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Feedback and Suggestions / An Open Letter to the Devs
« on: September 19, 2016, 04:19:19 pm »
An open letter to the Developers,

Dear Muse Games.

      Your game is dying.  Like legit.  How are you still denying this?  Players
online are at a several year low point. That's concerning.  Despite existing to 4 years,
we've dropped to square one.  Now pray tell, how do you manage to ignore this?

       I have a theory.  Devs follow the following method.  Whenever the community wants
one thing, it actually means the want something else.  Community asks for more maps?
Ha, they must mean they want us to nerf the Pyra.  The community wants new guns? L-O-L.
that obviously that means re-scale maps.  The community wants us to fix bugs?  ROFL, that
for sure means add a rocket league game-mode.  The community wants us to fix a broken
game mode [VIP]?  lmao, duh that means we ignore them while we devote all out time
working on a dlc that costs more than the base game.  Honestly devs.  There is a
serious disconnect here. 

      This community is dying.  And alliance once its all patched
and ready to go may be the best game ever made.  That. Wont. Mean. Shit. If people
y'know the ones in the community, stop playing the game.  Then, whose going to play
the dlc?  Aliens? Cyber-powered Monkeys? A pet named steve?  Maybe instead of
declaring you know what's best because you are devs, it may be time to turn to the
community.  We want new maps.  So maybe, give us the tools to make maps, let us
run wild with it, and then we can vote on those in steam, and let you, the devs
implement the ones you fancy.  I mean, hell we could do this with guns, with ships.
And I know what you're thinking. what about balancing all of that. 

      If only we had some sort of balance or dev tool.  We could call it, a Dev-App. Wait... we already
have one of those.  How useful!  This is a community and teamwork fueled game,
so please devs, let the community take a larger stake in it.

A Dedicated Player.

Feedback and Suggestions / The End is inevitable, you will not survive
« on: August 05, 2016, 01:02:19 pm »
I had two ideas for Alliance. 

The first idea:

An unwinnable air supremacy battle.  Endless hordes/waves of death.  Just think about it.  No respawns, enemies come in progressively larger and stronger waves.  The longer you survive, the more points you would earn, and every few rounds, everyone still standing [flying] would get a mild buff.  The crew the lasts the longest on a map could be put on a leaderboard with the total rounds survived.

The second idea:

Land Air combat.  Instead of taking an airship to combat, your crew is placed on a refinery with the goal to hold out until reinforcements arrive. That being the win condition.  It would be a timed survival effort.  The components on said refinery would have to differ of course.  Instead of Hull Armour, it'd just be armour.  Instead of a balloon, it'd be a drill bit that would provide small buffs that would stack over time and that would reset every time it broke.

Just my thoughts on improving the variety in PvE

Feedback and Suggestions / Ships that go BOOM!
« on: April 17, 2016, 08:10:08 pm »
When an airship explodes, there is a lost of chaos.  Shrapnel goes flying, Flaming debris/ gasses are scattered, and an explosive force pushes everything away from the center.

What I propose is that when a ship explodes, it deals damage to everything around, both friendly and hostile.

As the balloon ruptures and burns, it would through fire stacks to everything in a close proximity
As the metal components are thrown everywhere, it would cause shatter and flechette damage in a moderate blast radius
And of course, as the explosion occurs, any ships close to the explosion would be pushed/turned by the force

The biggest thing that i hope with this change is that when a ship explodes in someone's face, there's going to be some collateral damge.

Feedback and Suggestions / A new Game mode
« on: March 01, 2016, 06:57:20 pm »
This idea came to me a while ago, and after some thought, I think it might be pretty cool.  The Basic idea, is that this would be like a fleet and crew's morale in battle, if morale is low enough, a crew will flee (lose) rather than fight.  I think the best way to present it would be in a list.

My proposed Game Mode:

-There are 3-5 continually active points on the map

-The Score Board is Replaced with a Domination Bar the starts split 50/50 red and blue with the extremes of 0/100

-Victory is achieved when A team is losing by a margin of 85/15 for a duration of 45 seconds, and they lose instantly if they drop down to 0 points

-Points are passively gained by holding points, but can be offset if the enemy holds the same number

-Constantly being disabled and damaged would lower a teams morale, and the net disable amount of  red and blue would affect the score

-A team experiencing a rapid string of deaths would see moral drop faster

- If a team holds no points, morale would drop faster

-Killing the enemy's "flag ships" (their most successful killing ship) would provide a moderate boost in morale

This is just my idea to add a game mode, I'm hoping to maybe e-mail the devs this idea, but i wanted to fine tune it here on the forums and get some more opinions on this idea.  Sometimes what i think may be an amazing idea may not be as nice as what it'd really be like.

Feedback and Suggestions / Fully Customizable Ship Components
« on: February 08, 2016, 01:51:18 pm »
I have always loved this game for the ability to customize ship load-outs, but it always struck me as odd, that other than guns, the ships were exactly the same component-wise.  I would like to propose a method to address this.  In ship customization, we add 4 more slots.  A slot for turning engines, main engine, balloon, and hull armour. 

For turning engines a customizable option may be allowing a +/- 25% change in angular acceleration, at the expense/benefit of a +/-25% change maximum angular velocity.   

For main engines a customizable option may be allowing a +/- 25% change in linear acceleration, at the expense/benefit of a +/-25% change maximum linear velocity.   

For balloons a customizable option may be allowing a +/- 25% change in vertical acceleration, at the expense/benefit of a +/-25% change maximum vertical velocity.   

For  hulls a customizable option may be allowing a +/- 25% change in hull armour, at the expense/benefit of a +/-25% change maximum hull health.

The current values would be considered the default values for each component.  Therefore, each component would have 3 settings.

I think this would allow captains to fly more towards their own tuning of their ships.  After all, this is post apocalypse, gone are the ways of standardization, and in are the days of innovation.  Just my thoughts at least, i  would love to hear feedback!

Feedback and Suggestions / A Possible Revision to the clan System
« on: January 30, 2016, 11:30:20 pm »
In Guns of Icarus, being part of a good clan is awesome.  But, the community is really small, and as a result, it is very easy to make friends with almost an entire other clan.  This presents a problem.  Should I ditch my friends in my current clan and join my friends in the other clan, or should I stick with my current clan, and miss out on the other clan?  This isn't a pressing issue, but I feel as though it would be a nice addition to the community to create the ability to join multiple clans, up to 3.  This could be balanced by allowing clan leaders creating a rival clan list, therefore, you could join other clans as you wish, but not your rival clans.  With such a great in-game community, I would love this nice addition.

Feedback and Suggestions / A New Engineer Tool
« on: January 12, 2016, 08:35:33 am »
I always thought, with the more updates this game got, the closer it got to simulating airship combat.  But, i always wondered, even when a pilot retreats to safety, repairs and rebuilds everything, they still cant repair any hull damage.  I always found it somewhat odd that regardless of how many times a component was broken, it could always be repaired with no consequences.  Therefore, i would like to propose a new tool for the engineering class.  This new tool, would repair a small fraction of hull health, at the consequence of a large cooldown time, this would help encourage smart piloting, with their being a greater use to retreat and repairing, rather than suicide tactics.
I was thinking perhaps repairing 75 hull health, at the cost of a 45 second cooldown, in which no other repairs may be made.

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