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Community Events / "The Cogs" Week 9 Championship
« on: September 18, 2013, 10:59:51 pm »
Hey everybody. The day has finally come... The Cogs Championship. The winner this weekend will take hold of the Tournament Champion title. In the case that Raft claims the Tournament Champion title, they will ascend to a higher plane and become the Grand Champions of the Cogs, because they currently hold the title of "Weekly Champions".

The first match of the day will place the Rhinos and the Gents on Northern Fjords.
The above victor will face off against Raft on Battle on the Dunes for the third match of the day.

Paddling and BFS will fight it out on Canyon Ambush for the second match of the day.
The above victor and Brood will share a Duel at Dawn for the fourth match of the day.

The championship match will place the finalists in Paritan Rumble.

Qwerty'll be casting at so make sure you stop on by! Good luck to everybody!

Community Events / "The Cogs" Week 8 Open Qualifier
« on: September 09, 2013, 05:58:20 pm »
Hey all! Info about the open qualifier!

Week 8 is a open qualifier tournament, in which any team in any standing may compete for a position in the week 9 finale. The overall format of this tournament may change dramatically depending on the number of participating teams, though. More details on each season’s Week 8 is posted on the forums in advance. Either three or six teams will advance from Week 8.

All teams are invited to sign up for Week 8. They don't have to have participated in the Cogs previously in order to enter- the roster is open to all! Teams currently in the top four positions(Raft, Brood, Paddling, and Sky Invading Rhinos) don't participate in week 8- they're already qualified for Week 9.

Everyone who is interested needs to give me their roster ASAP in order for me to make the brackets. It is because of this that I will need to be strict with late sign-ups. Friday at 11:59am Eastern will be the cutoff. Friday at noon- eastern time. Any later and clans wouldn't know who or where they were playing the qualifier.

Send me your roster HERE on the forums via a message. That way, I have everything nicely organized and I can't lose anything. Don't comment it, because there's always a chance it could get buried if a conversation takes off.

Week 8 nutshell info:
Positions 1a, 2a, 2b, 2c are all getting into Week 9.
Everyone who wants a chance to play in the grand final needs to sign up for Week 8.
Week 8 will be single elimination.
Brackets will be decided sometime after noon on Friday.

I'll do my best to answer further questions in the comments below. Otherwise, congratulations, Raft, Brood, Paddling, and Sky Invading Rhinos! And good luck to everyone else!

BRACKETS <-- so fancy

The rosters are in, and the brackets were generated.

The Gentlemen and Wolfpack will be the first match of the day, and they'll face off on Battle on the Dunes

The victor of the previous match will go up against Flying Dutchmen in the Northern Fjords

The final match of the day will have Cake and BFS fisticuffs it out on Canyon Ambush

Two winners will come out of Week 8, and they will go on to play in Week 9. Best of luck, everyone!

Community Events / "The Cogs" Week 7
« on: September 04, 2013, 08:22:26 pm »
Hey all of you beautiful people. Cogs info!

First match is NAF vs Newcomer - Canyon Ambush
Second match is Rhinos vs BFS - Duel at Dawn
Third match is Raft vs Brood - Northern Fjords

Short, sweet, and to the point. Good luck, everybody!

Community Events / "The Cogs" Week 6
« on: August 22, 2013, 12:55:05 am »

The first match of the day will be Gentleguard facing off against the Sky Invading Rhinos in Northern Fjords.

In our second match, PaFa will duke it out against Brood in Labyrinth.

The Paddling will defend their spot against the Raft in Canyon Ambush in our last match of the day.

Good luck, guys!

Community Events / "The Cogs" Week 4
« on: August 07, 2013, 05:34:34 pm »
Hey all! Apologies for the skeletal post at the moment- as I get the picture and streamer information, I'll update!

Match 1 has Falconeers vs Merry Men at Dunes
Match 2 has Flying Dutchmen vs BFS in Paritan Rumble
Match 3 has Brood vs Paddling at the Fjords

Good luck!

