That’s right, we STILL want you!

Testing happened over the weekend and we learned a lot, not just about our matchmaking system, but about testing. Let me first apologize for those who took part in for not properly preparing you for a testing mindset. The key as we said before is this is a first pass and that means things will be wrong and bonked and you did a wonderful job of helping us find them.

This also includes other features we didn’t mean to have tested and weren’t ready (new UI and horrible crash sounds.)

We also released everyone into the wild without a set testing scenario which also contributed to some of confusion in game.

We appreciate all the help so far, but we’re not done yet. The next testing session is tentatively scheduled for Saturday March 29th, but we are making sure we can get the next build of matchmaking in before we set that date. Those who signed up for matchmaking test either through the form (included above and here) or the Steam Experimental group will receive an official notice the moment we set that date in stone.

See the results after the jump.

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Another sneak peek at a possible world that will be around you.

Friday, Friday, gotta reuse memes from 2011, and update everyone on our weekly progress.  This sneak peek under the hood comes just a couple weeks before PAX  Eastand the team is hard at work building something spectacular to show off to the players and  press.

Going to follow the normal format, you follow the jump and you get to see what the team is working on in a person by person basis.

If you have any questions about this or anything else Guns related come join us at at 3 pm EDT as we go live to chat with you!

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A first

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look at one of the Co-Op maps you’ll be flying over and the airplanes trying to kill you.

It’s been a busy week and the entire Muse team has been hard at work building, testing, and creating massive new features for skirmish and co-op testing. We wanted to give you the lowdown for our week and give you some things to talk about for the Dev Fireside chat starting at 3 pm EST at

Each of the team member’s week after the jump.

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Special thanks to Thomas and

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Everything the sun touches is our kingdom and we can’t wait to show it off.

Hey everyone,

The updates are back.  We held off last week because we were so excited about the trailer and showing it off, but we’re back now and you can hear about how it is going in the office.
As always you can join us on stream at every Friday at 3 pm est and ask us questions about this or anything else happening in the Guns of Icarus world.

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Factions will be a major part of the Co-Op Mode Expansion. Be prepared… Be

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