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Community Events / Re: Sky League Tipping Thread
« on: April 26, 2014, 03:58:07 pm »
G1: Mandarins def  CsR 5-1
G2: CsR def Mandarins 5-1
G3: CsR def Mandarins 5-3
G4: CsR def Mandarins 5-2

Community Events / Re: Sky League Tipping Thread
« on: April 19, 2014, 02:09:43 pm »
Match 1:
-Game 1: Overwatch vs The Mandarins = 1-5 on Northern Fjords
-Game 2: Overwatch vs The Mandarins = 0-5 on Duel at Dawn
-Game 3: Overwatch vs The Mandarins on Paritan Rumble

Match 2:
-Game 1: Crimson Sky Riders vs Mad Hatters= 5-1 on Northern Fjords
-Game 2: Crimson Sky Riders vs Mad Hatters= 5-2 on Canyon Ambush
-Game 3: Crimson Sky Riders vs Mad Hatters on Paritan Rumble

Community Events / Re: Sky League Tipping Thread
« on: April 12, 2014, 04:03:18 pm »
Match 1:
G1- OVW def Gent 5-3
G2- OVW def Gent 5-4

Match 2:
G1 Mand def GwTh 5-2
G2 GwTh def Mand 5-3
G3 GwTh def Mand 5-4

Match 3:
G1 CSR def Holy 5-2
G2 CSR def Holy 5-0

Match 4:
G1 Hatters def Clamour 5-1
G2 Hatters def Clamour 5-3

Community Events / Re: Sky League Tipping Thread
« on: April 05, 2014, 01:24:46 pm »
Match 1:
-Game 1:   Fancy Teamkillers vs Overwatch = 3-5  on Northern Fjords
-Game 2:   Fancy Teamkillers vs Overwatch = 5-4  on Canyon Ambush
-Game 3:   Fancy Teamkillers vs Overwatch = 5-3  on Battle on the Dunes

Match 2:
-Game 1: Museosaurs vs The Clamour= 1-5    on Duel at Dawn
-Game 2: Museosaurs vs The Clamour= 2-5    on Canyon Ambush
-Game 3: Museosaurs vs   The Clamour on Battle on the Dunes

Community Events / Re: Sky League Tipping Thread
« on: March 29, 2014, 09:34:37 am »
Bracket C:
-Match 1: Glowwater Thralls vs The Art of Warfare = 5-2  on Northern Fjords
-Match 2: The IRIS Fleet vs The Clamour= 4-5 on Canyon Ambush
-Match 3: Glowwater Thralls vs The Clamour= 5-3 on Duel at Dawn
-Match 4: The Art of Warfare vs The IRIS Fleet= 4-5 on Battle on the Dunes
-Match 5: The Clamour vs The IRIS Fleet= 5-4 on Paritan Rumble

Bracket D:
-Match 1: Phalanx Infamia vs Mothers Against Gaming= 0-0 with MAG not showing, on Northern Fjords
-Match 2: The Mandarins vs Clockwork Cavalry= 0-0 with CC not showing, on Duel at Dawn
-Match 3: Phalanx Infamia vs The Mandarins= 0-5 on Canyon Ambush
-Match 4: 0-0
-Match 5: 0-0

Bracket E:
-Match 1: Mad Hatters vs The Cupcake Bandits= 5-0 on Canyon Ambush
-Match 2: VOLWe vs Black Flight Squadron= 0-5 on Duel at Dawn
-Match 3: The Gents vs Mad Hatters= 5-3 on Paritan Rumble
-Match 4: Black Flight Squadron vs The Gents= 2-5 on Northern Fjords
-Match 5: The Cupcake Bandits vs VOLWe= 5-2 on Battle on the Dunes
-Match 6: Mad Hatters vs The Cupcake Bandits= 5-0 on Canyon Ambush
-Match 7: Black Flight Squadron vs Mad Hatters= 3-5 on Duel at Dawn

Have fun everyone :)

Imagine, I wasn't try to imply that for a tournament to be good there was the need for the Ducks or the Gents. I was just saying that i found odd that all the teams in there were either new or weren't even sign up into the game. But as Velvet said, if some of the regular teams filled those remaining spots it wouldn't be much fun for everyone, specially for those teams. Don't take me wrong. I would love to see this event happening, especially because it would, most likely, bring a lot of new people to the game and maybe increase our competition level :)   

Oh, sorry, that was totally my bad. :)

Community Events / Re: Titles, who has them, and what they do.
« on: March 25, 2014, 04:13:27 pm »
ahahah, Sorry xD
We were talking about you guys having a title and I came here to check. Thanks Redria :)

Community Events / Re: Titles, who has them, and what they do.
« on: March 25, 2014, 04:06:39 pm »
Just a random question. I was wondering, did we, Crimson Sky Ryders, took the title "Sultans of the Dunes" from Overwatch last saturday?

