Author Topic: lore event if you don't wana read the post i brief u in game  (Read 564 times)

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the post to check out the lore is called titans big brother- i will be hosting a lore event about a enemy country that we must fight to protect our land and so i want this to be quite rp and it will be a non offical lore event of course and i would love for the community to join in with me and a few of my friends will be in it - it may be a bit like a competitive match it may be long or short depending on what the people want but i will be playing as well as tell everyone whats going on rp wise and so i hope you all enjoy it add me in game reply to this post pm me on the website or add me on steam and pm to join and ill figure out the time once i have everyone btw its a 3v3: my steam: