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I love this game, and I can't wait to see what is released next. I play with several people online, and out of about 30, I've got about 10 of them playing now.
But regardless, I would like to see your game succeed, and I've been thinking of ways to help out.

One source of good publicity/ cheap advertising would be to put up flyers or have a table at Steampunk cons. I'm sure you are aware that these cons are all over the place. Here is a link with a list of some.

I think it would be a shame if your game wasn't exposed as much as it could be to a chunk of your target audience.

If the mods and the community are interested, how about a little competition.

Come up with an awesome poster/flyer design that best showcases what would draw steampunk fans to the game. Post it on the forums, and let the online army take them to cons.

Feedback and Suggestions / Naval Rams
« on: May 29, 2013, 08:54:30 pm »
Ramming seems to be a tactic implemented by many people. It is a high risk vs. reward tactic, but that is what makes it so fun.
So would it be possible to implement different types of naval rams as weapons/addons.

A historical reference.

These could be made in many different shapes and styles depending on what kind of damage, and how much damage you would want to do.
Obviously there would have to be a downside, so very large rams would slow your ship down, or make it difficult to maneuver. Smaller rams wouldn't do much damage to hulls, but perhaps are sharp and could puncture balloons. There are many things that could be done, and I think the dev teams artistic talent are up to it.

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