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The Cantina / Abigail, to You
« on: July 06, 2014, 11:26:03 pm »
My dearest and most beloved Abigail,

Today I received your letter about arriving in the the old desert area. I'm happy to hear you made it there safely, exempting of course the haunted house where you were about to settle for a bite to eat. Tell your mother thank you for keeping you safe from that apparition, though it surprises me that it was her who saved you. Imagination is a strange thing and I can see you herding cattle and wearing a ten gallon hat, riding a horse under the afternoon sun. Of course that age is long gone, but the thought brings a smile to my face and it's all I can do to stay in good spirits. I won't lie, this separation wears heavily on my heart, though it has only been a short while. Tomorrow I have a plan that may allow me to come see you sooner than expected. Remember my father's old airship? I found the engine parts that have been missing for three months and a fair bit of the hull armor from the junkyard rabble, they were using it as a covering for an outhouse! Vermin. The engraving of the name has worn off, but I feel it's high time she earned a new one.

With Love,

Feedback and Suggestions / Effectiveness of the Tutorials
« on: May 22, 2014, 08:04:20 pm »
After watching this video I thought this should be more informative on the state of the beginner tutorials than if I tested them myself, if you were still looking for feedback on them:

By the end of the tutorials it feels like there was a lot that was misunderstood, and a lot was left unexplained

Feedback and Suggestions / Requested Paint Colors
« on: April 28, 2014, 04:20:01 pm »
Hello, Looking through the ship paint colors, I realized I wanted a purple paint for my balloon to go along with the Royal theme, so I made this thread to see if anyone else had any colors they would like to see for ship paints.

Here are the color that I think would be good options:
Steel (metal grey)
Deep Blue

Also, would it be possible to set certain balloon colors and ship names to be loadout specific? Perhaps as an option

Gameplay / What ship is good for me?
« on: November 04, 2013, 04:36:14 pm »
There seems to be a divide among people that prefer brawling ships (and I'm generalizing), those that want powerful ships that can kill very quickly in a matter of seconds, and those that prefer a more reserved style of repositioning and slowly chipping away at their enemy.

I am of the group that finds joy in slowly chipping away at the enemy. I enjoy a prolonged fight because it feels much more rewarding imo if you have to work for each and every kill. I have fought against the other style because to me, insta-killing is not fun for anyone.

HOWEVER, I have come to the realization (forgive me if I'm preaching to the choir) that neither style is better than the other, and just because I find one way more fun doesn't mean everybody else does.

That being said, if the gat-mortar combo stays an insta-kill type of loadout, then I'm okay with that.

But for those of us who want to fly more "give-and-take" types of battles, which is the ship for us? What could our loadout be, and is it solid enough to be used competitively?

I'm asking because all this time I had been trying to fight Gat-Mortar because I felt it was too powerful for my taste, so I flew disabling ships because they don't feel overpowered in my opinion. But as we all know, a disabling ship hardly has the power to kill much of anything unless you're flying at a competitive level already.

The Cantina / Nidhdraca - The Terror Arisen
« on: April 23, 2013, 11:32:38 pm »
"Ah, the name is familiar..." The keeper of the Remnant muttered while pacing back and forth on the ancient marble floor of the library. I eyed the keeper as he pondered, his brow wrinkled and his eyes squinted. He appeared, impossibly, even older than before. A look of surprise flashed on the old man's face and I knew he had answers for my questions, but would he tell me? I was starting to believe that the lonely ship I had found in the wastes was a bad omen. It hadn't been so unsettling before, but I had come to believe that the faint scent in the ships skeletal hull was the scent of blood, and that the subtle, but eerie cry of the wheel as it turned was the scream of a long forgotten soul. The keeper turned to face me at last as he said "In our tongue the name means 'Hostile Dragon'" he turned his gaze to the ground, "the ship you pulled out of the dust and naively fit with a balloon is none other than the ancient terror that decimated thousands of ships in relentless fury. That ship is hungry with anger and fed with death!" A look crossed between shock and embarrassment came over my face. The burning in my cheeks and the sinking in my chest made it difficult to look the keeper in the eye. Prideful as I am, however, and not wanting to look the fool I retorted, "If it flies like anything today, I can handle it." The lights of gas powered chandelier in the middle of the massive domed building seemed to dim and flicker, and the long hanging flags along the walls cast shadows that appeared even darker than before. "Everything has a soul captain," the keeper said with a stern, almost scolding voice, "it wants what I fear you may feed it. You would do well to burn that ship before you fall victim to it yourself."

"In the cold of night,
the fire of its eyes,
the roar of its maw,
shall light the sky,
shall part the wind,
the Terror shall devour once more!
It's wings will alight,
chained no more!
In the cold of night,
beware you who hold the dead seas,
beware you who hide among the clouds,
Nidhdraca turns its gaze upon you,
a Rose in its claws!
A hunger unquenchable!
You will fall to dust,
as it rises to the skies!"
- Fryngemynd Volume 3

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