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General Discussion / Re: Top pilots
« on: May 10, 2015, 03:50:47 pm »
Haven't played since the Glowwater Thralls retired, but can confirm Sky Wolf best pilot. 11/10.

Community Events / Re: Room for Improvement
« on: July 19, 2014, 12:49:33 pm »
From a non-leader's/organizer's standpoint, this has been a well run and officiated league. My only suggestion is that more bye-weeks be added. If that involves extending out to 12 weeks and only having 4 matches a week with smaller groups (<sarcasm> I'm really good at math and did all the math involving matches/week and group sizes </sarcasm>) might be an idea. If there were 8 matches total per team over 12 weeks, that might help organization on a team level, and take a bit of the burden off of the player and clan leader. It would also allow for the core group of players on each squad to not feel overwhelmed by two months of straight Saturdays (as fun and enjoyable as this league has been). As Brick said, we're one of the teams suffering from fatigue (we're small, 12 players right now, as well as a few long term LOAs right now), and I feel like we're not alone. I love the league and all aspects of it (Best of One, casting, organization - from a player's perspective, the community), but the commitment is getting a bit taxing as the weeks progress (my wife may or may not poison me on any given Saturday at this point :P ).

EDIT: As I re-read this, I realized that 12 weeks may be painfully long for casters, organizers, and referees. Possibly a shorter season might be a better option? Something should be done to augment the schedule a bit. Other than that, no complaints!

Community Events / Re: Hephaestus Challenge Tipping Thread
« on: July 17, 2014, 07:09:25 pm »
DPA def Clam 5-3
MUSE def OVW 5-2

Mad Hatters def TAW 5-1

Cake def BFS 5-1
MM def SIR 5-4
HRA def SAC 5-2

Community Events / Re: Hephaestus Challenge Tipping Thread
« on: July 11, 2014, 08:14:42 am »
DPA def. MH 5-3
Rydr def Muse 5-3

SIR def Clamour 5-2

SAC def BFS 5-1
MM def TAW 5-2
HRA def Cake 5-2

Gameplay / Re: Major and Minor Playstyles
« on: July 06, 2014, 09:39:46 am »
I love charts... they're so pretty.

Community Events / Re: Hephaestus Challenge Tipping Thread
« on: July 02, 2014, 11:19:26 pm »
Rydr def Clamour 5-3
This will be a tight match, could go either way. I feel that Rydr is a bit more cautious with their approach in this one and will wait for Clamour to make mistakes.

GwTh vs. DPA
My match, anything can happen, not picking it.

OVW def Mad Hatters 5-2
Overwatch I think will find it's stride this week. They've had a tough go of it, but we know what they are capable of. I predict a quick match with OVW taking the initial engagement, and trading kills until the end.

HRA def. SIR 3-2
This is going to be an intense, strategic match. My thoughts is that it ends in a timed decision, especially given the map. Both teams have a lot at stake - HRA is looking for that K/game ratio to go above GwTh for the overall lead, where as SIR is fighting for their spot in a very tight Anvil Division. Medium range, conservative engagements will decide the day.

MM def SAC 5-3
I'm really pulling for Zill and company to get on their horse and strike back into their Division. They still have a shot with a win this week to stay competitive in this tournament K/game ratio may not be great, but they need a win badly to stay in contention. I still think MM is a sleeper team, and if they find their stride, MM is one of the strongest teams in competition.

BFS def TAW 5-1
BFS has had a tough go of it this season, but TAW still struggles to find their footing in this tournament. With 2K to 19D, TAW is 10 kills behind BFS. They drew a tough map with Paritan, and I see BFS pouncing on this opportunity to get their first win of the season.

Cake def MUSE 3-1
Dunes. Xemko. This sets up like a sniping duel for the ages. However, Cake's coordination is much better than that of MUSE. I see a match where Xemko on the LJ pops Cake balloons all day, slowing down the match, but gets little to no killing support from the other Museosaurs ship. Cake will approach, render LJ useless, and strike. Timed decision, 3-1.

Upset of da week:
Tough to pick one this week. With the exception of the DPA vs. GwTh match, every match pits teams who are right next to each other in the standings. However, there is one possibility that I see:

SIR def. HRA

Some might not call this an upset because of these teams being the top two in their division, but I do. HRA = undefeated.  HRA has been dominant in almost every engagement of the tournament. They have only 5 deaths over 4 matches. The prospect of us (GwTh) playing HRA later in the tournament does not put me in my happy place. However, if SIR can take advantage of the spawn and take the arch, they could control the engagement and come away with the win.

The Docks / Re: Glowwater Thralls now recruiting.
« on: June 27, 2014, 07:41:40 am »
The benefits of Thralls are also:

- best training for engineers. No jokes, guys, if you need to improve your skills, that is the best opportunity for it.