Community Events / "The Cogs" Week 3
« on: July 24, 2013, 05:10:29 pm »
Welcome to week 3!

The first match of the day will place The Gents against The Flying Dutchmen in Paritian Rumble!

Brood will be facing off against Aurora in Canyon Ambush the next match.

The Paddling will be defending their title from The Raft in Duel at Dawn in the final match of the day!

Stay tuned for information on where it'll be streamed!

Community Events / "The Cogs" Week 2
« on: July 17, 2013, 06:38:18 pm »
Hey all!

Week 2 of the Cogs is underway! There has been a transfer of leadership; I will be leading the organization of the Cogs from this point forward. Swallow will still be around to do things on Saturdays. Let's get this gravy train rolling!

The only thing that is different this week is that we get to have a Match 1! We have a newcomer vs a newcomer! The Falconeers and Aurora Squadron will be facing off in The Labyrinth.

Match 2 will include the winning team from Match 1, and they will face off against Rugged Men in Canyon Ambush!

Match 3 will place Polaris Company against The Raft in Northern Fjords!

Match 4 will be the champion team, The Paddling, defending their title from the challengers Black Flight Squadron in Paritian Rumble!

The matches will be broadcasted at

News and Announcements / 7/13 Lobby Server Down
« on: July 13, 2013, 02:52:58 pm »
Hey all

As of 2:33pm Eastern, there was an issue with the lobby where players were, and still are, unable to connect. We're looking into the problem at the moment, and we're going to then restart the servers to bring everything back online. Apologies for this issue- we'll get this fixed right away!


News and Announcements / Server problems 7/4/13
« on: July 04, 2013, 05:57:01 pm »
Hey all

As of about 4 o'clock EST, there was a problem with the game servers that made players unable to enter matches. We are in the process of fixing it, so don't worry! ETA soon, but it depends on how quick our engineers can whack it with spanners. Further information on the problem will be posted here as we receive it.

Guides / How to captain a ship
« on: May 28, 2013, 02:30:58 am »
How to captain a ship- an overview guide by Cul

Purpose: This guide will outline the position of captain, and how it differs from the three roles on the ship. At the end of this guide, the reader should feel more comfortable with the captain position, and will use its information to lead a crew to its fullest potential. This guide will not cover how to play roles, such as the pilot, nor strategies with specific ships.

Unique captain traits:

1.   The captain picks the ship that the crew will be flying on, as well as the ship’s gun load-out.
The captain has the important responsibility to choose a ship and its load-out, which also means that the captain will pick how the ship will fly best: carronades will make a ship into a close-ranged disabler, field guns for support sniping, and a Gatling/flak combo to be a standard bruiser are a few common examples. As a captain, you should figure out what type of ship is needed for the match, and with allied help, bring a ship that will benefit the team. Blindly playing a favorite ship constantly may yield successes, but being able to adapt against a disabler- or sniper-built ship is needed. Is your ally support-built? Then you should pick a ship with finisher potential. Is your ally a bruiser? You might need to bring a disabler ship to destroy the enemy one ship at a time. Is your enemy a 4-Hwacha Galleon? Bring some field guns and take ‘em out from afar! To view other captain’s ships and load-outs, click the name of their vessel in the lobby.

2.   The captain has access to a unique voice channel for talking to other allied captains.
All captains have access to a special ‘captains only’ voice communication channel (default key C), which is available with the intention to be used to coordinate with other allied captains. Because of the ability to coordinate quickly with another vessel, many captains prefer to be pilots. While it is not required, being a pilot definitely makes communicating and fulfilling maneuvers with other ships quicker.

3.   The captain has use-priority over all manned components.
A captain can walk up to any gun, or the helm, and take away control from a crew member if it is in use. While this trait isn’t central to the position, it is nevertheless important to deal with unresponsive crew members that take a manned component hostage. In an effective crew, this trait will have no use. For general play with patchwork members, this will help you keep some aspect of control in the case of a mutiny at the helm or main gun.

