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The Docks / [ƬɌ] Team Rocket Blasting Off Again!
« on: April 28, 2016, 06:42:21 pm »
Team Rocket!
Now Accepting Members

Now Hiring!

ALL brigands, outlaws, knaves, pirates, robbers, highwaymen, ne'erdowells, desperados, criminals, vigilantes, thieves, bandits, raiders, plunderers, hijackers, men-at-arms, users, abusers, Musers, marauders, racketeers, villains, hooligans, crooks, fugitives and other pariah

WANTED to steal, swipe, pilfer, kidnap, abduct, loot, plunder, ransack, purloin, confiscate, appropriate, rip off or otherwise theive or obtain illegal possession of

AIRSHIPS but also accepting zeppelins, blimps, dirigibles, hot-air balloons, both lighter- and heavier-than-air craft including but not limited to flying machines, gliders, helicopters, choppers, airbuses, airliners, flying saucers, jets, stealth craft and kites.

Leaders: TheAngryMango, TerrorDance

Officers: Gazorpazorpfield, Cavalcante, Rafe-Winter

Goals: To form a group of friends who play Guns of Icarus Online, both together and separately, with a united mission:
      To protect the world from devastation,
      To unite all people within our nation,
      To denounce the evil of truth and love,
      To extend our reach to the stars of above,

      Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light!
      Surrender now or prepare to fight!

In all seriousness: we enjoy playing together because we are a light-hearted, entertaining group who play the game for the love of it. We have members from around the world and play at various hours of the day, but are mainly stationed in the United States and play evenings. We are semi-competitive and help all our members to improve their knowledge, mechanics, and game sense while playing, encouraging growth from all members in-game, but above all value good sportsmanship. Be gracious in both victory and loss, and strive to improve your skill regardless of the outcome. That's the Team Rocket way.

To Apply: just try to play with one of our officers, demonstrate your skill and your willingness to learn, and express your interest in joining. It's as simple as that! We're primarily a group of friends who play together, not a banner-waving clan.

Thanks for your time, Guns. Team Rocket will see you in the skies!

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