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The Lounge / Explain your Username!
« on: June 27, 2015, 06:57:42 am »
I checked through the other topics in this section and saw that no one has done this yet.

So for those of you like me who are super curious, explain your username and if you've had any name changes and why :)

I'll start.

So my original username used to be MissZeldaCraft (yes it makes me cringe so much) which is a mash up of Legend of Zelda and Minecraft, if you couldn't tell :P This name was very quickly made up after I fell in love with Minecraft and my obsession for Zelda games.

But after a while I got bored of it and used my first name change! I then became what most people know me as: Welsh Zelda.

I am Welsh, and totally proud of it, but boy did I underestimated how many sheep jokes I'd be getting. So, after a good half year of being the Welsh Zelda, I finally used my last name change and changed it to just - Zelda -

Your turn :D

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