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Thank you for signing up,

Main Stream will be on Oracles channel, , and we're trying to get a second stream, expect a full schedule tomorrow.



This is the sign up for the Sunday Community Skirmish #62, happening on August 2nd at 7pm UTC
Sunday Community Skirmish is a weekly event created and organized by members of the community in a way to provide every team a weekly opportunity for guaranteed matches against other teams.

All matches are 2vs2 and time limited.
Click here for any information you need

VODs will be found at CommunityeSports
The stream, brackets and respective map rolls will be posted here once the sign ups are closed.

Sign up requirements:
  • Team name
  • Contact point (IGN and/or steam)
  • Logo (optional)

You can reach the event organizers through here or in-game.

Ref: Ayetach
Streamer: SapphireSage : A - C - I - E - K - F-G

Ref: Allien'
Streamer: Urz / Admiral Obvious : B - D - H - J


Byron, I'm assuming that you were signing up so I've put your team name as Hybrid.

The full streamer schedule will be posted tomorrow ;)

Community Events / Sunday Community Skirmish Format changes
« on: July 06, 2015, 02:20:05 pm »
In an effort to make the event more fun for teams and viewers, the event will adopt the following formats of tournaments depending on the number of teams that will sign up:
  • Double Elimination:This format will be adopted for 4 or more teams.
  • Round Robin + Final:This format will be adopted for 3 teams.
  • Best of 5: This format will be adopted for 2 teams.
*Every format will adopt the same time ruleset except for the tie breaker match in Round Robin.

Double Elimination:
  • The spawns will be defined by the place on the bracket (Up=Red).
  • Each round will be a Bo1.
  • The team that wins the winners bracket will be given the win advantage in the final.

Round Robin + Final:
  • The spawns will be defined by the place on the bracket (Up=Red).
  • Two matches in each round of the group stage.
  • Two teams with the best point difference (kills/deaths difference) advance from the group stage into the Final.
  • Ties between the second and third place will be decided by a single match with the duration of 10 minutes (highest scoring team or if equal, first kill will decide; otherwise coin toss).
  • Ties between all three teams will be decided by a match against each team with the duration of 10 minutes (highest scoring team will decide; otherwise multiple winners). No final after the three tiebreaker matches.
  • The team that wins the group stage will be given the win advantage in the final. If there is no clear winner, the two leading teams play a Bo1 final.

This changes will be applied from now on.

Kind regards

Hi everyone, This is an inquire for the SCS organization

In order to make SCS a bit more interesting for 3 teams we come up with the Idea to make it a Round Robin tournament.
This way the 3 teams will fight each other in the group stage then 2 teams will advance to the final. The teams that will advance will be chosen by the amount of points they have (Points=kills). If a Tie occurs this will be determined by a match that will have the Maximum duration of 10 minutes.
In the group stage it will be 2 matches per round and in the final it will be a single match only and the top scores in the group stage will be given the option to pick the spawn.
This is how the brackets look

Tell us what you think and if its positive this will  be the format for when only 3 teams are signed up.  :)

Will the new 2v2 map be included in map rolls?
Yes, it will.  ;)

The Lounge / Re: Laptop Recommendations
« on: June 25, 2015, 08:50:00 am »
High fps does not matter at all in Guns of icarus. High FPS is needed for First person shooters, for example CS.GO, where your fps will have an enormous impact on your game sensitivity as well as giving your opponent the advantage over you. Guns of Icarus is different, every gun has a rotation speed, so your reaction time is not really affected.
I normally play around 30 FPS and everything on low but a high resolution (1366x768). You should play with everything on low if you play as a crew imo. It helps a lot during engagements like when fighting flamers, seeing trough flared clouds and specially having a better time identifying components, if you want to be accurate with a merc or artemis. This being my competitive side speaking, since I've lost the casual side a long time ago :P

Release Notes / Re: Release 1.4.1 Notes
« on: April 30, 2015, 04:25:38 pm »
I don't mind the changes tbh. Part of being a competitive player is to adapt to the game as it goes, we'll work with it.  :P
I was a bit worried about the UI because of how it looked in DEV App ,but I know that you already are working on it. Like everything new It just needs some polish.

I'll be one of the few in this saying keep up the good job, at least we have Devs that care about the game  :)

(Meanwhile in my wishlist: Competitive suport! :D  )

Want to plan for your game and go in and kick butt or just jump in and let animal instincts take over? Well then boy; The Foxy Fighters is the place for you! This is for lower level gamers who want to have fun and not be judged.

despite what people say about levels not meaning anything.

It does speak volumes about how seriously you are taken when winning is concerned.

Sometimes reading helps.
And despite your levels, everyone knows not to take you seriously.

We are giving the winner of the upper bracket the advantage, yes. The winner of the losers bracket needs to win 2 matches in the final to win the event.
which is fair ;)

Gameplay / Re: Spawns on Duel at Dawn
« on: March 02, 2015, 01:21:56 pm »
No clue on how to fix it, but I've been asking for D@D to be taken out of the SCS map rotation for a while now

I don't agree in taking off rotation. At the moment its part of the game and there's few things we can do about it to change it.
Competitive wise its not good but the game its not only about competitive, even though I think competitive should have a lot more weight because its where the game its played to its fullest, but we all know that's not how stuff rolls.

I've been told that Muse only "fixes" something when there's a lot of requests/complains  to change it.

Gameplay / Spawns on Duel at Dawn
« on: March 01, 2015, 05:24:36 pm »
Spawns on Duel at Dawn are not really working.
Its really easy to rush spawns or even spawn camp, sometimes without want it to.

Taking into consideration that its such a small map, I really think the old spawn system was superior.

Comment bellow with your ideas please.

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