Author Topic: Replace novice matches with a Fast lobby system  (Read 503 times)

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Replace novice matches with a Fast lobby system
« on: June 26, 2016, 07:49:52 am »
As far as i can tell novice matches don't serve any practical purpose or even for the most part actually exist. The number of lobbies filled with a large majority of novices and maybe 1-2 lvl 10 players that matchmaker has thrown me into speaks to this fact. So why not replace them with something that adresses the #1 concern most novices seem to have - the time it takes to start a match. It would also in all likelyhood create what are essentially novice matches when possible, given a choice between 'fast' and 'normal' most new players will pick fast unless the label is a complete lie.

Essential Features
-A streamlined lobby system with a fixed duration before match start
-Increased ability for matchmaker to make teams as it sees fit, without people resetting them by moving around

Possible Features/details
-A staged lobby, Pick map & mode, then pick ship & weapons, then pick loadouts
-Compulsory loadout reccomendations
-A lockout of fast matches for players who slow it down be repeatedly leaving lobbies
-Segregation of players in the matchmaker logic for fast matches, either by number of games played/level or mmr
-Explicit roles for players based on thier position in the crew ex for a mobula slot 1 - gunner, slot 2 - left engineer, slot 3 - right engineer, with either a highlighted image or list of components to maintain/use
-Automatically assign ships, weapons and equippment when the lobby comprised of very new players