Well this event has been catching my attention since its been published, mainly for the wrong reasons, I'm sorry. Because of the lack of interest I didn't left a comment before but now , that you have something more defined, I fell like showing what my/our concerns are.
Looking at the current list of teams I notice that there's only 3/8 teams left to fill but there's no regulars, which left us concerned. Then after some research I found that almost every player on that list is not sign up into the game, yet.
Then, even if we would like to participate, there's also a competition going on at the moment, The Sky League, in which most of the teams in this game are participating, and its also going to be on the 19th.

But I liked the way you change the structure of the event with the tips of the community. I wish you the best of luck with this event ;)

Community Events / Re: Sky League Tipping Thread
« on: March 24, 2014, 02:27:15 pm »
Dang! If I knew, I would have played in the lottery :P
Interesting how the group A played out :)

Congratulations to the winning teams and good luck to the upcoming matches. I will post my guessing later :)

Community Events / Re: Sky League Tipping Thread
« on: March 21, 2014, 04:16:36 pm »
This is nice. I'm fairly new so i never saw this :P
There's a couple points that Skrim said and people should have in consideration when "tipping":
- Fancy Teamkillers is in fact Crimson's Sky Ryder second team, and they train a lot as well;
- Unfortunately our top pilot, Lueosi, is missing. We haven't had contact from him for about a week and we're worried :(
But we're still confident and we started practicing with a new pilot :)
Well, considering various things i also made my guess:

Bracket A:
-Match 1: Fancy Teamkillers vs Merry Men = 5-4 on Paritan Rumble
-Match 2: Holy Celestium vs Serra's Sentinals= 5-0 on Duel at Dawn
-Match 3: Fancy Teamkillers vs Holy Celestium = 5-4 on Northern Fjords
-Match 4: Merry Men vs Serra's Sentinals = 5-0 on Canyon Ambush
-Match 5: Holy Celestium vs Merry Men = 2-5 on Battle on the Dunes

Bracket B:
-Match 1: Sky Invading Rhinos vs Sacrilege = 5-2 on Duel At Dawn
-Match 2: Crimson Sky Riders vs Overwatch = 5-4 on Battle on the Dunes
-Match 3: Sky Invading Rhinos VS Crimson Sky Riders= 3-5 on Paritan Rumble
-Match 4: Sacrilege VS Overwatch = 2-5 on Canyon Ambush
-Match 5: Sky Invading Rhinos vs Overwatch = 4-5 on Northern Fjords

Bracket A: I fell a bit sad by the fact i'm not really giving credit to Holy, they're in fact training hard and they actually have potencial

  Match 1:  Merry man is very good, its going to be hard for FTK, but i'm sure they'll do their best
  Match 2: Holy will come out on top. I don't know Sierra's and actually never saw or played  with a member.
  Match 3: Its not like i'm going to say Holy is going to win against my friends :P But i still feel like giving credit to them;
  Match 4: For reasons previously mentioned
  Match 5: Thought one. I do believe Merry Men has the experience required, so they'll will get this one;

Bracket B: Thought one. I love the clans here and i would hate to see them out of the League  <3

  Match 1: Both teams are very good at brawling, but in this one i'll give the upper hand to SIR.
  Match 2: OVW is practicing a lot lately, but so are we :P  Although our top pilot is missing, we'll definitely put a fight and come out on top. I do believe so:) 
  Match 3: SIR... Though job that one will be.
  Match 4: Need to support OVW on that one. <3
  Match 5: I wouldn't like to see SIR out of this, but i have to take a guess :(

Have fun everyone o/

My Condolences to Gents and his family and friends, it's very sad to hear that .

+ 1 to Ace's idea.

I wish you the very best o/

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Capture the Flag
« on: February 18, 2014, 08:01:37 am »
I would love to see other game mode based on this ideas, altough they would be challenging and long. I suport this so much :D

General Discussion / Re: Bad Depth perception?!
« on: February 04, 2014, 06:55:14 pm »
Well, of course I wouldn't post something like this without trying to better it by switching the options. This is the best i could get actually.
Thank you Watchmaker. Is just something I need to get use to :)

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