


We’re going to be communicating our reasons, and what you can be expecting next from this set up every step of the way. We will still have blind testing where exact figures aren’t released, so that we can try to get a better idea of the “feeling” of our changes, but the day after, we will also have informed tests, so you can attempt to take full advantage of any numbers issues you see.

If you don’t already have the Dev App and want to help us test, grab a key.

As always feedback@musegames.com is the where we want you to tell us everything so we can file, digest, and discuss the data you bring up.

To see the timeline, what systems we’re going to change, and the full notes follow the jump Continue reading

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Dating is like an airship battle. You have to try to make the right moves, work together, and hope that no one brought a flamethrower.

Hello everyone,

Happy valentines weekend! Make sure to take your significant other into the skies, it’s a perfect way to spend time, share experiences, and get them to call you “the captain.” If you’re not into the pink and frilly corporate holiday, hop in game and blow the happy couples out of the sky!

Before you either embrace or destroy Valentines day, join us at twitch.tv/gunsoficarus at 3 pm eastern for the Dev Fireside chat! We’ll be live with the founder and leader designer talking about all the things coming into Alliance mode including new guns, maps, and destructible terrain!

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From these pages into your computer

From these pages into your computer

Hi everyone, we have some exciting news!

New Live Opening Theme

It’s always been a dream of ours to have our main theme be performed live, and our dream finally came true!  We brought in an accomplished string quartet to record the main theme captured it into two new tracks – string and alternative pizzicato versions.

If you have the Collector’s Edition, these two new tracks are available immediately. Additionally, as a bonus, all CE owners also now have access to the sheet music. The new theme will be added to the next update soon. If you own the base game, you can now upgrade to the Collector’s Edition, it’s even 66% off until the end of the Lunar New Year Sale!  If you want to learn more about how we made this all happen, here’s a chronicle of the creative process:


Troubadour of Burren Event!

Since we’re releasing our new live version of the main theme, we’d love to hear your version as well! In your game folder you’ll find sheet music to the Guns of Icarus Main Theme, the same one we’re releasing today. Take any instrumental, vocal, or other musical ability you have to do your own cover. Every person that emails in their cover version to feedback@musegames.com (bad, great, or otherwise) will receive a free item of their choice and, in the next patch, the exclusive title Touring Troubadour. The event ends on March 18th!

The best cover will have a chance to be released into the game files for everyone to hear. Good luck sky captains!

Theme by Zain Effendi
Arranged by Andres Soto,
Producer/Contractor/Editor: Mitchell Mccarthy

Performed by:

Eric Allen (Cello)
Adrianna Mateo (Violin)
Kallie Ciechomski (Viola)
Rebekah Durham (Violin)
Recorded at Douglass Recording

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No email or screenshots. Just exclusive achievements for a limited time!

Hat, mask, dyes, and an exclusive reward

Hello everyone!

This is a big weekend with a massive sale on Steam, new youtubers talking about Guns of Icarus, limited time exclusive title, and some cool items! Also on Monday keep an eye out for an something really special.

As always at 3 pm eastern we’ll be on twitch.tv/gunsoficarus talking to you live about everything Guns of Icarus and Alliance related , answering questions, and giving a behind the scenes look at the development process.

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The creation of destruction.

The creation of destruction.

Hello Everyone,

The big news of the week is the tutorial progress and a new soundtrack work. To see a snippet of that work involving flames check this out! If you’re interested in the wonderful music give a listen here! We’re also preparing for new players on their way in.

To hear all the latest news and talk to us live join us at twitch.tv/gunsoficarus. We’ll be answering every questions brought up and hanging with you guys starting at 3 pm eastern and going for the next hour.

To hear about our work for the week and see our player of the week follow the jump! Continue reading

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