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The Signal Tower / Surprisingly I am not dead. Just not playing GOIO.
« on: February 02, 2019, 06:29:09 pm »
It's been a while. Seems the forum kind of died out, which is a shame. Then again, I don't think many remember this particular brand of crazy asshole writing this post.

I kind of started to stream last April. It's doing fine. Here's my bloody twitch channel.

I usually stream thursday to sunday after 8 PM CET (GMT+1 or Warsaw time). I stream variety of games, mostly prefering older titles - though newer indie games tend to happen quite often (namely FTL: faster Than Light and Darkest Dungeon).

Not much to say, aside from maybe a warning - I haven't changed. I am still this mad asshole without a filter in either language nor humour.

Oh, and maybe some clips to illustrate the shenanigans of mine:

So I am a bassist (aka The Useless Cunt (and before you go full with a fucking ban-hammer check mr. Glenn Fricker and his channel SpectreSoundStudios for the genesis of that oh-too-true joke)) in a metal band Cygni.

We are slowly getting ready to start playing some gigs, and trying to DIY record stuff.
Yesterday we rushed mixing a song to apply for a festival - purely to screw with our drummer, who doesn't know we applied yet:

Cygni - Grave

There's some other stuff on our band's channel, mainly band practice recording of well, wide variety of quality in both recording and performance.

Also, these vocals were recorded literally yesterday morning in a real hurry
And yes, I know these drums are fucking samples, we either have literally no free time or money for a proper studio, or gear and conditions to record it DIY as the rest

Well I hope you enjoy it. ^^

The Lounge / Am I toxic?
« on: January 30, 2017, 03:47:20 am »
This is a serious question.

Recently I've been hearing about either my apparent toxicity or how insulting I am, an example? Comment section of this video. I could understand bitching at 9/11 joke (that's what I think gave me 5 dislikes), but...

I mean... I... don't understand. ^^ I am, well. A little special. Yes, IN THAT WAY special. So special that military won't even think of drafting me in case of direct siege (they gave me the lowest grade after seeing my papers).

What does being toxic mean anyway, cause as of now I'm getting honestly confused. I always thought I'm giving as fair chance for new people as possible.

I don't get it. :|

Feedback and Suggestions / Disturbing newbies loadouts
« on: September 22, 2016, 05:44:08 am »
Let me remind you all this fragment from my latest video:

As you can see - my first guess was "This motherfucker did not play through the tutorial!!!".
But what is a little disturbing - I've witnessed such loadout used by number of different newish players. And some of them are pretty damn vocal about how awesome it is, and buff being better than Jesus, yadda yadda yadda, thus generally declining the loadout that actually works.

I've played through a new tutorial SOME time ago, and I considered it a well done effort, but... yeah. What I think right know is:

Tutorial might be teaching that buff is awesome, but not putting enough emphasise on the fact it takes a precious tool slot, thus limiting your possibilities in repairing stuff, and that it should be only taken if requested by your captain.

I'm not sure though, because I've played through new tutorial SOME time ago, as already mentioned.

General Discussion / Guess what Valve fucked up recently...
« on: July 23, 2016, 04:12:31 pm »

This sounds eerily... familiar, don't you lads (and ladies) think? :P

The Signal Tower / Schwalbe makes videos. He shouldn't.
« on: June 30, 2016, 01:59:39 pm »
So, some time ago I picked up Sony Vegas, and started making some gameplay vids.

Here's the fresh (and only thus far) GOIO vid:

The rest of them are in Polish, with English subtitles (except for one) provided by myself. Enjoy? I guess? watching me, trying to be funny, to fail miserably.

STALKER: Shadow Of Chernobyl:

The Witcher 1:

Those were my first videos made, so they might be rough on edges, and harsh with their sound. Sorry.
Also. Many Sapkowski's books references.

I wanted to start the thread with the question: "have you ever met THAT guy yelling 'ready up' all over the lobby?".
Then I realised futility of such question - we all do meet such an asshole every single play.

