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So basically I had this little idea in my head for the last 20 or so minutes to share, who do you credit for who you are today in the most awesome game about airships - Airships: Conquer the Skies Battlefield Guns of Icarus. Please keep it as clean as possible.

Archriel - Duh, of course I'd credit the guy, who tought me very basics of what and why with his infinite supplies of patience. Without him, I'd probably be some random scrub loading Hwacha with lochnagar ammo.
Dementio Daniel - The person, who made me run around Mobula quick enough to repair stuff and encouraged to actually communicate with the captain. He stopped being pissed 24/7 with me onboard, so I guess I started doing things right. Most of the time.
JarmenKell - Stealing all of Daniel's patience surely was a lot of fun, was it? It allowed me to make less mistakes and forced to play better than casual scrub.
GurasOguras - A friend and rival for as long as I can remember. Thanks for forcing me to buy this game! I wouldn't meet people on this list without your constant babbling Buy Guns of Icarus! Let's fly together! :3
FredTheFifth - For flying with me long enough to pass the word of my existence to Ryders and supporting me in reaching this goal. Also, wrecking me over and over in XCOM until I've learned something. Yes, I still remember about mauling you to death with a pipe wrench. The object of hate of entire community. :3
Lueosi - For constant blabbing about why *insert anything* is not done properly/quick enough/at all. Christ, how much I hated you for that, but looks like listening to it payed off. Just don't do it again, please.
GeoRmr - Thanks for being an icon of gunner and barrier to pass. Flying with and against you teached me how to shoot accurate and quick enough to outshoot most of people. Why Marauder? Every (...) time! still rings in my ears.
Wundsalz - Your Junker still haunts me in my nightmares, yet forcing me to play with Hades 24/7 until I've started to hit enemies instead of buildings on Paritan was a cancer to me. Thanks for doing that, I'll shoot you to death first chance I get.
Lochnagar - Flied with me using fun builds instead of meta and hard-counters, helped me get some more problematic achievements. Basically someone, who'd kick my sorry ass when having mental breakdown about how bad I shoot.
Hillerton - The charismatic type that would make me do stuff and try to make me not regret doing it. Helped me during hard times with mental health and discussed stuff about the game and catgirls. Just please, do not ever tell me again anything about male cats. Ever.
Ayetach - The friendly guy who's always laughing at stuff and never sounds down. Lifted my spirit more than one or two times. Your moral support, even unintentional, was priceless!
Skrimskraw - To be honest doing silly stuff with you was fun, but talking about sexual intercourses with Guras' sister was filling me with so much anger that I wished nothing but for you to be at the other end of the Hwacha. Thanks for being that target, teached me how to disable ships properly with as little effort as possible using liongun. No hard feelings!
Llamas Unite - For doing silly stuff with me like 1080 noscope ramkills, helping with organisational part of clan and describing everything I need to know about it.
Allien' - Thanks for talking even less than me on Mumble. Because of it my overall lack of communication didn't seem as bad. Awesome shooting, mate!

Of course I can't point out every single randomly met person from lobbies of Icarus, but thanks for having patience when flying with me as a pilot! You rock!

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