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The Squeaky Cog wants YOU to write for us! We’re looking for community pieces, whether they’re proper care and maintenance of greased ammo or reporting on the rising number of attacks cargo ships. Send your work to and you just might see it in the next edition of the Squeaky Cog!

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A overview of everything the art team has been working on.

You’ve made it though another week. Time to celebrate with Guns of Icarus news, events and streams! As always you’ll find what the team has been working on below, but don’t forget at 3 pm eastern Matthew and Eric will be hanging out with  Dan from the Rob and Dan show. He’s super excited to talk about the first two weeks of Hephaestus and what the action the third week is bound to have.

Catch us at to chat with us live hear our thoughts, ramblings, and secrets on what’s coming next for Guns of Icarus! Continue reading

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The Captain’s pack. One of the most often asked support questions we get.

Friday is upon us and with it the weekly progress report about the team. As always we invite you to join us at 3 pm eastern, 7 pm GMT, at where we will be talking features, bugs, fixes, and answering every question you guys bring our way.

Also remember the Hephaestus Challenge continues tomorrow at TheRobAndDan Show and Imagine‘s  Steams. Currently Cake, the Gentlemen, Glowwater Thralls, Holy, Overwatch, Sacrilege, Storm Ryders, and SPQR are the only clans on the leaderboard for their performance last week.

See what the team has been working on after the jump.

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After our Kickstarter campaign concluded and pre-orders went up on our site and Steam, people started to interact with the game.  We started to coordinate testing with Kickstarter backers and people who pre-ordered, and in the beginning, everything was really rough.  Mechanics were being refined, Ux/UI were still rudimentary, and we were just setting up our servers and peeking into that terrible rabbit hole that was networking.  With people having their first experiences with the game, we had to think through just how we would shape and interact with our community. Continue reading

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Releasing a game that we’ve worked on for over 2 years should be a cause for joy and celebration.  For us, it turned out to be the biggest crisis we’ve ever faced.  Leading up to release, positive and supportive articles, previews, and videos by journalists and casters gave the game some momentum.  Our Kickstarter backers and alpha/beta players were also incredible at helping us test, fix issues, and get the word out.  Later in beta (when people could pre-order) and when the game went live, it reached #2 in Indie and #7 overall on Steam. I took a screenshot and savored for a brief moment.  Then disaster struck, literally.  Survival was once again on the line.  Continue reading

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Don’t forget to sign in before Monday to get your free costume.

Friday is here and it means we get to tell you about our week and hang out with you on Twitch! This week will also have a special guest, Dan from the Rob and Dan show, who is excited to talk about the Hephaestus tournament. The new premier Guns of Icarus event happening this weekend!

As always catch us at to talk to us live, ask questions, and press us for details of upcoming features.

Team weekly breakdown after the jump Continue reading

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One of these boxes is the bane of our existence.

We wanted to reach out and let everyone know what has been happening recently with some server and lag issues.
There are three issues and we wanted to let you know exactly what we’re experiencing and how that affects what you’re experiencing.

The first and most drastic was our server hosting situation. For the past two weekends Softlayer, the hosting company that we use, have experienced outbursts that have caused issues (such as game drops and disconnects, slow time, games not starting) that have ruined complete matches.  These issues were one off issues and they did not persist.  Once we discovered them, we’ve been taking them offline and getting our hosting company to fix them asap.  While we do not directly control these servers, we deeply apologize and we are talking to the hosting company demanding better for you, our players.

The second is a scattering of bugs from hit markers not appearing to teleporting or not respawning while falling off the ship. These are bugs on our end and we are 100% focused on squashing these asap.

The third is a fps drop caused by flamethrowers.  As flamethrowers became more in use after the last update, the fps drops caused by flamethrowers were more glaring.  This is something we’ve seen crop up and know many players have experienced.  We want to make sure you know this is something we are looking to optimize so our players do not suffer from avoidable fps drops.

We deeply apologize that many players’ first experiences of Guns of Icarus had to be marred by these issues and apologize to our vets who wanted a simple and fun weekend of dirigible demolition.

As always we will do our best to give you the best game experience possible and if we fail that we will be as open and honest about the reason why.  Also, we want to do something about the trouble we’ve caused.   So for every player who signs into Guns of Icarus before next Monday will receive a free Revolutionary costume, both male and female. If you already bought the revolutionary costume, please send an email to and request any other item we sell in the store.

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