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Gameplay / Junker viability and builds
« on: August 22, 2014, 10:56:27 am »
So i fly a Junker.  Always have, slways will.  The new flamer changes have changed the game however.  Where i had my gat gunner take greased rounds before, i have them taking incendiary and where i had a merc up front i take a flamer.  My entire Paritan rumble strst went from front cara, gat/flak broadside, to flamer front cara/flamer broadside.  When engagements are made with flamer gst/flak build i actually aim for trifecta.  Fire damage has gotten totally out of hand and i'm not sure how it needs to be changed, but fire is meta and everything else is support...  I don't even want to discuss the chem spray right now either.  5 seconds of hoping against hope and i almost feel like the ext is better.

The Cantina / Musings of a freightor captain
« on: January 25, 2014, 08:27:56 pm »
Seems the hunters have forgotten that the Helrich Versorger is fit to brawl Pyramidion class war decks.  I know the bounties stack in states we no longer serve but it's not like we don't fly alone.  The Ramming Rabbit remains a constant view off our starboard and she's a brawler too.  In any event, these Mobula class war decks seem to pop up more often than ever and they are oft backed by pyras or galleons.  Never lost a brawl with a galleon yet even with a full cargo and Mobs don't concern me either.  It's when we run into two pyras is when things get tense, but we tend to pull through.  Lost a few good engineers a couple weeks ago to a ramming charge so a new hire may be in the works.  Having to pay rediculous ammounts for an engi that we find on the docks to find out they can't overdrive a gun or put out a fire really grinds my gears...

Anyway, the usual crew undocked and we set course towards the ruins, fastes route after all.  Someone sold us off because as we pulled over the ruins we saw two pyras rise up out of the rubble as fog rolled past.  We hoped they didn't see us as we crawled our engines and sank.  We skirted nearly aground to avoid detection.  I had a feeling something was wrong though.  You never really notice how loud a Junker class freightor is until you're trying to keep hush.

The flare came under the balloon and nearly hit me in the face as it exploded 20 yard off sttarbaord beam.  I called out, "Fire it up!  Port guns, overdrive the engines, i seneing!  The Rabbit stayed low and circled around a building ahead.  We rose up on full ahead as we saw the enemy pyra ram the rabbit.  I turned the engines full astern and swung hard starboard.  As soon as my port guns could bear they fired hard.  The rabbit flew out full ahead and turned her front guns on the pyra.  We got a good kill shot on the engine and watched as it's ramming head crashed into the building.  We got high enough and skirted over the Pyra.  We came around into a tight spot between two buildings and that's when the other Pyra came down behind us.

Sophia looked at me, her Rabbit was nearly bones and I made the call.  "Runner formation!  We need to go.  Neers on engines, I've got balloon, full ahead and carasene.  The rabbit turned hard.port and faced her front guns at our persuers.  She ran backwards at full and her gunners fired flak on the enemy decks as her gattling tapped of to assist.  We manage our out, but we lost some good crew...

Feedback and Suggestions / Ranked Matches idea
« on: January 22, 2014, 05:13:49 am »
I was thinking about this game and it's ESport potential.  I've seen the casts and enjoy a good portion of the casters themselves.  Clans are rising and so on and so forth.

As a semi decent pilot [though that may seem contradictory given the next statement] who flies a very standard brawler on my junker, I'd like to know where I actually stand.  So, with that in mind, here is my idea.

I've played the starcraft games since Brood War and I love the separation between ranked and un-ranked matches.  So, keep the set up as it is.  Get a group together, find a match, fight whomever enters the lobby.  Then, set up a ranked match system.  A separate, system that tracks progress through points.  Wins and losses gain and lose points respectively.  The difference in rank between the winner and the loser would be taken into consideration as well. Someone who is ranked really high would generate more points if defeated by a lower ranked member.  Pretty straight forward.  Also, have leagues. 

You can set up a duel league system.  For example, create a legitimate Clan system.  When you fight with clan members, your clan itself will gain and lose points and your individual score will also change.  I can add more details if necessary, but I think this covers the basics.

The Cantina / Harsh trip over Firnfield
« on: January 21, 2014, 02:05:54 am »
We undocked the E.S. Gerwaltiger Top today.  The cargo was fresh grains, pork, salt brine, and a heavy load of Gold and other various precious metals.  As always, I enlisted my most trustworthy contract help in a Pyramidion pilot that goes by the name of Sophia Slam.  We set out and slowed our approach over Firnfield.  I decided to lob a flare into the clouds and caught a silhouette of a Galleon.  We waited to see what would happen from there.

We heard the shot ring out from it's Merc and Sophia and her crew led the charge.  She went full ahead in ramming formation as we drew our Junker a curved line to bring our port side guns into baring.  Out of the cloud flew a massive Mobula.  These ships were fitted to the teeth as the shots rang out.  My gunners got on point as Sophia slammed her Pyramidion into the Galleon.  We drew in under the Mobula and focused our fire on the Galleon.  We drew our port side within range and the Gatling rang out followed by the tempo of our flack cannon.  Unfortunately we made the mistake of drawing our port side pass with the Galleons Port side.  Three Manticores fired of at the same time.  I watched the Lion heads lurch back from the shot and our cabby called out, "Grains out!  Grains out!"  "A weeks worth of food..." I thought as I saw the grain falling from the "Tod".

I looked up to try and spot the Ramming Rabbit.  I couldn't spot her as she had drawn under my Junker and to my stern.  I swung my ship and dropped our altitude and saw the Pyramidion rise up a foot from our starboard side.  She was on point today, I'll give her that.    Our engineer surprised me.  I saw him climbing our balloon in frantic bid to repair the damage.  Not usually that brave but the payout on this one was our biggest yet even with the lost grain.  Sophia turned the Ramming Rabbit and barreled in toward the Galleon again with her forward gatlings firing as she drove into the galleon.  I turned for another port side pass as the Mobula rose up behind me and began firing.  It's Mercury would knock a hose off our engine, luckily we had enough momentum to move in range.  The Ramming Rabbit turned her front gattlings on the Galleon, now frantically trying to escape, and my gunners opened up.  It wasn't long before we sank that vessel and turned on the Mobula.  The Mobula would turn her engines full astern and fire in exit.  We were faster though.  Sophia dropped her altitude as we fired flares onto the deck and she rose up behind the Mobula and drove in her back.  We turned our starboard guns on ship and fired relentlessly.  She sank in fire and regret...

So, drinks all around.  We were victorious in spoils and in war.  Firnfield claims two more boats!

Feedback and Suggestions / Role Play
« on: May 30, 2013, 05:36:14 pm »
I would love more than anything to come out of adventure mode and the lore of this world, which is incredible by the way, is a great RP community.  I'm wondering if there will be any direct support for this kind of thing.  Long journeys and a crew willing to make idle while we cruise the skies of a grand and fleshed out world would be so awesome!!!!!

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