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Website and Forum Issues / More of a question on the steam group
« on: February 13, 2014, 08:25:59 am »
Join the official community for event updates and info, plus a chance to win prizes for every 100 members that join!

Prizes? Can someone clarify? :P Never noticed that text before. (This is under "Official GoIO steam group")

Website and Forum Issues / Twitch link in progress blog post error
« on: February 08, 2014, 08:54:54 pm »
Seems when clicking on the it brings you to instead of to the twitch page.

The Pit / Google Drive to record the "Story Games" and other Pit stuff
« on: January 29, 2014, 03:08:06 am »
So here in the pit we come up with some weird things on our threads. Specifically I'm talking about the stories in the (Currently) 3 word game and 5 word game.
I made a Google drive that anyone can access/edit to type up the contents of those threads and create a story to stand the tests of time! *Muahahahahah!!*

*Ahem* anyway after typing up 60 pages of the 3 word game (Which I don't recommend) I figured this was a better and more convenient idea to record and share those threads.
Gonna trust you punks not to delete everything in there. And if you do luckily Drive takes revision saves  ;)

Feedback and Suggestions / Ordering Targets for AI on Guns
« on: January 05, 2014, 09:27:33 am »
Ok so I had a quick look around for similar threads to this but I probably missed them...

So the idea is that the Pilot/Whoever is on the wheel can mark an already spotted ship to let human players know which one to shoot if they don't have a mic and to get AI on the guns to actually shoot the ship you want to blow up rather than that other random ship over to your side.

The target ships spot could turn a red colour to represent more of a target and come up easily for human players.

Not sure if this has been suggested before but let me know what you think...

Q&A / Galleon Load outs
« on: December 13, 2013, 09:53:10 am »
Hello! So I've got some questions on the galleon, pretty much about load outs you'd recommend for it.
I've currently got on the left side a Hades, hwacha & lumberjack and on the right a hwacha and carronade, banshee carousel on the back

I'm not very experienced in the Galleon and haven't really bothered with experimenting in it much (And can't get used to it's slowness) So gimme all your load out secrets!
Also are there any secret pilot tool load outs I should know about?

The Pit / The Misinformed Game
« on: December 10, 2013, 06:29:40 am »
So the aim of this game is to ask a question for the next poster to answer, and also answering the question from the previous poster but the answer you give has to be WRONG! (Or random, or stupid, or crazy, or bad, or half right, or disturbing or....)
Believe in the following information at your own risk

What's a Hades Cannon?

The Pit / The Real Meaning of Life
« on: December 06, 2013, 11:14:43 am »
So everyone knows that apparently 42 is the meaning of life. But I think that we, the GoIO community should do some more investigation into this just to make sure this is actually the truth and not some conspiracy.

Ever watched that video where they talk about how fire engines are red?(Something similar to that anyway) And it continues on like. Red starts with R, R is the 18th letter, 18th Century, the 18th century ended on a December, Christmas is in December, Santa gives us presents during December, Santa used to be green, Take away the G and it says Reen, e is the 5th letter and n is the 9th letter. 5+9=14, 14-18 = -4. D is the 4th letter therefore it equals RED.
So basically we just do the above except you say 1 part of it then the next person continues it on
(I'm using the meaning of life as a placeholder because I couldn't come up with anything else :P)
Life starts with L

The Pit / What Guns of Icarus Should Become
« on: October 22, 2013, 09:02:30 am »
I feel that Guns of Icarus is not unlocking it's full potential. It is deviating from the path the developers promised us with too much focus on airships.
Firstly the name "Guns of Icarus" is very misleading, as the game has the name "Icarus" Yes Icarus flew but that was only for a few minutes before his wings melted and he tumble into the ocean. Therefore I was expecting this to be naval combat.

I believe Guns of Icarus needs more ground based and sea based combat. There are simply too many maps where you have to fly an airship and you have no choices to do anything else besides fly in the sky. Amphibious tanks would introduce a much broader choice of game play, both unlocking ground and naval combat. We also need ground troops who can wield weapons and wage war on the ground while airships fly over head, but no one will fly the airships because they have no point in the game.

I think the engineering system should be completely re-worked and be made to be more realistic. We should have time realistic quick time events to repair components to add realism to the game. I think if it took roughly 2 hours to rebuild a destroyed gun component that would be a much better improvement to the measly 5 seconds we have now.
While repairing the hull we should manually climb around the ship to repair damaged areas.

