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Website and Forum Issues / Steam & DLC
« on: December 24, 2014, 01:01:14 pm »
Hi GOIO's developers,

Merry Christmas  8)

Sorry for my bad and poor english

I have a GOIO Steam's Edition and now I want to buy the Season's Pass (10$)
When I click to buy it, then redirect me to paypal site, but my answers are:

- How do you know what is my Paypal account? (my GOIO's email is different from PayPal's email)
- When it born, I can download it from Steam (I prefer this solution) or I must download it from another place?
- The DLC (downloaded from another place) are compatible with Steam's Edition (read update issue)?
- There is a possibility to buy this preorder directly from Steam?

Please, talk to me in very simple English :(

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