We all know, that this is just plain rude.

Hence an idea: let's make a vault, to which we'll be putting all the insults - the more elaborate/hilarious/brutal/obscene/wrong the better - to answer such pathetic requests.

Let me start with my new invention, that just came to my mind:

" For saying 'Ready up', you should be bend over a knee, with your bloody knickers down, and have yer arse spanked so hard, it turns so red, Mao Zedong calls it 'comrade' "

The Docks / [KNTG] - KNTG Polygon; just boasting, no recruiting
« on: May 27, 2015, 06:15:45 pm »
KNTG Polygon
"It's not a bug - it's a feature!"


We are a small, closed clan, having it's roots in Warsaw University of Technology,
to be more specific - Scientific Society of Game Developers Polygon
(roughly the only translation for the full name that comes to my mind).

Our main targets are having fuckload of fun and sheer slaughter.

As already mentioned, we are closed group of students and game developers - we all know each other,
and fight together; all of those guys were trained in basics and more complicated aspects of the game
by myself - one player at once.
This also means that we do NOT recruit people from outside.

What to expect from a player with [KNTG] clan tag:

- My cogs know basic drill - they still need to train to be efficient,
but they're learning fast,
- My cogs know what tool combination should they use, understand and accept the idea
of tool, ammo and gun efficiency,
- My cogs are being taught how to use meta builds effectively (gat-mortar most likely)
- My cogs understand (mostly) that they MUST communicate with the rest of the crew
and ask captain for orders, hints, whatever,
- My cogs should NOT be underestimated - despite having low levels they are good enough
to fight your ships of so called pathetic "good players"
- They might not be the most polite, but they understand the idea of co-op...
- ...And contrary to most russians I've met in game - they are taught to not use other language than
english in international company
- You can be absolutely certain he will be an intelligent, and good asset.
- And don't be surprised if gunner lvl 12 and less fucks you up with heavy flak shot from 1.5 km.


Leader and Grand Teacher:
Schwalbe vel Wintermute

Gaello, Hordex (Lesser Teacher)

Regular members:

Noob members

Our allies, and partners in combat:
- Super Satanic Squirrels (most notable: Mr.Disaster, alko., Black Sabbath)

And remember:
Most of my clan may play rarely, very rarely, and have low levels; but they are far
more dangerous than regular players their level/matches played.
And when we fly as one crew, you should be really. Fucking.Cautious.

Heed this warning.
And Clear Skies.

The Signal Tower / My very own GOIO videos.
« on: January 02, 2015, 09:37:39 am »
#01: Tactical Analysis Mistake

#02: This Was Clearly a Suicide (subtitles ENG)


The whole playlist:

More to come in the future.
Read descriptions first.

What should one expect:
- Schwalbe's mumbling.
- Schwalbe's trademark lame jokes.
- A helluva lot profanities.

The Lounge / Just some random music you want to recommend.
« on: December 28, 2014, 06:25:46 pm »
I haven't stumbled upon any music topic yet, so I thought I'll start one. Share some music you lads like to listen.

Let me start it, with some model example of sharing.

Band: ZAO
Genre: Metalcore (Christian influenced)
Name of The Song: 5 Year Winter
Why do I like it?:
Because it's the only metalcore band with balls I know, groovy, brutal, passionate. Not like most of so-called metalcore bands, that should read some definitions of the genre they try to exploit before playing something that strays.

Band: ZAO
Genre: Metalcore (this one definitely Christian influenced)
Name of the song: Ravage Ritual
Why do I like it?:
First of all. This is hell of a groove. It's brutal, and yet, containing that mind-fisting melody in background, no, foreground, eating your mind out. Vocals - sickly reverbed.
But the most important - these lyrics. I'm sure you won't understand from ear, find lyrics and take a look at them. It's about hypocrites in chrisitan community.