Players should have only 1 life and die if they fall off a ship. They should also take damage from weaponry fire because right now for some reason the players are stronger than the airships themselves.

The maps are all too dead and empty. We need random NPCs walking around and doing their daily jobs. Possibly attacking airships if they end up demolishing their village.

KOTH maps aren't realistic enough. Firstly there is no hill so how are we supposed to "Capture the hill" if there is no hill, this makes no sense at all.
When capturing we shouldn't simply hover next to a balloon and change its colour. We should climb out of our airships and onto the balloon and manually change the colour of the bulb to our teams colour. When securing an area we should manually have to place down fortifications to show we have secured it. Right now all we do is have a different coloured balloon and this is just stupid because it doesn't give you a sense of achievement.

The guns should all be changed. No more howitzers or mini guns because those have nothing to do with the game and ruin the theme. We should all have laser and futuristic weaponry to contribute to the games focus of a retro look.
Secondly we should be able to have space combat. Only if you are a high level and you get to fight over control of an Ion Cannon to support other players in servers.

As a last note, there should be sky whales. Everyone knows these exists they are just endangered and are very shy creatures. I have a pet baby sky whale so if you don't believe me you can come over to my house or I can give you a picture. You might not see the sky whale in the picture though because it is very shy and can blend into the background like a chameleon, which is a natural form of protection they have evolved. I did not genetically modify it with experiments.

These are the ideas I have come up with to improve the game so far. I may add more ideas later.
Hopefully you support my opinions and thanks for reading.
-Cheesy Crackers (AKA Supreme Lord General Boss Man)

The Pit / Ban the User Above You
« on: October 18, 2013, 07:12:31 am »
So this is a sort of standard thread in most forums where you just come up with a reason (Anything) to ban the person who posted above you.

I ban the person above me for not posting anything

Guides / Cheesys Guide to Ramming with Finesse
« on: October 18, 2013, 05:03:48 am »
I originally posted this on steam and have pretty much just copied+pasted it over.
Here it is >

No, this guide is not about sex. If you're some kind of sex fiend then look elsewhere!
This guide is about "Ramming" opposing airships effectively and, of course, with finesse. Who needs guns when you can use your own airship as a weapon?

What is this "Ramming" you speak of?
Hello and welcome to my guide! Here I'll do my best in summing up and giving you tactics on ramming! If you have anything to add or have suggestions feel free to tell me in the comments!

According to Google ramming is
"Roughly force (something) into place."

The term ramming originates from the "battering ram" This was a siege weapon used to destroy and knock down fortifications using the force of the ram as it swings.
*Did you know* Back in the boring days when ships sailed the seas they used(And still do sometimes) rammed each other as a tactic? An example are the ancient Greeks and Romans who used ramming as an important part of their ships.

Here in GOIO we use ramming  to simply crash one airship into another airship. In fact we can turn this into a simple equation
Airship+Ram+Another Airship=Awesomeness

Airship Types and Ramming

Different airships have a different "Mass"
Bigger ships like the galleon have a larger mass and are harder to knock around where smaller ships like the squid have a smaller mass and can be bounced around the map a lot easier.

This ship is MADE for ramming, it even says it in the description on the official site!
The Pyramidion has a good amount of armour and speed to effectively ram a target, Though it's fairly slow turning speed means you have to do a bit of prediction in your trajectory and speed or you might miss your target. If you think you are about to miss a ram then try to keep the enemy on your armed left side.

The Goldfish is an okay choice for ramming if needs be, you can knock the enemy out of alignment so their guns can't fire at you while you sit there and laugh as your heavy gun fires away. The Goldfish has below average armour but a lot of hull health so that allows it to take a few more hits if it's armour goes down.
It's speed and maneuverability are both average so if you miss you can readjust faster than with the Pyramidion.

The Galleon is good for withstanding against rams but very good at ramming itself. It's slow movement speed and large surface area makes it an easier target to ram but it's larger mass and high hull armour will let you bounce the enemy rammers away while still having a decent amount of hull armour and being able to fire your side guns at them.
The Galleon isn't much of a ramming ship because it is very slow but because of it's mass it can deal some damage and bounce enemies away.
If the Galleon gets rammed and spun around by the impact chances are the heavy guns on the opposite side are going to be pointed at you

You generally don't want to ram while using a Junker, you only have one forward facing gun and chances are the enemy you're charging towards will deal a lot more damage to your ship before you can actually hit them. The Junker has a good amount of armour but not as much hull health so unless the armour is up you can deal a lot of damage with a ram, but chances are if it gets spun around, like the Galleon, the guns on the opposite side will be ready to fire at you.

