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The Gallery / Drunks of Icarus
« on: February 04, 2018, 02:02:35 am »

This is what I get for driving the drunk shuttle.

Feedback and Suggestions / Extinguishing the most critical component
« on: November 03, 2017, 11:01:34 pm »
This is the most important feature request you have ever received.

The helm should glow blue when extinguished. Even for a split moment. This will achieve two very important things:
  • Deliver unto me great happiness
  • Literally nothing else
This is mission-critical.

Feedback and Suggestions / Is world conquest fun?
« on: October 30, 2017, 01:39:54 pm »
I don't know about you guys, but I'm completely and utterly disappointed in the whole "World" aspect of the game. Turning colored blobs into other colored blobs does not engage me, especially when it has no (no, right?) impact on the game proper. If I'm gonna get bux from playing the game, it should at least go into something impactful and that encourages you to do well.

As-is I have absolutely no reason to spend my winnings. I can't be assed if it doesn't affect me.

And while my complaint is about the complete feature, if I'm to look deeper inside of it:

Even if I do partake in the conquest "minigame," I still feel like I'm doing jack about nothing. My contribution of points means practically nothing. There's no feedback to spending points, or funding a location. My bux just go into a pot that's way too large for me to feel useful contributing to, thus I abstain.

Is there any way to rejigger this facet of the game to - for lack of a better term - mean something? I'd like to discuss how you find this fun, or what you would change in order to make it so.

Gameplay / Failsafe
« on: August 01, 2017, 12:10:14 pm »
Now that Alliance has been out long enough to fully acquaint myself with the new tools, I've become very fond of the Failsafe Kit.

I most often utilize Failsafe as a replacement for the Spanner (so typically that means Mallet, Failsafe, Ext/Chem), which I find does not affect my play-style very much at all. As head engineer, it allows me to act both preemptively and reactively. Preemptive in that I can slap a gweebo on most everything before combat, or reactively to repair low-pressure damage (>50% HP). It has also been HUGE for when the pilot needs to abuse the engines, because I can prep them beforehand and continue onto other things.

Since I already have Chem cycles and Spanner strats in my head, adjusting to the Failsafe was an absolute no-brainer.

The largest risk that Failsafe poses is a gradual health recovery over an instant one, and that it has less rebuild power than Spanner. Both are easily addressed by playing preemptively, Mallet, utilizing the rebuild special, and collaborating with the rest of the crew. I've never had regrets bringing it over the Spanner for ANY match, that's for sure.

What do you think? Praise and gripes? Success stories? FAILURE stories?

As well... I think about the possibility of incorporating the Failsafe into PVP a lot these days. With some adjustment, it certainly appears to be a viable addition.

The drop-down selection bar that allows you to filter lobbies in the match list is incredibly confusing to use. It has been designed such that it is not immediately apparent which variable the drop-down pertains to until you click it to make a selection. A majority of them display only the word "All," so I must click on each and every one until I land on the one I actually want. This is compounded by how densely packed the drop-downs are arranged horizontally - it means I often can't even read my selection unless the drop-down is actively clicked open.

It is incredibly important when designing hidden or nested options to provide adequate DESIGN ALLOWANCES which indicate how the feature functions before users attempt to utilize it. A user typically maintains a finite tolerance for risk-taking before disregarding confusing features. While this may not affect long-term users by the time memory kicks in, it still lingers as an annoyance for those who only wish to filter matches every now and then.

My suggestion: It is a common design decision to include what the drop-down is for within the default position that the drop-down displays, e.g. "All Matches," which opens the options "Public Matches" and "Private Matches."

As it is now, I'm never really sure which "All" I'm supposed to be clicking in order to achieve what I need. A "title" would pull more specific language from behind the veil of a drop-down.

This is not a design hiccup which affects gameplay at large, but considering it's largely just text, it doesn't seem very complicated to bring up.

Feedback and Suggestions / Match ends are jarring
« on: June 07, 2017, 11:20:55 am »
When the final kill is successfully completed to bring about the end of the match, the Victory/Defeat screen comes in far too quickly.

It seems that the millisecond the ship is destroyed, you're yanked out of the match and into the result screen. This makes it jarring and often even confusing, since you don't even get to see the ship debris for context. This is amplified when the match ends in a brawl at 4 - 4 and nobody has ANY idea who won right when it finishes.

The suggestion seems simple: extend the match view for even one or two seconds so that we can SEE who gets destroyed. Even just a glimpse should be enough to assign context. As it is now, it's simply unpleasant and opens up the door for confusing situations.

Gameplay / Exclusively using Burst in the Heavy Hwatcha?
« on: January 18, 2017, 09:14:13 am »
I've been witnessing a lot of captains/crew mates insist that Burst ammunition is in fact the ONLY ammunition type that ought to be used in the Manticore Heavy Hwatcha. While I typically agree, especially at medium/close combat, I have to say that I completely disagree with this assertion, and that it holds the Manticore back from its full potential.

If I am running Engineer and expect to man a Hwatcha, I will ALWAYS take Burst. However, when playing as a Gunner and can afford the ammo slot, I will typically run Burst/Heavy Clip. It's amazing how many middle-high level players have straight-up scoffed at this notion, insisting that if you're not shooting Burst, get off the gun, get off the ship, log off, uninstall.

Why is this the case? Heavy Clip shots maintain their grouping for a considerable distance when volleyed from a reasonably stable platform, which has been invaluable for standing ground against middle-long range vessels, approaching brawlers, and special circumstances. Yes, you don't get as many rounds, and you don't get the AoE boost, but a crack shot will be pulling Engineers and Gunners off their jobs, and will possibly spook the Captain for the Burst volley that'll come if they get any closer. Especially at range, this warning shot is basically "free money" considering the reload time of the weapon. Why there are Captains that prefer one volley over two, I will truly never understand.

Am I just on the wrong end of a Captain issuing a blanket recommendation? What's going on here?

The Gallery / Certainly a strange encouner
« on: April 13, 2014, 11:56:35 pm »

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