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Hey there. I'm not exactly a veteran but i follow orders calmly and stay at whatever section of the ship i'm assigned to unless ordered otherwise.
I'm a quiet person with decent mic discipline (no wild hollering). I'm a norwegian so i got a bit of an accent on the mic however.
I'm swamped with work lately so i can only play sporadicly in the 18:00 -22:00.
Looking for a place to live to shorten down traveltime to work since i live in the middle of freakin' nowhere in northern Norway.
If i find a hole to crawl into i would be available to play 4 hours more everyday. (Conditions for traveling to work is exchausting and takes up a lot of my sleepinghours. Don't ask.....)

I hope to find a guild/crew that make it a priority to hit fast and hard using lot's of Kerosine/Moonshine/Tar since that has worked really well when i crewed several Junker crews who all used those tactics extensivly.
I'm mainly a gunner but can engineer in a pinch. I seem to be at my best in a Junker in the lower decks crewing gatlings and keeping the engine repaired no matter how much the captain abuses them by throwing various cocktails into the fuelmix.

But i can adapt if you just put a responsibility before me. But i'm just not at home in a Galleon or Spire so i don't think i could adapt to those ships.
Haven't tried the Manta yet so i don't know about that one.

Weapons i'm good with: Manticore, Gatling, Artemis, flamer.
I don't spray and pray with the Manticore. Controlled bursts even at close range. Have made some loooong range shots with the Manticore with Lesmok rounds in the past when on a Goldfish.

I'm average with the: Mercury, Barking Dog Light Carronade

Weapons i'm kinda bad with: light flak and Banshee.

Weapons i'm horribly and quite embarrasingly inaccurate with: Hellhound Twin Carronade, Scylla Double-Barreled Mortar, Typhon Heavy Flak Cannon, Lumberjack Heavy Mortar.

Don't let me crew those last weapons....i can't hit anything unless it's at point blank range with those. (maybe not even then.)

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