The Squid isn't much of a ramming ship and you should avoid being rammed or ramming with it, An exception is flying backwards and releasing tar into the enemy after you backwards ram them.
A squid can easily dodge a ram because of it's agility. It can quickly slow down or speed up and rise/drop to avoid rams from other ships. The hull armour of a squid is low so getting rammed or ramming with a squid will damage your armour quite a bit.

As a general rule you do NOT want to ram or get rammed while piloting this ship. It's very low hull armour means that if you get rammed once you most likely wont have much or any armour left to protect your exposed hull and that just leaves a big opening for them to shred the ship apart, and it's slow movement speed means you can simply drive backwards and leave the enemy behind. The defense a Spire has against a ram is the fact that it can drop and lift quite fast, but this isn't always enough to dodge a ram.

Let's use a Pyramidion and a Spire as an example. Picture the Pyramidion as a brick wall with spikes sticking out and the Spire as a lump of wet tissue paper getting thrown at that wall. That should give you a pretty clear picture of what happens if a Spire gets rammed

The Mobula and ramming is similar to the Spire. It can be okay for charging head on but the Mobula has a lot of surface area for an enemy ship to aim at and if it get's spun around by the impact you won't have any guns facing the enemy.

Tools and Ramming

Here I'll be talking about a few different piloting tools which can aid a ram or defend against one.
Personally I usually use Phoenix Claw, Moonshine, Drogue Chute

Spy Glass
Get your crew to spot those ships! It'll make life a lot easier!

Lucky Phoenix Claw
The Phoenix Claw is useful for making last minute corrections if you are about to miss a ram and think you need a quick turning boost.

Gives you a nice boost to ram the enemy faster and push the enemy ship more. It also lets your engineers keep your engines repaired rather  than if you were using Moonshine

Personally I prefer this to kerosene. It gives you a faster boost to hit an enemy at the cost of more engine damage, But that's not why I prefer it. When using moonshine it stops your ship from turning left/right as much so when delivering a ram you can keep your ship/guns pointed at the enemy while they are spinning away.

Hydrogen Canister
his let's you adjust upwards if an enemy is trying to dodge a ram or let's you deal an "uppercut" to an enemy ship

Chute Vent
Same as Hydrogen, lets you adjust lower if the enemy is dodging a ram (Just make sure you don't lose too much altitude), Or lets you ram opponents into the ground faster.

Tar Barrel
If you are using a squid you can fly backwards and release tar into an enemy then fly away.
If you miss a ram you can deal some damage to the enemy ship by releasing tar just in front of them/on their ship as you fly by.

Drogue Chute
If you have adjusted a ram by dropping/rising your ship but find you are dropping/rising too much and might miss a drogue chute can help you stabilise your ship.

Impact Bumpers
Let's you take less damage from a ram

Avoiding/Defending against a ram
Spy Glass
Exactly the same as offensive! It'll let you see where that pesky ship is.

Lucky Phoenix Claw
Can help turn your ship to show less of a target, help maneuver out of the way or turn your ship to get your guns facing the enemy if you get spun.

The extra speed can help you dodge an enemy ram

Same as Kerosene, can help you dodge an enemy ram.
Similar to when you are ramming yourself activating moonshine as you get rammed will keep your ship in place so you can keep your guns pointed at the enemy

Hydrogen Canister
This will help with dodging enemy rams

Chute Vent
Same as hydrogen, helps you dodge rams

Tar Barrel
A enemy attempting a ram might have to maneuver around your tar if they don't want to take extra damage, or it can discourage them entirely. It can also help in breaking your spot letting you hide and re-position

Drogue Chute
Similar to attacking, it will let you rise/fall slower so that while the enemy ship is still rising/falling you can start going the other direction.

Impact Bumpers
This will let you take less damage from a ram.

