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The Cantina / Polaris Company embassy.
« on: April 25, 2013, 02:14:10 pm »
if you read it for the fist time, try to do it in order, from top to bottom. Just all images are clickable

you are walking down the street and suddenly a beautifull sign catches your eye

you have been walking here before, but that house was abandoned. You are interested about that, and you come closer to the door. Seems that it is locked. You try to push it but nothing happens. Then, you look around and notice 2 buttons near the door. Both of them say "unlock". There is also a little signboard, which says:
"Attention! If you want to come in you have to be smart. One of this buttons will open the door, and one of them will kill you, take it serious. Both of them are saying that they are unlocking the door, but you do not know, is it true or no. Each button can be "truth button" or "liar button". They can also both say truth, or both lie. Now look closely on the left button there. There is a statement, written in small letters, - you read - "At least on of the buttons lies".  Now you should choose the "truth button". Dont forget, that the statement will be wrong if it stays on the liar button.

Finaly, you are inside. You see a big round hall. There is nobody inside. The first thing, that catches you eye is a beautifull sheet on a table. You look closer, its a clan history. (click on the question mark in the hall). You go further. You are in the kitchen. Seems, that recently it was used, but there is no food. Want to cook it for yourself? (click on the question mark in the kitchen). You scream - "anybody here?!" - no answer. You decide to go to the 2nd floor. There is a bedroom. Here is only one bed. You see a little table and a spreadsheet. You read it, there are shifts of clan members to work in embassy, you understand that today is an output for everybody.(click on the question mark in the bedroom). There is only one room left, you are too curious, and can not miss it. You enter the room, it is a parlor. There is also nobody inside. You come closer to chiefs table, and take a calling card. (click on the question mark in the parlor).

Thats all for now :) Thanks 4 reading.

Всем привет! Решил вот перевести страничку на кикстартере с игрой. Перевел достаточно вольно, так что если кто-то заметит смысловые ошибки, не стесняйтесь, отпишитесь мне тут. Так же в этой теме предлагаю обсуждать сам адвенчер мод и все с ним связанное.

Страничка Adventure Mode на кикстартер (оригинал)

Перевод странички на русский.

В данной теме будут выкладываться видео-гайды по игре.
Первый гайд готов, а именно гайд по игре за инженера, на подходе следующие части.

Guns Of Icarus Online [Гайд по инженеру ч.1]-[теоретическая]

Guns Of Icarus Online [Гайд по инженеру ч.2][практическая]

Guns Of Icarus Online [Гайд по стрелку]

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