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Yeah exactly like that, with (1) (2) (3) (4) for weapon slots, (RE1) (RE2) (LE1) (LE2) for the engines and such for easy identification, or just that transparent display of the ship.

Hello every one!

The premise of this is simple, it's a slightly see through optional display of the ship in a static manner (It's in  a fixed display from top down.)

When it's enabled it gives you a up-to-date view of healths, for captains it could also have a small percentage next to the engines to show how much thrust you're getting from them.

would be mostly transparent / none invasive and would be the colour of your team (to also address easy team colour recognition.)

Let me know what you think!

The Docks / Re: Ya Like DAGZ? Fly with us then :) "STRAY DAGZ"
« on: May 10, 2015, 05:24:06 pm »
What's all this racket about then, eh? Think ya's the biggest or the meanest, hog wash!

I'll show ya' how a black toothed cabin swabber flies a -real- cannon bootin', loot snatchin', gold grabbin' ship!


IC aside, I'm a chilled out player from the Uk, my play times varies as I work night shifts and work in shift patterns, but I'm really settling into GoI, I use voice chat effectively, I can take orders and a fast learner (I'd like to think,) I play as a captain or gun-assist engi and know well the rewards from team play and co-operation, I like to think I'm a fair and friendly individual who can get serious when the need arises, ie, organizing the crew to their gunning positions when needed.

I'm looking to join as so far I like the ethic and the proficiency of the players in Dagz, knowing I still have much to learn but feel I can benefit the clan in turn.

I'm not going to ramble on, my in-game name is Battlewrath, I've sent a in-game clan request for your leisure.

Hope to hear from you,


No Muse comment as of yet!

With the 2 min CD and it only healing like six heal over 8 seconds (Ish) it's more of a safety net then letting you have some one just abuse that, it's meant to be reactive to the ship taking lots of hull damage as you fix the balloon, giving you some precious seconds to get it up and then start on the hull.

That's exactly the feed back I'm giving, throttle should have a analogue system also for throttles.

When running the joy stick (Thrust master from logitec.) I use forward push as down avation, pull as up aviation, left and right push respective.

Middle press on joy stick as stamina, on the throttle I have a left and right button for cycling the pilot items.

throttle up and down would be better on my actual throttle.

Main issue with joy stick is looking around, I have a HOTAS but the game doesn't let me use it - thinking about a Tracker IR or such thing, but that's for another pay day / finding out if the game supports that.

Is playing with a joy stick competitive to the mouse? Who knows, but for me it's more enjoyable and feels more tangible, making for a greater play experience.

Simply put the devs support the use of joy stick - it's allready in the game.

So it's like a box you place at the foot of the part that you want it to fix, you hit shift and it hits the part with a hammer, it has three hits in it that repairs the same as the pipe wrench, once you've used it, actived by shift, it then breaks and after a 2 min CD, you can place another.

Hello there!

Simply put, the throttle does not work as intended, I feel, on my joy stick set up I have a throttle control, with a 180% axis (0% being pulled back fully, 180% being fully pushed forward.)

For the activation of throttle down, you need to bring it to 0%, that then reduced the throttle down one gear

A better system would be from 90% to 0% bringing it from the first rewind gear then second, 90% being neutral and then pushing forward should change to first forward gear at 135% and second forward gear at 180%.

In short, it needs to be a analogue system rather than fully a key press system.

I hope that

So as an engineer, with having a assist gunner (Engineer with pipe wrench.) working the hull, engines, putting out a fire and fixing a gun can be.. stressful!

Here at Steam-corp we bring the latest aviation tools to you straight from the drawing plank!

A steam powered monstrosity, pistons whirling as steam erupts out, the sound of mindless, droning hammer strikes hitting the hull, denting it into working shape.

The idea is simple, a small steam powered hammer-hitting machine, it doesn't have to be fancy, it's basically a pipe wrench duct taped onto a spinning steam powered cog wheel.

Application is simple! Place down the thump-a-tron, and when you hold (Shift) your remote the thump-a-tron will get to work slamming away!

( IC aside, it's simply a small item you place that, on shift press, will hit away at what ever you place infront of the thump-a-tron, it has limited range and only heals for three hits of the pipe wrench (Each strike matches the speed of the cool down.) and once it's busted, it's got a ability CD of two minutes, this is simply for when all-hands on deck is of important, placed next to the desired part and then breaks after use, it's destruction starts the ability cool down and has a limit of one per ship.)


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