4. The captain is the leader of the group.
This seems to go without saying, but this is an important thing to keep in mind. Before a match starts, a captain should remind the crew what guns are on the ship, and tell the crew what ammo and tools to bring. During the match, the captain should inform the crew as to what is going on, and what he is planning, in order to make sure that they are ready to perform when the opportunity arises. Crew members will look for instruction (such as asking about which enemy to target), so being able to communicate with a crew will benefit the team greatly. To learn how to communicate effectively, go to the following guide by Charon,,196.msg7831.html#top

Example of a good captain:
1.   The captain greets new crewmembers in the lobby and has some sort of conversation with the group about what the game plan is.
2.   The captain is cool-headed in stressful times, and doesn’t lash out at anyone on the team.
3.   The captain is adaptive and changes strategies to confront problems midgame, for example, by trying coordinated attacks with the allied ship.
4.   The captain is aware by knowing what’s going on and gives out that information to the crew. His plans come from the current scenario, instead of solely from past experience.
5.   The captain instructs new players that enter his ship, and helps to bring the inexperienced player(s) up to speed for the coming match.
6.   The captain listens to his crew’s, and changes his strategy accordingly.
7.   The captain is gracious in victory, and humble in defeat. Credit is given when due, and it makes crewmembers want to remain on his ship for another match.
For a community discussion on the topic, go to Kestril’s post:,1119.0.html

Example of a bad captain:
1.   The captain remains silent in text and speech in the lobby, as well as throughout the match. When all of the players return to the lobby, the same captain immediately presses the ready button.
2.   The captain scolds crew members and questions their actions without follow up, nor previous instruction. All blame lies on someone else.
3.   The captain ignores the allied ship and throws his own vessel at the enemy in hopes to come out victorious in a direct confrontation.

What the captain is not:
The captain is not synonymous with pilot. If you are communicating with the other team as a captain, it can be the best choice to also be pilot simply because the pilot has the aerial maneuver tools to keep up with coordination. Through ship manipulation, the pilot also picks targets for the crew, as well as positioning for plans- this is another reason why the position and the role are intertwined so closely. If a ship only plans on using one aerial maneuver tool, it can be fine to pick something other than pilot while at the helm. In a situation like King of the Hill, where there is a lot of camping and ranged confrontations, a ship may benefit from ‘pulling the goalie’ and having someone off of the helm. However, these situations seem to occur more frequently on ships that do not require yaw correction often- such as sniper support. Use caution when using this strategy in closer ranges, because someone, inevitably, will have to be on the helm for maneuvering, and not having the ability to use multiple aerial maneuvers, or being close to the helm, can be a problem. 

The captain is the social figurehead of the crew, and is the one that should be making decisions and calling shots. Your crew will look to you for instruction, so you should always know what is going on, always have a plan in action, and know where everyone on your ship should be working. Be ready and willing to communicate to your allies, as well, because teamwork is OP. Just because your side lost doesn’t mean that the match wasn’t fun, so make it a priority to make it so. The responsibility of being a captain is added onto whatever role you have chosen, so be ready to balance both tasks in the skies ahead.

In the case that I left anything out, too vague in description, or incorrect in information, let me know by posting below. I wrote this guide with the hope that it will evolve with time and become a useful piece of information to curious would-be captains, and, perhaps, unsuccessful ones looking to find out what the problem is.

The Pit / Just something funny
« on: April 13, 2013, 05:07:39 am »
I was chatting with a friend about this game. He doesn't play this game.

Cul: Lots of people love to speculate about adding things to the game
Waffles: hey what if when a ship blew up there was a chance for a part of that ship to land on your than the engineer could attach it to your ship with a blowtorch
Cul: wat
Waffles: do it
Waffles: when you destroy an enemy you can get part of their ship
Cul: thats not how ships work
Cul: wooden ships no less
Waffles: well yeah change it so it does work that way maybe
Waffles: or it could be a possible game mode so people can if they want
Cul: the current popular desire of the game community is to include ship boarding
Waffles: but people will get board of that.... thank you i'll be here all week

Feedback and Suggestions / New Ship Idea - Torpedo
« on: March 29, 2013, 07:58:38 pm »
Another ship idea- yeah yeah, don't judge me.
Once again, I am a terrible drawer, so I used Garry's Mod as a medium. The gun on the front is a light-sized weapon, and the left is medium-sized. The brown block under the Helm is the Hull. Everything else should stand on its own symbol-wise.

