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World / GoIO Animals
« on: November 24, 2014, 09:42:56 pm »
Okay, so we all know the mystical Skywhale totally exists. That is out of the question. What is up for grabs though is what other kinds of animals are out there. Make one up and slap a description on it to see what else lives in the world of Guns of Icarus.

To get some gears started:

Dust Gull

A bird often found circling in flock around the areas of the dunes, this particular species has special coating on their feathers and eyes that allow them to be able to fly through duststorms without significant injury by sand. Although they have been proven to eat off of the occasional berry or herb, they are most notable for their recent record of eating the bodies of the crashed ship. Many a crew have noticed a formation of these birds flying in wake of a pirate in his attempt to hide, and have consequently blown it out of the sky, providing more food for the hungry creatures.

Feedback and Suggestions / Feedback Debate
« on: November 21, 2014, 12:11:09 pm »
Lots of people have their own opinions on game mechanics and will defend them to the death, so I decided to see if we could find anything in arguments.

What ship is the most powerful? Yes, this includes what weapons it's using.

World / Tool Cooldown
« on: November 18, 2014, 04:30:06 pm »
Everybody knows that if you're sitting on the balloon whacking it with a mallet is stupid, and not worth any true airman's time. (*ahem* powder monkeys *ahem) However, what not everyone knows is why.

How does the cooldown time work in Guns of Icarus? And why is it there?

Website and Forum Issues / See sent messages
« on: November 14, 2014, 11:54:05 am »
This doesn't improve the game at all, but on the Forums I'm trying to see a message where I asked about the Aerodome, and I can't see it. Can we add a function that allows you to see the message you sent to other people?

The Cantina / Sometimes, you don't. -Story
« on: September 26, 2014, 10:18:25 am »
It's amazing what boredom can do to you. I had way too long of a bus ride halfway across a state, and I started thinking. When I get hit with moments of boredom, I'll continue the story.


RedRoach: You know, when I last remember telling you "We needed more explosives" I meant explosives, not these tiny little firecrackers.
Merchant: They're high power shells from a mortar than can easily punch through hulls, what more do you-
Merchant: Bu-But sir, we don't have those in stock-
RedRoach: Screw it, I'll go dumpster diving. Man, when traders are so unreliable that you can find better stuff in a trash can right next to his stand.

The scavenger twirled around on the  tip of his crusted shoe in mock disgust, and left the merchant at a loss for words. As he walked away he looked at all his other potential sellers. Rich folk with men to work for them, all of them idiots who couldn't manage a brawl for their lives, but only for their money.  He went over to the nearest bar, to find something to distract him until he could actually get this prank setup properly with some real boom.

RedRoach: *throwing open doors and using a mocking voice* Gooooood day fine gentlemen, I heard there was booze in this establishment and have come to enlighten you in the use of the liquid of life!

Several people in the bar mutter to themselves, the barkeep looks like he's about to pull a revolver from under the table, and a mercenary eyes him warily from the table.

RedRoach: *calmly walking towards table* You see, you need to  drink in a most proper manner. A bottle of water please!
Barkeep: You don't need to go to a bar to drink water. That's what the toilet is for. Idiots like you.
RedRoach: Excuse me sir, but in fact it is the sink for which idiots like me drink from. I am simply teaching you how to drink properly!
Barkeep: Forget it. I'm not wasting drinks on you.
RedRoach: You dastardly fiend!

Snickers resonate from everywhere within the bar. It is true in it's own right, what idiot could possibly try to get a drink like that? Snapping out of his faked stupor, RedRoach gets up and walks around the room. He has attracted everyone's attention in the bar, and, unaware, he is the sole focus as he looks at the walls. The scavenger then spies a picture of what appears to be a faded picture of a cavern near several burning airships tacked near a small notice.

