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Feedback and Suggestions / AI Mapping / Component Prioritization
« on: March 17, 2018, 02:52:03 pm »
This is a big idea, and can't be easily employed

As a programmer, I'd like to see the Objects on the Ship be able to get "sectioned off" for the AI / Player. 

I'd like for you to imagine this as almost a "recommended area" sort of thing. 

The Captain does all the wire-framing themselves, think of it like Loadout Recommendations, in the Ship Editor; but for Components to Keep an Eye on.  This would require the introduction of a new menu, of course, but I honestly feel it has a lot of promise.

The most simple and basic functionality I am trying to suggest here is that you could Recommend a Player (or designate the AI)  to shoot a SPECIFIC gun, like, Port Side Middle on crusader.  And let's take it a step further and add "Hull" to that to-do list.  The AI would then negate just about everything else and only fix hull and fix / shoot port middle gun.  If it's a player, obviously you can't suggest them to "disable Free-Will," but at the very least, it's a way to communicate to a new player "what they should be doing." 

In the Ship View, the recommended components would almost "glow" a little with an outline. 

This is my "biggest" recommendation to the game I've ever come up with, and it's sort of just been in the back of my head for years now... 

Thoughts / input is welcome.

inb4 "this is redundant, people just need to learn to play / you just need to communicate with the other players"
please note, once more, the "glow" functionality.  This is for the game's current state, of "barely alive."  to ease the frustration of having truly absent-minded crewmen.   and to give a bit more "nudge in the right direction" for the noobs who have no idea what you mean by "No, not that Hull, the other hull.  the balloon.  dude it's right next to you.  omg.  why.  why God, have you forsaken us" etc

[CHP] Lucar the Unliving

Feedback and Suggestions / PVE: Bosses Have TOO MUCH Mobility
« on: March 17, 2018, 02:43:18 pm »
Don't care about PvE? 
This is not the Thread for You, then!  Off with you!

Care about PvE?
I find the Boss is too Agile.  Faster than any ship in the game in every single way.  This needs to stop.  How are we supposed to "tactfully" fly around boss' gun placements if, 90% of the time, it will keep you right on it's nose?

I find this to be especially true for the Baronite Boss.  As soon as that rocket barrage hits, you're F#*^&ING DISABLED TOO
Manage to get your engines back online?  Cool.  Just in time for ANOTHER BARRAGE!  rinse and repeat til you're dead. 

 Am I the only player with this general thought? 

Share your own opinions below. 
(If you're a dick maybe keep your comments to yourself, though).

[CHP] Lucar the Unliving

Feedback and Suggestions / The DOT!!!!11
« on: November 12, 2014, 07:00:12 pm »

I'm not sure if this has been suggested before or not, but if it is, I guess this is a bump of sorts.

I love to play the game in Third-Person mode.  While Piloting, especially, or otherwise.  I feel it gives me a bit of extra FOV, and that could very well just be a placebo effect, but that's not the point.

My suggestion here, is that I would love to still have the DOT, or crosshair, present on my screen even while I'm in third person.
I have no problems aiming at components or flying a ship while in third person, but my main complaint here is that, while piloting, I don't have that DOT to allow me to B my targets.  It makes it difficult in this new day where there are tons of new players, and simply saying "SHOOT THE GOLDFISH!", or, "SHOOT THE TARGET THAT'S A BIT HIGHER UP!", or even, "NO, NOT THAT SHIP, THE OTHER ONE!  WT#$&@!!!" doesn't work. 
I hate having to switch back and forth from Third Person to First Person just so I can tag a target, to let my crew know that I mean business.  I wish I still had a dot so I could simply do it in Third Person. 

this would also have a huge impact on making AI shoot at the correct target, while in Third-Person view.

As it stands, while in third person, I have to just randomly hit B while twitch-aiming at a target until it finally registers.  However, with a dot, that problem would disappear.

I don't know how many other people are on my side here, but this is just a personal suggestion; I think it'd be a good idea.  I think that Third Person is the master race for this game, but that lack of crosshair is very disarming, in my honest opinion.

Either way, I'm really loving the improvements being made to the game thus far, and I'd like to give kudos to Muse for doing such a great job trying to keep the game balanced and fresh, even for the old vets, and myself. 


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