The Torpedo is a light ship with the highest top-speed in the game, but has average acceleration and very poor turning power. It has a weak balloon, and a moderate amount of hull health. The two engines on the front act as propellers, while the main engine in the back pushes.

Light-sized front gunner view:
Helm view:
Hull view:
Front engines:
Back engine:

This ship would be used for strong strafing runs and distance-closing maneuvers. Whatdayathink?

Feedback and Suggestions / New Ship Idea - Whale
« on: March 27, 2013, 02:56:19 am »
Here's a ship that looks kind of like a whale. I didn't build it with that intention, but oh well. I built this thing to act like a sturdier, slower Squid that has the ability shoot two guns forward when correctly aimed toward a target.

Apologies in advance for the large amount of pictures. I'm a very visual person, and I suck at drawing. In lieu of that, I decided that the next best thing would to be to make a 3d model in Garry's Mod, right? Because it is Garry's Mod, though, I was restricted to simple parts, and, therefore, was not able to patch many of the holes I made, nor make better representations of systems. The balloon system is pretty easy to catch, as are the engines and the gunning spots. The furnace thing below deck is the hull. I did my best, but it is only a prototype of an idea, so I didn't want to kill myself over less important details.

The rest of the images will have to be clicked on to view, because I always feel bad loading up a post with more than three pictures.

Top deck: rear gun, two turning engines, balloon, helm.
Helm view forward:
Helm view behind:

Bottom deck: Two angled guns, hull, main engine.
Front view:
Interior view 1:
Interior view 2:
Up-the-ramp view:
Top of the ramp, main engine:

I love the Squid, but it always seems to act more like a pest than an actual problem because of its low health and lack of weapon arcs(Unless its a balloon popper, then it only needs one gun on the front, really). With this ship, I wanted the two front guns to be able to shoot at the same target, but still require some proper maneuvers by the pilot. Here's an MS Paint diagram of the front weapon's aiming arcs! Woo!

Behind each of the front gunner's nests is a ladder, which is the only way to get back up to the top deck. Otherwise, its just a quick drop to get to the hull.

Other than that, I don't know what else to explain. Remember that this is only an idea, so feel free to move stuff around or whatever. Feedback, love, and hate are all encouraged~ Thanks.

Русскоязычное сообщество GoIO / Тыц
« on: March 25, 2013, 10:02:48 pm »
Я перевел ваше руководство на английский язык (и это ответ на русский язык), чтобы я мог понять это, и это очень хорошо. Я так много узнал от него, что я, возможно, придется изменить свой стиль игры. Спасибо вам большое!

Feedback and Suggestions / New medium weapon ideas?
« on: March 17, 2013, 10:33:26 pm »
Its always fun to think about new weapons, and everyone's noticed there's only four medium weapons currently... so why not brainstorm for fun?

Trident Medium Harpoon Gun. Single harpoon that has a much stronger lasso effect than its light version. Longer duration, and can reel enemies in with noticeable force. Very long reload.

Lighthouse Medium Flare Gun. Lens flare effect that can obscure the vision of close-to-projectile ships, and has the same effect, albeit much larger, as its light version in smoke. Larger AoE, same damage, longer reload.

Maelstrom Medium Gattling Gun. Wind up time that increases fire rate the longer the trigger is held down. Wide spread, double barrels, larger clip, approximately the same damage per bullet, perhaps less, as the light version.

Orion Medium Rocket Launcher. Quicker fire rate than the light version, slower projectile speed, no projectile drop, large explosive radius, more damage, same clip size, longer reload time.

Basilisk Fang Medium Flamethrower. Smaller clip size, shorter range, smaller AoE, increased fire rate and damage.

Any other ideas?

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