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General Discussion / Reasons to join Mercantile Guild
« on: May 07, 2017, 04:53:54 pm »
Reasons to join Mercantile Guild: None

Why join Mercantile when you can literally just have 4 contested areas as Arashi or Chaladon.

Mercantile guild perspective, 10 areas to fight over

Arashi League perspective, 4 areas to fight over

I see this as an issue. How will it be addressed? Will this be released "how-it-is" in just a few days? Maybe there should be a limit to how many factions can your faction fight with at the same time?

The Docks / [T.Pr] Predators now recruiting!
« on: March 20, 2016, 06:27:43 pm »

Play together, Hunt together

An Introduction to the Predator Alliance:
Originally formed and founded on the 27th May, 2015, under the name Team Predators, our clan was always spearheaded towards high-level play, with a distinct focus on competitive development and success. The name comes from a characteristic aggressive playstyle, utilizing positioning, flanks and pincer movements. As our clan has grown, we have adopted different ways to play depending on our opponents, but we will always pride ourselves on and prioritize our preference for fast, close-quarters play, sowing as much chaos and panic among our hapless enemies as possible.

Establishing our clan as a part of the lore in the world of Guns of Icarus has not been a priority for us as of yet. Due to our style of play, we view ourselves as a mercenary guild, serving the highest bidder and ourselves, owing no concrete allegiance to any of the sovereign powers already established. As this is still very open, we welcome any creative individuals with an interest in world building and lore to propose any ideas they have to expand on this.

As of the 26th of July, 2015, Team Predators were ready to begin their first independent hunt as a full team of 2 ships during the Sunday Community Skirmish #61. Only 2 months after, by the 31st of October of the same year, we achieved our greatest success and landed second place in the Blood & Brass Battle Royale - The 2015 season's major competitive event - while still being relatively new to the the scene and rubbing shoulders with some of the more prolific clans. This, on top of numerous wins in the Sunday Community Skirmish, has led us to a confidence in our abilities.

As of today, we consider ourselves as bringing a variety of different game experiences to the table, culminating in a strong understanding of the game's mechanics and strategy, however, this isn't to say we are elitist by any stretch of the imagination. Take a look below to see what it takes to be a Predator, you may be surprised!

What We Look for in Our Recruits:
Despite our pride in our accomplishments thus far, we are very welcoming to new players. Our choices in applicants are based on personality alone, and even our most veteran players are still developing their skill sets. After all, abilities can be developed and honed, whereas personality cannot. We view the game as having no particular end point and always strive for improvement wherever we can. This means we have no distinct minimum match count or level for our applicants, so even if you just got the game yesterday, we would love to hear from you!

We foster a friendly atmosphere as we play, hoping not only to garner success, but also to have a blast while doing so. If you feel your personal philosophy lines up with our own, then why not drop us a line? You sound like you might be exactly what we are looking for. Additionally, while our clan was founded to create a small clique of players heavily focused on competitive success, we have recently made the decision to open a casual branch, renaming our clan from Team Predators to The Predator Alliance. This means that, even if you don't really have eyes on joining in with the competitive community just yet, you are more than likely to have a place with us. If you do have an interest in developing your play to a competitive level, we have clan members with the drive to teach and ability to do so, through pub play or involvement with scrimmages against other clans. Newer accepted members will begin as part of the casual branch, but, with a willingness to learn and show of commitment, our officers may recommend you to become part of our competitive roster; the official "Team Predators".

It's not all about Guns of Icarus, though. We are friends as much as we are teammates and often play other games together, including Team Fortress 2, Cards Against Humanity, Tabletop Simulator and pretty much any other game that we share in our steam libraries.

What We Provide:
Predators Mumble:
We have a dedicated Mumble server with an expandable amount of slots and a high bandwidth rate. Mumble is very popular VoIP communication program which functions properly under every OS and is highly customizable. Any difficulty organizing your preferred settings will be quickly dealt with by members with experience. We host as well our own website with a forum accessible by members where we discuss tactics, organize roster for events and plan our future clan development. Everyone is permitted to participate, no matter if you're with us for fun or for serious play, and our mumble is always at your disposal, for Guns of Icarus or anything else you feel like playing.

Great Social interaction:
As stated, we are friends as much as we are teammates. The most important part of the Predators experience is to have some fun with awesome people. We often play pubs or hang out in other games. Many of our members are looking for a good laugh and it takes little time, if any, to join in that experience.

A great introduction to competitive play and development of skills:
If you choose to join our competitive team you'll have opportunity to train regularly and learn advanced tactics and the highest level of play for your favorite class, and even that of other classes by proxy. Our team includes many teachers and veterans of a variety classes and specializations which will help you find the best spot for you in the team and show you anything from the very basics to perfection of your play (did you know you can hit the main engine on the Pyramidion from underneath?). If you join, you won't be made to sit on a bench while others are playing - we wish to expand our competitive roster with dedicated members. A mix of our willingness to teach and faith in our ability to do so means that we are one of the better clans to break into the competitive scene, all while having fun and succeeding.

We would like to inform you that we host a trial period lasting an average time of 2 weeks, during which we will play with you and see if you are nice, friendly and willing to improve and cooperate. It's not as ominous as it sounds, tough. During this time we tend to just hang out and play the game regularly. You will be listed in our clan in game during this time and will be invited to the steam group and our website once this is over and you are accepted.

Being part of our clan is more than just wearing a clantag in front of your name - We are an active clan of dedicated individuals with a presence in the game's community. Therefore we have requirements of recruits and members, as listed below:
  • We do not wish to have our members list inflated by people without an interest in the game. If you are absent from the game for thirty days, and have not given a reason for your absence, one of our officers will contact you asking your whereabouts. If a response is not received within the next week, you will be removed from the clan and notified of this decision. In spite of this, we understand that life is sometimes unpredictable, so if you return to the game after this decision, don't panic! All you need do is contact an officer and explain your situation, and we will happily reinstate your membership fully.
  • Most of our members are European (GMT & GMT+1). It is highly desirable to be able to play during the evening in these time zones. This is not essential, but if you have a palpable time difference to the majority playing within our clan, please carefully consider whether you will be able to join in regularly, especially if you are interested in competitive events and practice.
  • You must be at least 16 years old. This may be overlooked if you show the same level of integrity often attributed to older players. Do so, and you will receive a recommendation from one of our officers. We will not take any members below the age of 13.
  • You must be able to run the Mumble VoIP client and be able to communicate in English with a microphone.
  • We also require that all members submit Steam details so you may be added to our Steam group.
  • Players who are open-minded and don't mind a little dry humor will definitely fit in well.
Have any more questions?

Our leading members are at your disposal for any queries you may have. We are easiest to contact on Steam, but you may also wish to find us in game or on the forums. Steam details can be found below.

Clan Leader: GurasOguras
Officer of Recruitment, Training and Moderation: Newbluud

If you feel interested and would like to get to know us better, please proceed to application form and tell us something about yourself.

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