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The Lounge / Re: Coolest names
« on: May 15, 2015, 09:43:34 am »
Wrong thread, Mr. Cykas, this is for people names.

Your name is pretty interesting, tell us about it.

AH :o well that makes much more sense, sorry, thats what i get for reading threads at 3 am. There's really not all that much to tell, believe it or not. Cykas has been my default name for characters and stuff for at least 5 years (in varying spellings) and the latest incarnation of him was a character that if he wasn't a paladin, he might as well have been. Then i just kind of said "Paladin cykas. huh. that sounds pretty cool. and thus the name (and a new version of the character :P )

Doesn't "cyka" means "sucker" in russian?
Things you learn playing dota...

General Discussion / Re: Top pilots
« on: May 14, 2015, 12:29:12 pm »
This thread went from full circle jerking to pure awesomeness.

+1 The Sky Wolf king of GoIo

Gameplay / Re: 2v3... How good are you?
« on: May 07, 2015, 12:44:49 pm »
That is going to happen in any match, 2v2 or 1v8. Sometimes you just get bad matches. This would be about trying to find a more even match in the case of preformed high-skilled teams. Crewform a competition clan in 2 ships, and you will rarely find an even 2v2 MM lobby. 2v3? More likely. 2v4? Pretty good chance. It is all about statistics.
That can happen in any competitive game really. If very good players choose to stack in a team, they will rarely find an even match, specially when playing against teams formed by random solo players. That is to be expected and not an issue at all.

This game doesn't have a high skill ceiling, not at all. It doesn't take very long for most players to get to the point where they already know all the little tricks, and individual skill pales in comparison with the value of good crew cooperation/synergy (I laugh a little bit every time I see those "top pilots", "top gunners" threads, oh the irony).

Too bad most people stop playing after a few matches and we're stuck with either old bored veterans or ubber newbies.

Gameplay / Re: 2v3... How good are you?
« on: May 07, 2015, 09:41:45 am »
I think it's more a matter of "how bad they are" instead of "how good you are". There is a point where it doesn't matter how good you are, there are some disavantages that simply cannot be overcome by pure skill, specially in GoIo where you rely heavily on your crew first and then your team mates.

If they are -that- bad, even 1v4+ can be achieved.

Comunita' italiana di Guns of Icarus Online / Re: Lebtr per tutti
« on: April 01, 2015, 02:30:35 pm »
Requiescat in pace lebtr

The Pit / Re: Airship Voyage Checklist
« on: March 19, 2015, 04:20:33 pm »
139. A box of range finders

Gameplay / Re: Metamidion vs Gat Artemis Pyramidion.
« on: March 19, 2015, 09:01:10 am »
If the person shooting the weapon is willing to listen, both guns are easy to explain. That is not the case most of the time playing with random people, that's why I tend to go with the more straightfoward gun.

Call me a masoquist, but I enjoy queuing solo and playing with random people, the surprises and rewards are really gratificating if you handle the frustration till you form a good crew.

Gameplay / Re: Metamidion vs Gat Artemis Pyramidion.
« on: March 19, 2015, 08:29:39 am »
I've had way too many clueless gunners to risk Artemis on a pyramidion, but sure, with a good gunner it can counter a metamidion, just like any other ship with a good artemis...

The Pit / Social climbing
« on: March 12, 2015, 08:12:27 am »

Have you experienced the equivalent to social climbing in gaming? People who climb to top influentional position by brown-nosing, clinging to already influent personalities, etc?

How was it?

Worry not, I meant no harm to your egos. This is a criticism of the CA system in general. And before they all start piling in here and listing out their own accomplishments, I don't care about what any individual CA has or has not done. As a whole, many neglect their duty to teach and assist new players, choosing instead to stick with their own groups. This isn't something new.

If instead our overwhelming amount of CAs chose to go out and help players as intended, it would mitigate a lot of the 'issues' when dealing with lower leveled players.

But for those CAs who do think this post is directed at them, then it probably is. If they're feeling the need to justify their actions and trumpet their accomplishments, they're pretty insecure about doing their role. If you don't think it's directed at you, then keep on keeping on, we need more of you.

For badges instead, that doesn't solve the discrimination against new players, as they don't really have a lot of badges. And a lot of players who have the 45/45/45 have plenty of badges, because they want to be the top in every way. Any way that allows players to showcase their experience or skill allows for elitism and also for discrimination against newer players. Even if you got rid of the entire system, players would still find a way. Even if it's just "Everyone knows my name because I'm amazing." and "I've never heard of you before, you're probably awful."

