3/31 Alliance Release & Charity War!

Hello everyone,
We’re happy to announce the release of Guns of Icarus Alliance is happening this month! After years of waiting, it’s ready and you can go to the store page now! We just released the final trailer above so check it out for everything including a sneak peak of the FINAL faction player ship!


2017-03-21 (1) too big

Our release marks our first Alliance event with a real prize pool. Streamers will become champions of their faction and charity fighting for $10,000 to a noble cause.

For two days, a private server will house a battle between streamers.

Their battles will affect the map and the real world! Viewer donations will turn into in-game resources to give their faction the edge.

So tune in for 48 hours of airship explosions, strategy, and good causes, cause we’re causing a bit of commotion in the skies!

The cutthroat Mercantile, facing a plague in their own lands, lend their support to the Doctors without Borders, the ecological Chaladon, always looking to the world of medicine, with the Game-Changer, the Noble Baronies, with their knights fighting for honor, put their swords to Stack-Up to help soldiers, and last the resilient Anglean Republic, wanting to save the world with technology, join forces with Save the Children.



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