- fat chance to step away of boring usual builds. Ever wanted to fly spire in competitive? Nothing is impossible here! Victory isn't guaranteed though XD

- a clan leader which finds you on the other side of globe to inform that you have clan practice on saturday evening. All clan events arranged with week advance and that is the thing you won't find in other clan.

- smallest crew rotation ever. You will be 80% sure which people you play with next event.

- inspiring-for-battle picture of clan administration with green moustache, Shrek cult and compulsive obsession with greenlights! 

All of these are facts. Leadership is disgustingly efficient and organized for competitive and non-competitive events. As a small clan, we stay very tight and focused.

Also, between our competitive Spire build (The Wizard - oh how I miss you), and the Mobula (the Aesir - you disgusting brawler you) where the engineers are told to keep firing even when the hull breaks (because Skrimskraw is crazy sometimes <3 ), you can always find an interesting build.

I seem to remember an event a while ago where a team tried that last second switch against us, and had their loadouts promptly fail.

They asked for a restart because they screwed up their tomfoolery. The answer from us was no. They lost. Badly.

Teams trying that will find out quickly that it might work once, but it will likely fail a hundred times over; when it fails, opponents will not be forgiving. We weren't, and I wouldn't expect others to be forgiving to us if we tried it (not that I can ever see us trying it).

Community Events / Re: Hephaestus Challenge Tipping Thread
« on: June 26, 2014, 07:31:40 am »
Ovw def Clamour 5-3
Rydr def Mad Hatters 5-2

SIR def BFS 5-0

Upset o' the week: BFS def SIR via timer.

Community Events / Re: Hephaestus Challenge Tipping Thread
« on: June 19, 2014, 07:39:00 am »
Week 4:

Muse def. DPA 5-1
HRA def TAW 5-0
MM def Cake 5-3

- Muse + Xemko = x-factor. If he's on a LJ, DPA doesn't stand a chance. If he takes the week off, DPA has a shot. Last week, I picked Muse for the gunner-factor, this week, I do the same.

- HRA eats teams. I'm really glad we don't play them until the elimination stages.

- MM, I just like them. I have illusions of the old grandeur that was Zill's team. It will happen. I don't know if it will be this week, but I will continuously pick them to my own dismay. (Plus, I owe them that for a youtube video from many moons ago that includes some colorful metaphors directed at their team :P )

Community Events / Re: Hephaestus Challenge Tipping Thread
« on: June 14, 2014, 12:05:01 pm »
Nah, that's fine, I feel like predicting my own match is bad luck. I'm incredibly confident in my team and wouldn't ask for any other crewmates, but anything can happen in a goio match :)

Community Events / Re: Hephaestus Challenge Tipping Thread
« on: June 14, 2014, 11:35:39 am »
GwTh vs. Hatters
- For *reasons* I won't be picking my own match.
Muse def. Clamour 5-4 - upset o' the week
- Muse gets wildcard players every once in a while who can really change a match. I can see this as the upset of the week.
OVW def DPA 5-0
- ♥ Overwatch, they can be overpowering in comparison to a DPA team still trying to find their stuff.

SAC def. TAW 5-2
- SAC can be overpowering, but I think TAW might find something that works - they're working on their own to find their identity. I'm pulling for them to break their kill-less streak.
SIR def Cake 5-1
- Cake can be cohesive, but I see SIR as getting in a groove this week and taking an early advantage.
MM def BFS 5-2
- Zill and his crew can make a run back to form, and I think this week might be it.

Rydr def HRA 3-2 5-4
- This could be a very good match, but I'm seeing a timer match in this one. We've seen it come into play a few times, and I see it here - two teams riding the tops of their divisions might be stuck playing a cautious game. (I hope I'm wrong - I'm a thrall gunner - pls brawl pls)

-EDIT: LOL, didn't read map rolls right. Close match, long match, very strategic, but Rydr will come out on top. If it were Dunes, or Fjords, I would keep my 3-2 prediction. Not on Duel.

Community Events / Re: Hephaestus Challenge Tipping Thread
« on: June 06, 2014, 09:07:57 pm »
Rydr 5 vs 4 OVW
Clamour 5 vs 3 Hatters

BFS 5 vs 2 HRA
SAC 5 vs 1 Cake
TAW 5 vs 4 SIR

MM 5 vs 3 DPA

Community Events / Re: Hephaestus Challenge Tipping Thread
« on: June 06, 2014, 05:31:18 pm »
Will there be a tipping thread for tomorrow? Or should we post here for week 2?

Community Events / Re: Organisers: Please consider using UTC timezone
« on: October 12, 2013, 02:42:06 am »
Coming from a team with several international players from at least four different time zones, UTC would be awesome.

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