I can vouch for this. Seen many CAs who only fly with their friends, before most recent patch some would fly pyras and rolfstomp random crew ships all day.

I don't see how removing levels would solve any problems. Population is still low, fresh players will still get matched with experienced players. Frustration will still happen.

It would make boasting and bragging more difficult, but then again, that was never a big issue. The so called elitists won't stop feeling 'elite' just because some stats suddenly got removed from the game.

The closest you get to elitism in this game are people who think they are in a different level of skill simply because they play 'competitive' (which is nothing more than a normal game except for the fact that every player knows their roles and basic screw ups don't happen).

General Discussion / Re: To GG or not to GG? That is the question.
« on: March 04, 2015, 02:34:31 pm »
I put "gg" into global automatically at the end of the match. Is is a show of respect for your opponents regardless of if you won or not. Even if the game was a lopsided stomp or an overlong slog due to incompetent piloting I don't see the point of putting anything negative in global clat.

Crew or team chat, on the other hand, I will use to rail upon my ally's deficiencies and explain what they did to cause us to loose.
GG isn't a show for respect to me and many other people whom I speak to - mostly because up until recently I had always seen it used for legitimately good games - but I understand that it's meaning might be different to other players (because of dota or starcraft i guess).

I couldn't care less if spouting "triple legged constipated avocados" at the end of each match became a sign of respect towards other people and I would definitely have no quarell about anyone saying it.

It only becomes a problem when suddently I'm supposed to say it, or else I'm considered impolite.

General Discussion / Re: To GG or not to GG? That is the question.
« on: March 04, 2015, 02:15:32 pm »
It costs you nothing to be polite and might make another person feel better. Niceties like "Hello," "Good Bye," "Please," and "Thank You" are not required to communicate. Yet their use is almost ubiquitous. "GG" is just the gaming equivalent.

If "good food" became customary to say as you leave a restaurant I would be sure to say it, just as I would be sure to tip when it is expected. To do otherwise would be to put my individuality above another person's happiness. I am not that sort of person and I do not wish to be seen as such.
Everyone can relate to the usefulness of "Please" and "Thank you", these have been in languages since i don't know.. forever? Now 'GG' is new and it was never needed (perhaps it still isn't, but some people seem to think it is) in gaming until recently.

Regarding "good food" example. Wouldn't you at least question why it's become customary? Why not saying "good food" became equal to "put my individuality above another person's happiness". If you thought it's a silly thing and see no reason for it to become customary, would you say it anyway, thus helping it become a norm?

General Discussion / Re: To GG or not to GG? That is the question.
« on: March 04, 2015, 01:26:55 pm »
Imagine a small group of people in your city start saying "good food!" every time they leave any restaurant. After some time, you notice that more and more people are doing the same, and one day you're one of the few who are not doing it. Then your friends start calling you out on your impoliteness, "Common, aren't you gonna say good food?". No one seems to remember when such behavior was completely unecessary or why it's become a norm.

Why can't your friends and you just enjoy your meal and leave like it's always been? Aren't there enough not-spoken obligations that we have to adhere? Why create more when it's not needed or why enforce new ones?

General Discussion / Re: To GG or not to GG? That is the question.
« on: March 04, 2015, 01:15:41 pm »
Not saying gg generally comes off as extremely disrespectful (in the cases where you replace it with bg or such. Not saying anything at all isn't that bad). There was a clan I respected for some time until they stopped saying gg and always reverted to just saying 'game' at the end of their matches, and this came off as extremely rude and turned a lot of players against them. They've more or less stopped doing this, but the hard feelings from when they did it are still around.
Why does it generally comes off as extremely disrespectful, to the point where you started disliking a clan you respected when they stopped gg-ing?

When did gg-ing become so important? Doesn't it bother you that gg-ing is almost a norm, similar to a social norm.

General Discussion / To GG or not to GG? That is the question.
« on: March 04, 2015, 12:51:35 pm »
What is your personal stance on laying out gg's at the end of every match? Here are some questions:

1- Do you think it still holds any meaning or did it become something trivial, automatic?
2- Do you feel compelled to do it?
3- Do you feel unconfortable if you don't do it? Should you?
4- Do you see people who don't GG differently?
5- In your opinion, what is the correct application of gg: every single match because yes OR only balanced matches when you think both sides were able to have fun.

I personally think it's unecessary and it has become almost mandatory if you don't want to be seen as impolite. That troubles me a lil bit because I'm one of those guys who think GG only makes sense when both sides had fun and/or really tried to compete. Totally disaprove the political correctness side of it.

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