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New streams hosted all day!

Here’s a link to everyone streaming Alliance! We’ll be updating this all day, but come check out Alliance mode and some awesome Streamers who are going to be playing all day.

The first streamers were Brotatoe, Wyld, Silent Sentry, and Vuxxy!
Joining in next we have GoldenBlackHawkNgotie, VaughnWhiskey, fuzzyfreaks,  echoics, chemburn1, and ara_gaming.

As people start going offline we’ll cross their names out, but leave the links up if you want to check them out!

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The science may not be proven, but the destruction is!

Another week and new updates are in Alliance mode.  Paypal backers, Kickstarters, and Humble orders can now get their hands on the new Apollo Precision Lens Array. This destructive beam is cut through problems and opponents with equal measure.

Also being testing in there is the splinter cannon, it doesn’t have a dedicated art asset yet, but its stats and abilities are in and ready to have players hands all over it.

Every week in the Dev App, we hop in at 1 pm eastern on Saturday and test out all the new toys.

We’ll be talking about these new guns and more during the Dev Fireside Chat.  As always it starts at 3 pm eastern at We’ll be answering questions, talking about the work in the office.


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It’s back and better than ever!


Hey everyone,

We’re super excited for the second season of the TimmyB Tournament.  As always this is more than a simply test of skill. You and your opponents will be forced into exciting builds and different styles of play.

The full tournament info is here. You can find the sign ups here!

We’ll see you in the skies!

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Alliance Faction Ships

Alliance Faction Ships

This is it folks! The moment you’ve been waiting for is coming. After two years of hard work, we’re ready to unveil Guns of Icarus: Alliance, the PvE version of Guns of Icarus to our Kickstarter backers for early prototype testing. Not a backer? Don’t worry! You can pre-order and get access in the second round of testing on the Humble store:

(We’re working with Steam on pre-ordering as well, so stay tuned.)

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Lava maps, big bosses, and plenty of things to destroy

EDIT: Timer does not work, timer doesn’t take timezones into consideration and gave the wrong time!

That’s right if you kickstarted or pre-ordered Co-Op mode, you’ll get hands on with the prototype!

We’re putting the finishing touches on everything and we’re super excited to show off the Pototype to all our amazing supporters.

We’re also doing a drive for reviews so if you haven’t given your thoughts on Guns of Icarus please follow this link and help us out. The power of a review is amazing to us Devs and we were specifically told by Valve at PAX it is a huge deciding power for them.

Please send that link to friends and clan members as well. The more reviews we get the more players we can get for you to fight with and against!

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Mysterious hooded figures have been spotted around setting up competitive events.

Mysterious hooded figures have been spotted around setting up competitive events.

Hey everyone!

We’re showing off Alliance today at Three modes will be coming your way at 3 pm eastern along with a big reveal of the new hooded figures making competitive events in Guns of Icarus.

We’re a week away from putting Alliance into kickstarter and preorder hands. Get your first look at what you’ll be playing TODAY!

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Hey everyone!

Hope you enjoyed last weeks stream cause this week you’re stuck with Keyvias again! We’re going to be talking a lot about PAX and the first playable prototype of Alliance mode. The expansion has been getting better and better and we’re amazingly excited to pull people into it very very soon.

To hear about all the new things you’ll get to see and get your hands on join us at at 3 pm eastern. As always we’ll be taking your questions and talking about all the new content.

To see what the team has been working on follow the jump. Continue reading

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