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Guides / Easy Galleon Guide
« on: June 09, 2015, 06:59:14 pm »
This guide is for an easy effective brawl galleon appropriate for all levels. A brawl galleon is a mid to close range galleon and is great at disabling and killing.

The left side is gat double hwatcha and the right side is carronade hwatcha. You'll mostly engage with the left side, and the right side is opportunistic and good for close range.

The main deck engi brings lesmok ammo and a main engi kit. The main kit is spanner mallet chem spray. Chem spray on hull can be easily maintained by moving to hull during the gat reload. Regular ammo is used on the gat for mid range (450m) and lesmok for longer (765m). Jumping can be great for increasing speed by jumping onto stairs (you move slower on stairs/ladders) and jumping from upper deck to main deck. Stamina is used tactically for efficient cycles and is best for sprinting distances instead of short stops.

The gunner brings heavy clip, burst, and heatsink. Heavy clip makes the hwatcha accurate, but burst is the main hwatcha ammo for maximizing damage. The gunner will shoot the right side carronade with heavy clip for longer range, and heatsink is good for close. Using stamina as gunner increases arcs and reload speed, but stamina regenerates slowly so save some in case you need extra arcs.

The bottom engi brings spanner mallet extinguisher and burst ammo (alternative loadout wrench buff ext). They will be in charge of repairing engines and extinguishing fires. If the front guns are broken, the engi can help repair during the 14 second hwatcha reload. Using stamina as engi makes you run and is great for quickly moving to engines or top deck. Use stamina for distance sprints.

As pilot you want kerosene, phoenix claw, and hydrogen. Kero for speed, claw for turning, and hydro for up. Use lots of kero when you have to move and claw when you have to turn. Hydro should only be used for an instant (on off) because the effects last 5 seconds. Never hesitate to use tools, and you can burn while shooting. Kero and claw are cheap to use with great benefit. When making tight turns use neutral throttle.

Pilot stamina is very useful and easy on galleon. When you first spawn and have a plan where to go, I recommend immediately burning kero and using 2/3 of your stamina to start moving. The best uses for your stamina are to start moving, help turn, and going up or down. Normally you shouldn't keep using stamina just to move faster. Once you get the hang of it you'll find on galleon it's easy to save up stamina for big maneuvers.

The goal is to stay within 700 meters and use all 3 left guns on the target. At long ranges the gunner can use heavy clip hwatcha against heavy guns/engines, but will mostly use burst. If they are getting too far away, turn and burn towards them. Your most effective range is around 400m. At full speed the galleon is quite fast and you can often (carefully) use it as a giant ram.

The right side is great for closer range (400m max), and use it if it's quicker than turning to left side. Carronade is excellent at popping balloons, pretty good against armor/components, and very powerful when paired with a burst hwatcha. Double hwatcha is commonly seen on right side, but the extra disable is unnecessary and limits options. One burst hwatcha is plenty to disable a ship and doesn't do enough armor damage.

Popping balloon with carronade can be detrimental for a galleon due to low vertical acceleration. This isn't an issue against slow ships like galleons or pyramidions, but faster ships fall fast and are hard to keep up with. This leaves two options: save up stamina and use it to go down, or put one shot into balloon and the other into armor/components. The second option limits their movement while doing armor damage. Although slow, the galleon can pick up plenty of speed with high momentum.


I recommend a pipe wrench as pilot to repair balloon and help rebuild. Moving from helm to balloon is quick, and can help while the main engi is busy downstairs. Unless maneuvers are needed, you are in charge of helping rebuild balloon and can also help on hull.

If necessary the bottom engi can come up to help repairs while the gunner shoots. The gunner can cycle between guns on reload and shoot all 4. If the bottom engi is rebuilding engines for example, tell the gunner to shoot the other gun during reload.

Having a buff engi is a great advantage for extra damage and buffed engines, but limits repair power. The buff hammer is useless while being disabled. On my galleons I always have atleast one buff engi (wrench buff) and usually two (gunner is replaced by spanner mallet buff). A galleon with buffed balloon, hull, engines, and guns is a deadly adversary.

Feedback and Suggestions / Spectator T
« on: June 07, 2015, 03:58:55 pm »
Have T pressed as spectator by default.

Feedback and Suggestions / Minotaur reload
« on: June 07, 2015, 03:34:05 pm »
I've asked Muse to change minotaur reload from 9 to 8 seconds. 8 seconds is lumberjack reload and fair for the minotaur.

Feedback and Suggestions / Impact Bumpers
« on: May 14, 2015, 11:00:42 am »
Impact bumpers are the least used tool and now that drogue chute reduces impact damage by 25% bumpers are nearly useless. The impact reduction of bumpers should be at least 50% because using bumpers requires giving up a pilot tool and -60% thrust for five seconds.

Feedback and Suggestions / Heavy Clip
« on: May 06, 2015, 01:58:05 am »
Reduce clip reduction from 25 to 20%. 4 more gat and 1 more hwatcha shot.

Feedback and Suggestions / gunner stamina and gun buffs
« on: May 05, 2015, 12:21:40 am »
Using all of the gunner stamina reduces a reload by 1.6 seconds. This isn't much compared to the dps bonus of a buffed gun.

To make gunners competitive against buff engi the reload bonus should be at least 50% (vs 25%). This means you could reduce a reload by 3.2 seconds.

Second suggestion: increase time required to buff a gun and increase buff duration. Gunners can have their gun buffed for longer and engi must prioritize more. Ex 10s buff 30s duration

Feedback and Suggestions / Buy Extra Slot
« on: April 23, 2015, 01:26:43 pm »
Micro transactions are a great way to support developers, however some players have little interest in purchasing cosmetics.

