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Feedback and Suggestions / Competitive features
« on: December 21, 2016, 07:15:27 am »
This is a thread about hypothetical features. Mostly because were any of things listed here implemented, it should've happened back in the time the following thread was discussed and now it's a bit too late.,2220.msg38287.html#msg38287

I'm putting this list here just in case someone decided reading it might be entertaining and bring pleasant dreams.

Competitive lobby
- Custom lobby creation has an option to check to create a competitive lobby.
- Spectator on the highest position in spectator ship is the referee.
- The moment last spectator leaves, the lobby no longer has a referee, but it's still a competitive lobby.

Referee position
- Free map choice in lobby
- Kick player action
- Force start match
- In-game actions usable like actions in Practice mode or by commands in chat
- End the match action
- Winner manual choice
- Restart the match action
- Timer features
- Pause features

- Base timer set by referee in the lobby (default value: 20 minutes)
- Match clock visible in match by all players in format "mm:ss/mm:ss"
- Start/stop timer referee (initial state: paused)
- Add 1 minute to the match end time action
- Overtime turn on/off option. Match ends the moment time runs out only if this option is set to 'off' (initial value: off).
- Overtime is visible on the match clock by using red colour.
- Alternative overtime behaviour: if the time runs out while overtime option is set to 'on', value set in lobby by referee is added to the max match time (default value: 3 minutes)
- In case there's no referee timer is automatically set to 'on', overtime remains as it was, default winning conditions (number of kills, first kill advantage)

- Full game pause: no ship or character movement, all effects and actions stopped 'midair'
- Pause on/off referee action
- In case there's no referee game is automatically unpaused.

Examples of special features for special events (fun times)
- Double gravity option
- Triple backward speed option
- Static balloons (races)
- No wind option
- Increased area of effect for mines
- Connected all ships voice chat
- 30 secs god mode after scoring a kill

Feedback and Suggestions / Ship paints
« on: December 20, 2016, 01:00:49 pm »
Add more ship paints.

Additionally two look presets would be welcome. So, for example, players could switch between them if they wanted two different looks for red and blue. But this would require some actual work from muse guys.

Feedback and Suggestions / Second spectator ship
« on: September 28, 2015, 09:14:04 am »
So every lochnagar mine can be recorded.

Feedback and Suggestions / Heavy Clip, Incendiary
« on: September 17, 2015, 07:02:34 am »
Two ammo types that are considered underused.

1. Incendiary

It's very good on carronade (as support gun). It's decent on minelauncher and heavy carronade. It might be used on gatling.

Fix: remove the firing rate penalty. It won't unbalance incendiary carronade, as it's a weapon of opportunity. It's going to make incendiary gatling more viable and makes sense with weapons already dealing fire damage. Don't forget about range penalty, it doesn't unbalance flamethrowers. Could be used effectively on lumberjack too.

2. Heavy clip

Nerfed because of carronades, it's not particularly good anymore. It's still nice in gatling against junkers' hulls, or for disables. It's ok for carronades if we have a gunner and if someone is very desperate, it can be used on flak or banshee. Or flare. But in general it's not useful.

Fix: remove the clip size penalty. Note that it will make it better than standard on almost all guns with recoil (flamer's the exception) but engineers would still probably prefer something with better dps. So not only it's suddenly viable as an alternative in many cases, it also makes gunners more useful and surprisingly, doesn't unbalance ammo types at all.

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