Band: Obscure Sphinx
Genre: *cough* *cough*, Quoting from their site: "Fuck the genre, listen to the music". It's something between sludge, death-doom with nice dose of atmosphere.
Name of The Song(s): Bleed in Me Pt1 (and Pt2 as well) (by the way, most of my ships are named after this band's songs)
Why do I like it?:
Because I thaw at mercy of sea currents. Awaiting the night - cause the day I couldn't bare.
This. Everything. Makes me. So shapeless. So... woeful. And yet, it's soothing my soul, makes me thaw. Makes me dance, makes me sing, yet, apathetic, Beckettishly motionless.
Their first album is called "Anaesthetic Inhalation Ritual". Many say, that "Ritual" is the key word here. I disagree. It's definitely "Anaesthetic". Go ahead and experience for yourself.

Band: My Dying Bride
Genre: Doom metal
Name of the song: The Wreckage Of My Flesh
Why do I like it?:
Perfectly describes what how I feel recently.

Band: Actually, it's no band. It's a piece of soundtrack from my very favourite CRPG, Arcanum Of Steamworks And Magick Obscura, composed by, I believe, Ben Houghes.
Genre: Classical as fuck
Name of the song: The Demise Of Zephyr (This one is the reason, why I laugh my ass off seeing enemy ship called Zephyr)
Why do I like it?:
As all the Arcanum's OST - fits perfectly to situation, and yet - it's a great piece of art as an independent... song, let's say.

The Lounge / So we decided to take part in 7DFPS Challange...
« on: November 17, 2014, 09:42:50 am »
...(and by "we" I mean - Scientific Society Of Game Developers Polygon [ KNTG Polygon ] ). The rules of the challange were to make a FPS game from scratch in 7 days. We decided to create our game in Unreal Development Kit.

The results?

Well... You can check it out here:

Because we suddenly had numerous problems and issues (problems with configuring repository, which was Perforce, sickness and sudden realisation, that to write small piece of code based on Unreal engine requires analyzing and getting to know, I don't know... 14k lines of code?, and of course - tests at Warsaw University of Technology... fuckload of them), it's rather a prototype so far. For example, we ran out of time, and we didn't have chance to put character models in our game.

We are going to expand this idea, and make our own game about mage fighting each other. One of propositions is to make it rather cooperation team based.

So - what do you guys think about that?

Here are some concepts of our mages:

And model of our mage so far:

(I'm not sure, whether those images will display, as they are on trello's private board...)

General Discussion / "Top" crew members
« on: November 12, 2014, 02:04:37 pm »
OK, sooo there is a topic about top pilots - so I thought we could sit and say some words about crew members, or crews in general, with which it was real fun to play with.

Here's mine:

- Mr.Disaster and his bro alkomaster: I know these guys in real life, we altogether make quite a decent team, and we are something that noob-captains should be very, very afraid of. I mean - our captains. The amount of sarcasm is usually quite unbearable for its target.

- Barlundir: I flown with him about three matches and it was so freaking hilarious (singing along via voice chat "I don't want to set the world on fire" while frying the hell outta enemy ship with flamers).

- LeonXross - this guy is insane captain. He talks a lot, he's funny (imho), and his laughter while playing his freaking full-banshee mobula for the first time, occuring at every salvo... quite creepy. BUT IT WAS SO DAMN FUN. He tends to shout at people, but only when they act retarded, so it's justified.

- Dovah Quinn, rkkboy, Serg Balin: "The noobs not this ship deserves, but noobs this ship needs". I played with them my second or third match I played as pilot, this was their SECOND MATCH in the game, and they were pulled together way better than most of more experienced players I ever met. This guys have my huge respect and it is pity, they - for whatever reason - stopped playing the same time. That's really a pity. Shortly after the reign of my ship Nastiez, spreading terror among new players ended.

- RolandTelcontar: Well, he is skilled player from my country, usually calm and steady. ^^

How about you, lads and ladies? Who are the players you keep in yer kind memories?

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