Prepare the Crew! (And the other captains)

You should always give your crew some kind of notice before you ram mainly because if your main engineer is off repairing some engines or guns thinking that the hull is at tip top shape when you do ram you're going to lose quite a bit of armour. And tip top shape is going to end up with your airship on fire crashing into the ground and exploding.
Suddenly moving your ship can mess up your gunners aim so letting them know will have them prepared to adjust their fire once you start moving.

Letting the other captain know you're about to ram can also be helpful. You never know if they might be about to ram and instead of ramming the enemy you'll end up ramming each other.
Or you can get your teammate to draw their fire and turn their ship presenting you with a bigger target and giving them a nice surprise ram!

Ramming Effectively

And now let's get down to the main part of the guide, the ramming itself!

Ramming might seem very simple, point your ship at the enemy, and go full throttle! But that's only a small part of ramming. Here are a few tactics you can use when ramming an enemy airship.

When ramming you generally want to try and hit the side with the most guns. Hitting centre mass/ hitting them head on will simply push them back a bit. Hitting the back of their ship where the engines are will most likely spin their guns towards you.
If you hit the ship and manage to spin it so that it's guns aren't pointed towards you it can give you a few extra seconds of first trike to dish out more damage.

For example if you're fighting a goldfish you want the big gun at the front pointed away from you so if you ram the front of the ship and spin it away you can keep firing while the enemy pilot is still turning back. (This works amazingly with moonshine because when you ram an enemy airship yourself you might be spun around, with moonshine you can hold position)

Fighting ships with side on guns is a little trickier but you can simply... Ram them a little less hard. Yes it might be extremely tempting to just ram that ship as hard as you possibly can but you might just end up having guns on the opposite side pointed at you. If you know the enemy ships load out and know that long range guns are on the opposite side then just forget what I wrote above!

Unless you're trying to knock the enemy ship out of alignment it's best to hold off on ramming until the enemy hull armour is very low or destroyed. While you have your armour shredding guns firing at their armour you want to have your ship moving forwards just before the enemy loses all of their armour. This is so that when their armour does get destroyed you'll already be about to ram them and they won't have time to rebuild.

The best time to ram is when your hull is up and your targets armour is down, this let's you deal an effective finishing move to your target or largely cripple them.

Impact Bumpers
Let's you take less damage from a ram, but also reduces engine output so as a result you do less damage. However it doesn't effect your vertical speed so you can uppercut or pummel enemies down without a dealing less damage.
E.g. Chute vent on a spire or hydrogen on a Mobula will let you ram better and protect yourself with impact bumpers.

Pop them balloons!

Ramming does more damage to balloons than hull armour. If you ram using the bottom of your ship (Unless you're on a Mobula) it will let you deal a lot of damage to the enemies balloon while taking a lot less damage to your hull. This can let you quickly disable an enemy ship if you don't have balloon popping weapons and let you focus fire with allies on another ship while the other is recovering.

Rams can also be food for a last ditch effort at survival. If you're about to go down and your ally is occupied elsewhere then it never hurts to do a final desperate ram to try and survive. And if you do end up surviving I recommend reversing out of there before they point their guns back at you.

Use the environment
Keep an eye out for ram opportunities, if you can ram an enemy, bounce them into a wall or cliff back at you then ram them again then go for it! Just make sure your hull armour is up to scratch or you might end up blowing yourself up instead.

Don't be stupid
Know when it's too risky to attempt a ram. If you end up taking heavy fire halfway towards your target then you'll probably end up blowing yourself up before you can deal any real damage.
If you think you're about to miss and won't be able to readjust in time then slow down (Moving slower = turning faster) and turn rather than over shooting the target.

If you have the wrong kind of ship, then don't try to ram. If you're trying to ram an enemy with a Spire then you're doing something wrong.

And here it ends...

I hope you've learned something from my guide and feel free to rage at me, cheer for me or give me suggestions!

If you suck at ramming or piloting in general then don't worry and just keep on playing! Practice doesn't make perfect (Because nothing is ever perfect) But it does make progress!

General Discussion / Beta Tester Badge
« on: September 27, 2013, 09:40:42 pm »
So I only recently noticed that there's a beta tester badge, is this from a beta in particular or any random beta?
The reason I'm asking is because I was part of the beta after the steam gifts giveaway of beta keys, but I don't have a badge?
And yes... I like collectibles... because collectibles are awesome.

