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lore of deathnot
« on: June 14, 2016, 06:04:56 am »
before it starts i post this i wana say that this a copy of why i said i was the best reaper witch i had to do to apply so plz don't get angry at that part of it. i love lore and i want all of ya to pm me on the website reply to this or pm in game if u wana have a game of goio with lore speaking or talking about lore and id love to hear you lore and your clan lore as i love lore as ive said but we can also just talk about lore through the site reply and through steam also if u wana play with me just add me on steam: and here is my lore: Here's why i am the best reaper: I'm Death Note. I was given this name by whom shall not be named. I was once a man of sorrow and despair until I almost died and saw the Lord of Death - and found my true calling to be a reaper. But, not any reaper, I aim to collect the most souls for our lords so they can live a great God life as the true lords of this world. Yet, I have empty within me - that can only be filled with chaos that I induce unto my foes with my gun and the rest of the crew at my side. Yet this is not why I am the best reaper. I am the best reaper because i make the biggest BOOM! When I fire, all hell rains down on my foe and they crush under the might and greatness of Death Note; and all against the reapers shall fear me! LONG LIVE THE LORD OF DEATH!