Extra slots for class and ship loadouts would be a useful feature for many and there could be the option to buy an extra slot for classes and ships (separately).

The regular slots are labeled A B C so the extra slot may be indicated by a symbol such as "+", or could simply be D.

Feedback and Suggestions / Kero Claw Alternative
« on: April 17, 2015, 12:52:37 pm »
The standard pilot loadout is kero claw and hydro. Having both kero and claw is required for many ships which leaves little room for experimentation with the other tools- some of which are rarely used. This yet unnamed pilot tool would serve as a situational alternative to the kero claw combo.

The benefit would be using it both to go faster and turn quicker albeit with side effects. The goal is a tool that is less effective than claw and slightly less effective than kero. The most obvious side effect is higher damage. Drag modifiers can be used to balance and lingering effects could also be an added penalty if necessary.

For example, 20 damage per second as compared to 10 from kero and 13 from claw. It should have around the same thrust bonus as kero but the extra damage will reduce effective thrust and require more maintenance.

Feedback and Suggestions / Heavy Clip Heavy Carronade
« on: April 06, 2015, 05:58:17 pm »
Heavy clip is good on the heavy carronade because it turns the shotgun effect into high velocity straight shots.

Heavy clip reduces clip size by 25% but does not affect guns with 2 shots like the heavy carronade. The ability to shoot two perfectly accurate shots with no downside is not balanced.

To compensate for the clip reduction the ROF should be reduced by 25% when using heavy clip on the heavy carronade, and possibly the other guns with 2 shots per clip.

Feedback and Suggestions / Incendiary buff
« on: April 01, 2015, 03:20:07 pm »
Incendiary causes a large dps penalty in exchange for comparatively low fire chance. Because it reduces range by 30% its main use is in arm time weapons.

Pubs use incendiary with the expectation that it will turn their gat into a flamethrower gat but it isn't very effective. Besides the gat it has virtually no use in anything other than carros.

The fire chance should be boosted to give incendiary use as an alternative to dps and range. I think 30% is a good start (currently 20%)

Feedback and Suggestions / Heavy Carronade
« on: March 27, 2015, 03:31:48 am »
The heavy carro has a rate of fire of .83 shots per second. This is high considering that 2 shots deal more than the 1200 health of balloon.

1200 health is high compared to the next highest- main engine at 525. Because balloons have very high health they take long to rebuild and repair. A damaged balloon is a decisive disadvantage.

I think that the reload or time between shots should be increased. If time between shots were increased it would be easier to mallet balloon between shots. Everyone knows the blender fish.

Feedback and Suggestions / Extinguisher Buff
« on: March 26, 2015, 01:06:11 pm »
The extinguisher is the default tool but is incapable of dealing with flamethrowers and general repairs regardless of skill. To alleviate this problem Muse should change the extinguisher based on community recommendations.

To make the extinguisher useful (but still inferior) either the cooldown or immunity time could be changed. Two suggestions are remove the cooldown or increase immunity to 5-8 seconds. We need a simple, balanced, and agreed upon solution in order for there to be any likelihood of change.

Guides / Guide to getting in a match
« on: March 25, 2015, 08:53:00 pm »
If you're a captain who just logged in and wish to get into a lobby as quick as possible, this is the best way that I've found if you don't have a crew yet.

1. Click Custom Game and see if you can join any of your friends.

2. Create a custom 2v2 lobby and click Recruit from Queue

3. Type "Join here" in Global chat

The lobby will fill up immediately. Enjoy!

Guides / Quad Engi Spire Guide
« on: March 25, 2015, 04:35:52 pm »
The purpose of 4 engineers on a spire is to maximize buffs and repairs. There are 3 spanner mallets, 3 buff hammers, and 2 two pilot tools. A fully buffed spire is maneuverable, tanky, and can quickly deal heavy damage.

Pilot: spanner mallet buff and kerosene
Main: spanner mallet chem and hydrogen
Heavy: spanner mallet buff
Light: wrench buff chem

Spawn: One engi buffs and loads the bottom guns while the other buffs engines then balloon. Pilot buffs the main engine and guns while Main flies. Buff hull if there is extra time. Spawn procedure adapts according to combat circumstance.

Pre combat: Make sure there's plenty of buff time before beginning combat. Find cover to buff up if necessary. The Main can fly while the Pilot buffs engine and gun (and armor).

Combat: Shoot all guns until critical repairs are needed. Pilot and Main will both be in charge of repairing and shooting. To reduce damage they can rebuild the hull together.

Hydrogen: If hydrogen is necessary the Main gets on helm and pulls up with hydro. Hydro should only be used for a single instant because the effects last 5 seconds. Using hydro with a buffed balloon means you go up very quickly.

Kerosene: A spire with buffed balloon and engines is quick and maneuverable. Burning backwards with buffed kerosene can help substitute for phoenix claw. Use plenty of kerosene especially when avoiding fire. Buffed spire rams OP.

Tanking: If the bottom deck has low damage the Heavy engi can help tank the hull while Pilot burns and maneuvers. If bottom deck is damaged both engineers work together to repair and buff. If and only if all hope of avoiding and dealing damage is lost, all engineers can tank hull together to buy time for the ally.

This set up is not a replacement for the pilot loadout of kerosene, hydrogen, and drogue chute for use against flechette heavy opponents. If you can't quickly disable or kill them, hydro and drogue will be necessary. An alternative is having the Pilot repair and buff balloon while the Main uses hydro, shoots, and repairs.

Feedback and Suggestions / Helm Keys
« on: February 07, 2015, 03:56:08 am »
For controls how about have the helm 1 2 3 4 keys be separate from the player keys. By default they will be 1 2 3 4 and this allows the option to have a separate control scheme for the pilot.

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