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Hello Everyone,
We are officially in Alpha now! This means a huge batch of content and first iterations of major systems for you to test out and give feedback on. Below you’ll see notes on everything from a new map to the first take on Alliance World Progression!

For Alpha, we have increased the viability of single ship and single pilot games, and we will expand regular group testing sessions beyond every Saturday at 12 pm EST. Stay tuned in the coming days for announcement of more days and times. If you have questions or issues with the update, you can always email us at feedback@musegames.com.

If you haven’t pre-ordered Alliance yet, you can now do it through Steam! Thank you so much for your support!

Once you pre-order, just send us an email at feedback@musegames.com. We’ll give you a code to join us in the prototype, and you can have an exclusive first look at everything yourself and give us feedback!

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Move over bonefish, the Arashi are upgrading

It’s the week before pax and all through Muse.
Not a dev was sleeping, especially not those who schedule press interviews.
Others were working on fitting the alpha into a USB with care
In hopes that everything would work on first try when they got there
With computers tucked in all tight in the back of a van
Devs were on their way, rocking out to Dvořák’s 9th symphony in a four door sedan.

To be the first to hear about our plans for PAX and get to ask about the upcoming alpha, join us for our weekly dev fireside chat at twitch.tv/gunsoficarus. We’ll be taking questions and talking about the massive push into alpha coming to a con and computer near you!

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So much violence has happened and will happen for this little square of land.

Hello everyone,

We’re excited about a lot of upcoming things. We have PAx East coming up where we’ll be showing off a mountain of new content which will make its way into the player prototype shortly after and just as exciting is the revamp of balance testing a procedure.

As always we’ll be talking about this and more on twitch.tv/gunsoficarus  at 3 pm eastern as well as taking your questions live!

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An amazingly player, atrujedi, made this for us. I bring it up for no reason.

An amazingly player, Atruejedi, made this for us. I bring it up for no reason.

Hello Everyone

And happy April 1st. As you may know, this is classically a day for pranks and tomfoolery. On that note, the patch that went out today has no gameplay changes.

Beyond that though we’ll be talking about Guns of Icarus and Alliance while answering your questions at twitch.tv/gunsoficarus at 3 pm eastern. Can’t wait to see everyone there and get to hang for an hour!

Going to be a short update today, because news on April 1st is always a frustrating prospect. So last and never least, our player of the week!
DiemExDei, who will receive a free muse-made item of their choice!
They have apparently been sharing their musical talent and many players have enjoyed.
“Great at piano!”
“Sweet Toons”

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New balance has been a gas

New balance has been a gas

Hello everyone,

This week represents the first week of “when push comes to shove” and its subsequent hotfix being live.  It’s been a tough process and we’ve definitely had a good long look at our process and we’ve got some plans for the next round to make it smoother. We wanted to take another moment to thank our testers, their great ideas and feedback, and most importantly for putting up with us as we tried out this rapid pace testing. We learned a lot some thing from the experience and some because they were yelled at us.

As always we’ll be talking balance, alliance, and answering every question about Guns live at twitch.tv/gunsoficarus at 3 pm Eastern.

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The Troubadors have made their mark!

The Troubadours have made their mark!

Hello Everyone,

A big thank you to everyone who sent in their cover of the our intro song and for the few unique and special songs specially made by our players.

It was a tough call, but the winner is Savvey. The guitar cover was something that floored us at the office. For if this song made it into our soundtrack unfortantly our master of sound is out of the office for the week, but we will be working with Savvey to see any ways we can show off his cover.

There were some very strong contenders from kazoo to a new composition about Paritan Rumble.

You can find all the tracks here. (Temporarily)

Honorable mention to the Skywhale cover.

Thank you so much everyone for participating!


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Lights... Guns... ACTION!

Lights… Guns… ACTION!

Hello everyone,

Now that we’re past our teenage texting title we can get into the nitty gritty of this weeks update. We’ll have some finished balance notes coming out soon and into the game, but for now you can hear it and have all your questions answered first at 3 pm eastern at twitch.tv/gunsoficarus.

In massive news though. Guns of Icarus Alliance Pre-order is on Steam! This is a massive step and we’re really excited to be moving closer to a full release. As always if you send in your purchase information to feedback@musegames.com you can get early access to the prototype.

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