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World / Re: Where on the World Map are the Maps?
« on: May 11, 2017, 01:03:31 pm »
I think Parous Glen is in the circle-ish area by Tamblair. Purely based off of it's name.

World / Re: Lies, Dirty Lies, and Propaganda
« on: May 05, 2017, 10:14:48 pm »
Top 3 most hated factions, according to the replies in this post;
1)The Arashi League
2)The Fjord Baronies
3) Anglea/Chaladon/Merchants

World / Re: Lies, Dirty Lies, and Propaganda
« on: May 05, 2017, 09:55:55 pm »
I just looked on my past three posts, and, I swear to God, I DUCKING HATE AUTOCORRECT!

World / The Origin of Different Objects Masterpost
« on: May 05, 2017, 09:42:32 pm »
If I missed something, please reply and say.

Unknown. Probably from very early on, as it's been the go-to design for years now.
Based off a Yeshan vanguard of an offensive formation. used to be backed by smaller ships.
A Yeshan sentinel, meant to guard the Empire's borders and keep peace.
A Baronite patroller, initially having guns pointed everywhere. Even after it's remastering to suit combat, it can still turn incredibly fast.
Chaladonian origin. Unknown reason for construction. Probably combat, though.
Originally this ship was built to hold parties for citizens of the Vastness (that's where the Mercantile Guild is located).
Based off an Arashi blueprint for a ship with low resource requirements.

I will shorten the names for the sake of simplicity.
Barking Dog
Dragon Lick
Based off the name, I'd guess Baronite.
Yeshan, I believe
Maybe Baronite.
Chaladonian, I think. Not too sure.
Guessing off the name, Chaladonian
Typhon 1
Typhon 2

World / Re: Lies, Dirty Lies, and Propaganda
« on: May 05, 2017, 08:09:08 pm »
Besides some aforementioned issues regarding the ravaging Republic and the grovelling Guild, I should rather not inform you of humanity's failure, and instead gladly supply you with news of it's successes. Attached to this letter is a travel ticket onboard a new, beautiful traveller's ship by the name of Illion's Crystal, one that I myself have piloted a number of times, which takes you on a scenic route from most major cities to the Chaladonians capital of Averna, which directly proves all I say in this letter.

Long ago, humans sought complete industrialisation of the earth, casting aside every other living lifeform, from chick to sapling. They also sought control over this industrialisation, leading to a great catastrophe known as the Great War. This war sparked an earth-shaking event by the name of the Cataclysm.
We Chaladonians have recognised the error in the way of our ancestors. Luck has gifted humanity with a second chance, one that we will use as we were meant to; to let us become one with nature, and let nature surround us. As some misinterpret, however, this does not mean we want to become the hairy apes we were born from. No.
It is difficult to describe in words how perfect, serene harmony is like, but one must only glance upon our graceful capital to understand. Homo Sapiens has built a city that blends so naturally, so beautifully and with nature, and this we must celebrate. But we of the Chaladonians Order only see this as a beginning. We want it so that every city, from Kinforth to Vyshtorg, is one with the symphony of Earth, as Averna already is. That is our ambition. That is our goal. To make up for our mistakes and to love everything that lives once more. That is our hope.

To the citizens of the World,
I emplore you to visit on peaceful terms.
Yours truly, Tylow Star of the Order.

World / Re: Lies, Dirty Lies, and Propaganda
« on: May 05, 2017, 07:44:35 pm »
The Angleans Republic is impressive. Why do I call it impressive. Because a rag-tag of barbaric, viking raiders managed to form a state.
They are all to happy to proclaim their ancient technologies from the Old World. But I emplore you to question an Angleans as to the purpose of these genius technologies that could be saving the world from another Cataclysm, helping us finally become one with the serenity of nature.
I'll tell you what they do with these masterworks, as an Angleans would inevitably fail to inform you. They use it to raid, pillage, destroy and plunder. Our fleets don't sail to Firnfield, occasionally making a reluctant accompaniment to the medieval Baronies. We sail to defend Hanat and other northwestern villages and cities from the barbaric Angleans.
Their excuse for these brutal practices last seen several centuries ago? They are to busy digging up technologies, so they don't have the time to grow food or gather resources.
That is truly miserable.
These berserkers can't, with all these hyper-advanced technologies that our scientists can only dream of, undergo the simple task of growing a carrot.
I would make a joke, to cheer up the mood, but it seems it wrote itself.

To Averna, Chaladon and even the World,
You should probably do all those things you said  a you'd do, because Anglea is the result of hell freezing over.
Yours truly, Tylows Star of the Order.

World / Re: Lies, Dirty Lies, and Propaganda
« on: May 05, 2017, 07:15:16 pm »
Mercantile Guild? Try Mercant-vile Guild. When you see one, what becomes apparent? Their lavish lifestyle? Their luxurious apparel? Their deluxe feasts and parties? All without thinking a simple question; where does it all come from?
You can't simply start a largish trade network and suddenly be grasping an empire!
I'm not here to think of any ridiculous theories about how Angleans are lizards and how Chaladonians follow are hive-mind. No, no, no. I'm here to state the obvious so that that which is hidden in plain sight is seen.
This "Mercantile Guild" is built upon paid criminals, slave-drivers and cold hearts. Vyshtorg looks nice in the eyes of a foreigner, or, indeed, a merchant. But once you enter without the prestigious outfit of a monarch, prepare to get beaten, assaulted, robbed and enslaved.
Anyone could get as rich as those merchants if they shared their moral code.
By which I mean the lack thereof.

To other litterate citizens of Abernathy, Chaladonians, or even the World,
Stay out of the Vastness.
Yours truly, Tylows Star of the Order.

World / Re: So that's how they made their fortune...
« on: May 05, 2017, 02:38:23 pm »

World / Where on the World Map are the Maps?
« on: May 05, 2017, 02:36:29 pm »
[Here is a link to the world map of GoI:]

I ask you, were do you think each of the maps that are in-game are?
I know that Battle on the Dunes and Duel at Dawn are both located between the warring cities of Nalm and Sylka, and that the Labyrinth & Paritan Rumble are located in a ruined megapolis outside of Paritus. Canyon Ambush takes place between Tanzhen and Am-He-Cheng, Fight over Firnfield in Firnfield, outside Hanat, Northern Fjords not far from Navinstaak, and Clash at Blackcliff in, well, Blackcliff.
On the otherhand, I haven't a clue where, say, Voyager's Cove is. Maybe somewhere in Chaladon or Yesha.

So yeah, where are the Maps?

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