RedRoach: *normal voice* What's this beauty of a place? "Remember to send merc crew here to remove traces of involment,"? Where do I go to see that?
Mercenary: That's a job notice, not a postcard. And besides, the job is none of your buisness.
RedRoach: Yeah, the job may be above me, but no payment is below me. What are you doing then, this job?
Mercenary: I'm not allowed to disclose my client's information.
RedRoach: And I'm going to assume your client only pays you about 3 bottles of moonshine, considering you're at a bar.
Mercenary: No, he's paying us in several solid bars of tungsten. Then again, you wouldn't know what those are.
RedRoach: Okay, I don't know what tungsten is. But I do know that it's a particularly stronger metal than say, brass or iron. And that it makes great bullets. And that it's incredibly dense. And that stuff like that could be used to make some nice additions to a revolver. And that-
Mercenary: Fine, you know what it is. But still, the job isn't any of your business.
RedRoach: That is indeed correct. But the place, come on, let me see that place-
Mercenary: *stands up unholstering pistol* You know, you're being way too intrusive for your own good. You need to be taken care of.
RedRoach: *eyeing gun, and trying to identify flaws in it* And you're going to take care of me by renting me a room and some drinks? Possible a new ship?
Mercenary: *raises pistol* You have anything to say before nobody remembers you?
RedRoach: *quickly snapping up his revolver* Chamber your gun first.

Both people pull their triggers. One person is faster than the other, however he's made a mistake that cost him his life. A bullet not chambered is a bullet not fired, and a bullet not fired in a standoff means death.  The mercenary falls. The other patrons of the bar, though shocked at the gunfire, slowly settle down again. RedRoach slowly walks out to the bar, and kneels down to his victim, now checking for any pieces of parchment that that signal a location, or at least a gathering. There's nothing of the sort.

RedRoach: For the love of the Dust, you need to have more than just bullets and guns. Wait... mercs mark themselves... where would one mark his profession... please not the lower waist... There!

Shifting leather and the occasional iron plate has found a small mark, a spider surrounded by bones on the grip of his pistol.  Standard "Don't mess with me" icons. But at least, that gives identity. Unfortunately, icons depicting "Don't mess with me" are so absurdly common nowadays. People in the hitman industry would be required to actually figure out who hired this guy. Rising from the ground with this new trail, he turns to face the door. Except it's open with a few troops looking at him.

RedRoach: 'sis okay, we just had a small, erm.. *glances at barkeep, who is giving a blank stare* misuderstanding.  Not much. He'll... uh he'll live with proper... medical treatment?
Soldier: Good. You're coming with us for now.
RedRoach: Yeah... *feigning knowledge* for you know... what is it called again? Can you remind me what it is? I think i had too many drinks.
Soldier 2: The job? Did you forget it already?
RedRoach: Job? What... *glances down at the pistol in his hands, which STILL has the mercenary insignia on it* Oh, that one. Man, I'm out of it. Wait up guys, I'm coming!

Rushing to join his new "allies", the scavenger takes a glance at the barkeep for the last time. He gives a slight nod of acknowledgement towards his shifty move. The scavenger gives a grin back, then slides back into the light to see where the others are leading him.

The Cantina / Sub-Character Stories
« on: June 17, 2014, 10:51:11 pm »
I saw the original "Character Stories" thread and began thinking about the characters that people sometimes create and role play as every now and then, to liven up discussion with their own character. These stories are aimed at certain characters that you RP as, but aren't actually here on the forums (to my knowledge). Maybe it's some side characters that are free-lance pirates,  maybe it's a newlywed pair who run a bar, I don't know. The only rule of the thread is that the said character can't share your forum name. I'll put in my contribution towards a side character I had in mind to be in contact with my own.

You know that chill you get when you feel like something's off, but everything seems normal? That shiver down your spine while sitting in an impenetrable bunker? There's a guy who is that feeling, carrying an entire snow-white suit and blood-red tie, sporting an equally classy and white bowler hat, crisp glasses, and an incredibly calm composition towards everything, keeping everything in mind. That man has been responsible for many a notable merchant or pilot's untimely "accident", and keeping himself clean every time. He always carries around a sharp cracking revolver, trying to stay in suit of his... well... suit. Always selling his skills to the highest bidder, this dapper mercenary continuously runs into targets with bigger guns than him, and every time he has cleaned them out with the simple quiet sound he's notorious for, one that if anyone hears at all, they would already be dead. The quiet *twip* from his silenced guns.

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