The Lounge / POSH - What you need to know
« on: September 27, 2013, 06:23:05 am »

I'm terribly sorry but greetings airship crews and humble forum goers. here one will giz you, one's old bean, the most important informatiohn you, one's old bean, aaare evah likely to come across. informatiohn about the word "posh"!
But first... ah definitiohn

elegant or stylishly luxurious.
"a posh Munich hotel"
synonyms:   smart, stylish, fancy, high-class, fashionable, chic, luxurious, luxury, deluxe, exclusive, opulent, lavish, grand, showy, upscale, upmarket; More
typical of or belonging to the upper class of society.
"she had a posh accent"
synonyms:   smart, stylish, fancy, high-class, fashionable, chic, luxurious, luxury, deluxe, exclusive, opulent, lavish, grand, showy, upscale, upmarket; More
adverb: posh
in an upper-class way.
"trying to talk posh"
noun: posh
the quality or state of being elegant, stylish, or upper-class.
"we finally bought a color TV, which seemed the height of posh"


I'm terribly sorry but as ah gentleman it is simply natural that one would knoh about "poshness" but did you, one's old bean, knoh that the word "posh" is an acronym? yes that's roysh, not simply is it ah word we use to describe well orf old beans but it stands for something as well.

  • Port
In case you, one's old bean, aaare ignorant enough to be playing this game and not knoh what port and starboard aaare, they aaare left and right, respectively. Heavens above! How smashing!
Noh you, one's old bean, might be thinking. what is this cracker ohn about? (not meant as a racist joke, its my username) has the cheese within him poisoned his mind?
You see beck in the boring days when old beans sailed ships ohn the seven seas and not the skies there was absolutely ah spiffing trade route and ah trip down to Devohn destinatiohn to Indiah.
Here is an amazingly aaartistic map to be of assistance explaining. Jolly good show old bean!

As you, one's old bean, can see if you, one's old bean, aaare sailing aways from sweetie Britain to Indiah then port would be facing the right side of the map. the well orf old beans would mustah these cabins as they have ah nicah view while the economically troubled group mustah the boring side with ah view of th ocean.
Coming beck from Indiah is ah different story! the staaarboaaard side would be facing land and therefore you, one's old bean, would mustah ah nicah view and the well orf old beans would mustah this side while poohrah old beans mustah the port side with an ocean view simply.

And this is where the acronym comes in.
Port Out; the port side would face land when going out of england.
Starboard Home; the staaarboaaard side would face land when going beck to England
Amazing! noh you, one's old bean, knoh hoh to be well spoken! Jolly good show old bean!

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for frustration caused by trying to understand what that lump of text says

Okay so basically I'm gonna sum up whats above in some simpler and more understandable words

POSH is an acronym for
  • Port

Back in the boring old days when people sailed ships on the seven seas and not the sky there was a trade route from Britain to India (And other places there) and it was also a holiday destination.

If a ship was sailing from Britain to India then the port side (left) would be facing the right side of the map (See above for the map)
Richer people would buy the port side cabins because there was a nicer view of the land while poorer people got the starboard side which showed a boring view of the ocean.

if a ship is sailing from India to Britain then it's reversed. The starboard side (Right) would be facing land and so richer people would buy these cabins while poorer people got the more boring view of the ocean on the port side.

This is where the acronym comes into play.
Port Out, Starboard Home
When a ship sails OUT from Britain the PORT side faces the nicer view.
When a ship sails HOME to Britain the STARBOARD side faces the nicer view.

Ta da! Now you know everything important about the word posh!

The Pit / Why GOI needs lasers
« on: July 03, 2013, 01:29:05 am »
Well I got bored waiting for some downloads (New clean hardrive and stuff) so I made these for no reason whatsoever.  :D

Reasons why we need lasers in guns of icarus.
For those of you who don't know what a laser is be thankful Google exists-

A device that generates an intense beam of coherent monochromatic light (or other electromagnetic radiation) by stimulated emission of electromagnetic radiation.

That clears it up a lot eh? You can thank me later

Hwachas have proper (and more intimidating) faces

Better spires

No more aliens

Better logo

Repair in style! (Also rage at the captain for hitting that building

Lasers... 'nuf said

The Pit / Did somebody say Guns of Icarus?
« on: May 30, 2013, 09:14:39 am »

When you hear "Guns of Icarus" what's the first word that comes to mind?

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