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Q&A / 'Landing mechanic'?
« on: October 22, 2013, 05:12:12 am »
Heya all, I have been browsing the forum a bit and came across this post:

In terms of Island maps, that would be rather nice to look at, but from a gameplay view they wouldn't work too well- far too open, and you couldn't drop people into the terrain due to the 'landing' mechanic that's present when you hit water.

My question being: What kind of landing mechanic is Wazulu talking about? I admit it's easy for me to get the answer: start a game myself and just test, see what happens! However, since I don't really have the wonderful opportunity to do some !!science!! for a few days, I wonder what happens!
Logically, the ship would be degraded to a measly nautical ship; or is this a faulty assumption?

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