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The Lounge / CreaVures (by Muse) on sale in bundle [$3]
« on: January 21, 2014, 10:35:19 am »

Flying Bundle 5 includes ($3 minimum):
Gravity Badgers (Steam + Desura)
Gish (Steam)
Creavures (Steam)
BasketBelle (Desura + Greenlight)
Booster Trooper (Steam)
Hamlet (Steam)
POP: Methodology Experiment One (Desura + Greenlight)
Mystery Game

Creavures is Muse's first game! Support Muse, check out the game, and then post here about how wonderful and fun it is.

General Discussion / Open question to Muse RE: December/November patches
« on: January 08, 2014, 04:10:50 pm »
Many of the changes introduced in the last few months (ie: extreme close range combat nerfs, sniper mechanics buff, lobby overhaul, and especially MUSE's general stance on 'stacking') were geared explicitly to increase player retention.

Given that the decline of concurrent log-ins after the winter sale seems generally consistent with previous sales, coupled with the fact that you lost a small hand full of very devoted players (myself included):

Do you consider your November and December patches to be an overall success?

General Discussion / End of game 'rating'
« on: December 10, 2013, 11:24:53 am »
Whats up with the stats displayed at end game? Is there any way to see them out of game?

Most importantly, what was the "Performance Grade" or whatever the last stat is? I've had it as low as .8 and as high as 1.8. What's the range, what effects the rating, how can I see it out-side of that 3 second window, and what's it for?

I have a feeling that rating is going to be the basis for the matchmaking system, so I'd really like to know a bit more about it.

General Discussion / Competitive play and the PS4
« on: December 08, 2013, 01:16:27 pm »
I saw the pic on f-book of a PS4 displaying the GoIO logo, and it got me thinking...

I'm assuming that the cross-platform release is going to stir up some new customers. How, exactly, is this planned to work with the 'competitive community'?

Given that there are no clan building tools within the game itself, only clan identification, one must rely entirely on Steam groups/messages, these forums, and TeamSpeak/Skype to build a cohesive clan. PS4 users aren't going to have these tools as readily available, if at all.

Not to mention that it is very possible that a much higher percentage of them will not have/use a mic than we already see in the 'puter only version. Also the lack of text input: The non-verbal commands work in game play, but there is no non-verbal system for lobbies, let alone clan building. Lobby coordination is absolutely 100% imperative for a competitive match. This is going to make serious competitive matches, even outside of clans or 'high level' play, nearly impossible.

Due to this, it seems pretty apparent to me that the majority of the new player base will be strictly casual only. There is also a(n optimistic) possibility that the numbers brought in by the PS4 will be far greater than the PC/Mac/Linux users combined. What we would be left with is a vast majority of the players basically unable [or at least have to jump through some pretty serious hoops, and most won't want] to join clans, or play competitively at all.

Are there any plans to prevent this, or is this the intended future of the game? Random players, random weapons, random crew composition, random ships. Am I just being pessimistic?

General Discussion / List of Unlockable Cosmetic Items
« on: September 24, 2013, 03:05:35 pm »
This is a work in progress.

So far I only have the ones that list when they are unlocked in the description. And I'm going completely off of that. This appears to be missing the actual costume items; only hats and goggles so far. This is also missing EXCLUSIVE unlocks, like elite costumes/hats/goggles.

Help me finish/correct the list!

"Steamtop Hat" any level 2
"Beehive" Gunner and Engineer level 6.
"Straight Bob" any level 2.
"Bun" any level 2.
"Mohawk" Gunner and Engineer level 6.
"Aviator Cap" Pilot level 6.
"Topknot" Gunner and Engineer level 6 and Pilot level 12.
"Cropped Pixie" any level 2.
"Cyclops Patch" Gunner level 4.
"Aviator Cap" Pilot level 6.
"Tricorn Hat" Teaching 5.
"Widow's Peak" any level 2 and Gunner and Engineer level 6.
"Scope Lens" Gunner level 13.
"Rubber Goggles" Pilot level 4.
"Bone Mask" Pilot level 13.
"Watson Goggles" Engineer level 13.
"Mechanic's Goggles" Engineer level 4.
"Laboratory Goggles" Engineer level 13.
"Top Hat" Citizenship 10.
"Plumed Tricorn" Teaching 5.
"Rubber Goggles" Pilot level 4.
"Mechanic's Goggles" Engineer level 4.
"Glowing Ocular" Gunner level 13.
"Newsboy Cap" Tutorial 15.
"Bowler Hat" Citizenship 5.
"Bicorn Hat" Teaching 10.

