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Community Events / Saturday tournaments
« on: March 24, 2013, 07:35:50 pm »
In this subject could answer only crew leader. Crew consists of 4-5 players.
Request form:

!Leader nick
Reserve Oficer
-Your country, timezone.(GMT +X).
-Preffered time to start next time. (Default: 6PM GMT = 10AM PST)

Leader its a guy who represents crew, while capitan(`!`) its person whos coordinate stategy(key `C`) with allied ships. Skype and other voip clients(+phones) could used only within the ship.

All teams playing 0-3(depends on number of participants) matches before quarter finals. Currently its 2v2 deathmatch rules.

First challenge - 30 March, 6PM GMT.
Test contact to leaders at 29 March, 8PM GMT.
Registration closed at 29 March, 10PM GMT.

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