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World / Why airships?
« on: May 18, 2013, 04:16:07 am »
I'm probably going to get banned for this...

So, why did Gabriel choose to make airships?  Going by developments since WWII, we’ve got bombers, VTOL jets, GOI has planes after all.  Even aircraft carriers.  With treads.  Why not tanks?  It could have been “Guns of Leonidas.”  I know, I know, the he dug through Patrius for 20 years, learning and scavenging things to make the Icarus, but where did the ancients get their inspiration?

Many inventions have been inspired by nature.  Stinging creatures gave people the inspiration for hypodermic needles.  Birds’ wings are the basis of every airplane’s lift.  Who’s to say that the ancients didn’t look to the Skywhales and think “Damn, I’d like to try that.”

In all seriousness, this thread is dedicated to the speculation of Skywhales, and their impact on world.  How do they fly?  What did they use for lift?  For thrust?  What do they eat?  What caused them to evolve (Potentially) lighter than air flight?  Are there multiple species?  What is their niche?  Are they extinct? 

PS; don’t think we didn’t see that whale in your videos, devs.

Feedback and Suggestions / "Roleplay Ready"
« on: May 16, 2013, 12:33:40 pm »
Whenever I play captain, or even gungineer, I really get into it.  Using words like "dive", "rise", "Port", "starboard", "ahead two", really helps me get ito the mood, and I like it when others do that too.  I much prefer playig with people who use nautical terms than those that say "Right, left," and I was a bit upset a few weeks ago when a pug player scolded me for using the proper nautical terms.  Is there any way to show that people are interested in roleplay?

Being "Roleplay Ready" could be a simple system activated i the options menu, that shows up at the end of your name in the score or pre match menu.  It could be an image of a plume quill for light RP (Simply using nautical terms), a plume quill with a circle around it for heavy RP (playing as a person living in the Age of Air), and a plume quill with a dotted circle around it for heavy or light RP (Fine with either).

World / The Mercantile Guild
« on: May 15, 2013, 06:16:16 am »
What we know
-Guild-Japanese, Russian, Romanian influences
-Always at war with the Arashi League
-Swan, gold and white

So we have an eclectic mix of cultures, Japanese with eastern European.  I would hazard a guess that they come from a larger entity, and their part is, as the name implies, for trading.  This is supported by the indication that there is a LOT of land to the south of the Guild, as well as account for the diversity of their cultural makeup.

This brings me to another tangential thought, where would each nation like to expand to?  Here are my guesses
Arashi-east and south
Yesha-West (journey to the west, lol)
Anglea- lol nope
Fjordlands- into the Burren
Chaladon-out to sea
Mercantile- the entity that it is a part of is going south, west and east, the guild is supposed to push north.

Why or how they started to war with the Arashi is anyone’s guess right now, but I’m of the belief that they are both expansionists.  The Arashi want more fertile ground, the Mercantiles want more ground, period. 

For their ships, I would probably guess it would tend towards the Japanese (Island nation, navy, etc...) , while their buildings would look more industrial revolution European (They look better, IMO.  Also, there’s the Asian influence in the Empire, don’t want to get the Japanese and the Chinese mixed up.) 

Exports....Wood and Spirits...anyone else want to hazard a guess?

Political structure-part of a larger entity, and expedition force, appropriate, assimilate or exterminate whoever they come across.
-Arashi- always at war with them, but they really like what they can produce, maybe tobacco?  Though Arashi goods are illegal, they fetch a very high price all over guild lands, and are the premiere black market currency.
-Yesha- Good relationship.  Assimilation goes both ways, and they don’t mind the business that they can produce
-Chaladon-Good trading partners, would love to get their hands on the technology, but also don’t quite know their agenda, makes them less likely to use force on them soon.  Also, Chaladon has the best sea navy, the guild doesn’t want to mess with that
-Anglea-Love to get their hands on their tech too, but their isolationist tendencies make communication difficult.  I would, however, believe that they have a good embassy in Kinforth.  Probably the only foreign embassy in Anglea.
-Fjordlands- I don’t really have a good idea about what the Baronies’ agenda is.  I’d say relationships are fair.

City names, used Google translate to see what I could come up with. 
Starrostrog- old rigorous
Cetatea Mica- small city
I can’t seem to get a fix on some of the other names.  Google translate is having a tough time, and the map I have has a resolution that’s too small to read the writing.

Lets hear what you have to say!

World / The Arashi League
« on: May 14, 2013, 12:22:53 am »
What we know

-Desert dwellers
-Government is "Largely independent and heterogeneous city states"
-Culturally derrived from western Europe
-At war with the Guild
-Colours are rust and white
-Symbol is the vulture

So they’re at war with the Guild.  It makes sense, looking at the map, it has the most direct routes between 2 nations (2), neither of which has a large impassable body of water in between.  In fact, Caldos and Hikagebashi are on opposite sides of a tiny lake (Devs, is there any way we can download a bigger map of the world?)

One of my big questions is “Why?”  Why do the southwestern cities still live in the desert, if it’s so hard?  They have airships, they can move about.  Why are the other independent towns not a part of the league, which is made up of independent towns?  Strength in numbers, right?  They’re a desert scavenger society that doesn’t seem to have an edge technology- or infrastructure-wise.  I can see the eastern settlements near water being lively places.

Culturally based on western Europe, so I’m thinking, where able, they would try to build stone buildings with tiled roofs, things that can last for ages (In North America, 100 years is a long time, in Europe, 100km is a long distance). 

I’m no expert on European geography, but I don’t believe that there are any deserts in western Europe, so how they would adapt would be interesting to see.  Many European countries are by the ocean (Germany, France, Spain, Greece, Italy, etc...) so the cities there could have different buildings based on different cities in different countries, like Nice, Barcelona, even Venice.

Political interactions- the League could have many languages, and for average citizens to speak several languages would be the norm.  For example, 2-3 League languages and 1-2 non league languages, on top of “Common”, if there is a universal language.
-The Guild-Hates the guild for being expansionists.  Member states near the water are at the most risk of being taken by the guild, the others are at less of a risk due to lack of resources.
-The Empire- Don’t really like the Empire, since they want to convert them, and they don’t understand their way of doing things.  They are, however, their best trading partner, buying up a lot of what they scavenge.
-The Republic-Very good, though they’re rather far away, they would need to cross through Empire territory to trade with them.  The Republic doesn’t always want what the League has to sell, since they can plunder locally, but often when an Arashi ship bearing raw materials comes along, they will usually buy it.  They rarely raid the Arashi league due to the distance needed to raid Arashi territory, and almost never take Arashi thralls (Lord Dick, explain the other reason xD).  Anglean craftsmanship is highly valued by the Arashi, due to its quality and durability, though some adjustments are made for dealing with hot, dry or moist, salty environments.  Therefore, it is not uncommon for Angleans to make the trip to the League, knowing that they will be sure to sell out whatever they have
-The Baronies-Good.  I can see them often hiring the Arashi as mercenaries for their desert campaigns; the League is too far away from the Baronies to be worried about an invasion.  They both readily trade by sea, and some lords in the Baronies have winter homes in some of the port cities of the League
-The Order-Good.  Though they rarely have use for the products of Chaladonian science, the Order’s universities and research bodies are keen on picking up any and all ancient technology that the desert hides, as well as buying rare ingredients found only in the desert.

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