The Lounge / Good Beers
« on: July 06, 2013, 09:15:24 pm »
Everyone knows this game goes quite well with a nice beer. Microbrews, craft brews, or small unknown breweries are often the best source for a really good beer, but word of mouth is one of the only good ways to find new beers to try.

Here's my favorite, what's yours?

Dubhe Imperial Black IPA by Uinta Brewing Company.
If you like dark beers or complex IPAs you'll love this. Seriously rich head, hoppy as hell but still very heavy, chocolately/carmley flavors, brewed with hemp seed so you get a wonderful warm and sweet finish, and 9.2% ABV to get the job done.

Gameplay / Secondary use for Moonshine
« on: May 18, 2013, 12:20:57 pm »
I've noticed something about Moonshine. The Angular Drag +1000% (HUGE penalty to turning) is almost as important, if not more so, than the speed boost.

Up until recently, I had been using Moonshine at mid-close range just to get my pyramidion speed up, then switching to impact bumpers to ram enemy ships. I would usually disable balloon or armor (or kill the spire :P), before bouncing haphazardly off the enemy, and quickly scrambling with the monkey paw to regain a good facing.

Lately I've just been popping the Moonshine on while I make contact with them. While this basically will kill your engines without a hoopy frood for an engineer, the addition of +1000% angular drag causes you to keep face the ENTIRE time. No spinning. If you aim for their center of mass, you will just repeatedly bounce, with a good front facing for pyra weapons. Multiple quick rams, all the while guns are stripping hull and health. Very deadly.

This can be taken a little further. If a ship is incoming at forward face to attempt a ram on me, I will cut engines entirely, maybe even 1 notch reverse, and pop Moonshine on and off at the last moment. 1000% angular drag for 3 seconds. No spinning. On a head-on ram, the enemy will be the one to get the full torque from the impact, and lose face or even spin out of control.

Other times the enemy is intentionally side-ramming to get me off my target. Again, zero throttle, pop moonshine. I keep my face, and unless the enemy is using the same tactic, they will get one damaging ram on me, and then lose their facing. This also works the other way. Moonshine ram THROUGH an enemy, right on the nose or tail, and they're gonna need at least a few seconds just to stabilize the crazy spin while you zip off to an advantageous position.

Some of you may know of my rock/structure tapping exploits. If it's there, I'm going to tap it with my ship at some point during the match. There are times when, again, zero throttle and quick moonshine pop will stop me from excessive turning on a simple paint-scrape. This prevents the necessity of an intentional 'second tap' to readjust.

The benefits of just the angular drag, to me, outweigh some of the other perks. I've actually been equipping both kerosene and moonshine on my ramming pyramidion lately.The kerosene is used for speed boost, while the moonshine is used ONLY for controlling turns during impacts, and at the last second before a ram. While having both speed items has got me some concerned comments from spectators, I find it works quite well.

Opinions? Comments? Was this already common knowledge/usage?

General Discussion / An idea for teaching mechanics
« on: May 16, 2013, 02:33:27 am »
I was examining the mid-level "teaching" achievements, and some of them seem a bit sadistic. Win x matches with all level 1-2 crew, and the 2 achievements about spending 4 hours each in sandbox mode.

There needs be a way, as a higher level pilot (or other classes), to advertise that you are looking for exclusively low level crew. This should also include advertising availability to teach/practice in sandbox mode. Otherwise, the multiple achievements of winning matches with all 1-2 crew, and spending 4(!?) hours in sandbox are basically impossible. Spamming regional chat only works so well.

Getting the achievements aside, I think this would be a wonderful way to introduce new player to the game through experienced and willing pilots (and crewmates!).

Gameplay / Music starting when near unspotted enemies
« on: April 12, 2013, 12:49:36 pm »
I'm pretty sure everyone is aware that the 'drums' layer of the music starts up when you are coming into range with an unspotted enemy ship. I've noticed that different layers seem to be added potentially depending on distance to enemy, and if the enemy is shooting.

Is there any firm research on this? How close does the enemy have to be? What, exactly, is adding which layers to the music?

I'd like to be able to hear a few seconds of music and accurately know that an enemy is within "x" grid squares and firing on our ally, or what have you. Need a little more info!

Alternatively, is there some visual cue that I'm totally not catching? Sometimes I'd really like to turn the music off and listen to my own, but that puts me at a slight disadvantage.

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