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Ахой. Этот форум не то чтобы жив. Но. Хочу обратить на существование официального Discord сервера Guns of Icarus!  Теперь и с отделенным русскоязычным каналом  в нем, если по неким причинам вы не хотите спик фром ю харт в основных каналах. 


для доступа к русскоязычному каналу набираем .iam russophone
для доступа к всему остальному серверу нужно еще приписать себя к одной из фракций

Соблюдайте кодекс поведения:
Прочтите его и, если вы согласны его соблюдать, можете выбрать свою фракцию, набрав в любом канале одно из следующих сообщений:
.iam Baronites
.iam Chaladonians
.iam Merchants
.iam Angleans
.iam Yeshans
.iam Arashi

Или же, если вы не принадлежите к фракции, или не желаете принимать участия в делах фракций, наберите следующее:
.iam Independents
Это необходимо сделать перед тем, как вы сможете общаться в #lobbies-of-icarus и других каналах этого сервера.
Обратите внимание на "s" в конце названия роли, если вы наберёте сообщение без неё, бот не сработает.

Если бот оффлайн или не отвечает, попросите о помощи в #help и человек с ролью @Mods или выше выдаст вам роль.

Эта же и быть может более подробная информация в канале правил.

General Discussion / Black list
« on: May 18, 2018, 04:51:59 pm »
Damn, the previous topic is closed. I'll just leave it here.
It would be nice to have a personal black list of players in the interface, not just a list of blocked players. Just a list. The person did absolute nonsense in the match, no communication and everything goes really, really bad. And after match, i need noted him , since this can happen next time, if suddenly I meet him. But putting in block list does not give him any chance to explain in the next lobby, for example, that in the last match his dog played and so everything was so bad.

Feedback and Suggestions / Mount light gun in heavy gun slot.
« on: November 08, 2017, 02:39:27 pm »
What if it would be possible, can it break anything in current balance? It can look strange, why need trade heavy gun for light one, but what if i really want  try for example set light carronade on fore of goldfish to have better bifecta with side gun and little better downward arc. Like more fat and tanky squid. Artemis, hades, lumberjack broadside on galleon, like on magnate but again more tanky? One Merc-Artemis broadside on shike, while keep another Manticore-Gat with normal heavy gun. Or more another build for try found good combo, balance lobby or just for fun.

Feedback and Suggestions / More slots for recommended loadout
« on: September 06, 2017, 07:48:16 pm »
I have strange wishes again, increase slots for recommended loadouts form 3 to 5. For what? For me it about junker and pyra. Junker really versatile, you can't save all favorite variation and pyramidion very easy changed by chain gat/mortar->gat/art->merc/art->etc. Change guns and if you do it in pub lobby, you need quick make reccomended loadouts. And if you will have more pre made loadouts like mallet\spanner\fire tool(or two), mallet\spanner\buff, wrench\buff\fire tool and gunner  all what you need is switch rounds and loadout ready to give to the crew. Now if want switch buff enginner from wrench to mallet\spanner it take a lot of click.

And  another point about self-recommended loadout for pilot. Save it for you ship once and reccomend it to yourself in lobby after switching ship, who need waste time with character screen?

Feedback and Suggestions / Additional slot for spyglass only in pilot tools.
« on: September 02, 2017, 10:31:10 am »
Don't tell me i can take it anytime when i want now, it lie. And it not only about spotting with full AI or slow crew, when you need ask ten time for spot single ship after you see it. Sometime as pilot i really want see what happens far away from me, in sniper battle or when engage big fight after respawn. Game allow to have a lot of information from observe, without huge HUD bar over enemy ship. Do enemy ship hull have hard damage, do his balloon or guns good or broken, do it point to me or away from me, what really enemy ships do an what ally ships do. But pilot, who don't have spyglass and gun zoom often can see only mark on enemy ship and it on map. Need one more slot in pilot tools for spyglass(or rangefinder) only. It don't ruin balanse, don't need big changes, but make game more comfortable.

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