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Gameplay / Harpoon gun discussion
« on: October 31, 2013, 07:04:11 am »
I recently got the achivement for killing 4 harpooned ships and it was a pain in the arse.
I've never  been a fan of that gun, I tried using it with a couple of builds and I've always found it lacking. But grinding for this achivement made me realize just how bad it was.

Now I've heard in the past that the harpoon is supposed to simulate perfecty the effect of a rope tying the two ships together, but I think it goes beyond that. The harpoon takes away all control from your ship.
With this achivement I went for a ramming Pyramidion armed with harpoon and mortar on the front guns. Each time I harpooned something that was in front of me the ship would start turning to the opposite direction.
Then I would find myself with the enemy on my right, pulling me to the right. You'd think that this would make turning the ship to the right easier since there is a whole ship pulling you in that direction. No, it made it IMPOSSIBILE.
I had to turn all the way to the left, with the harpoon rope cutting through my ship like it wasn't there and after doing an almost full 360° turn I was able to have the enemy ship in front of me again, for a brief moment before this hellspawn of a gun decided that SOMEHOW having a rope between me and my target in front of me was preventing me from going foward, towards said ship, and insted pulled me to the left again.
I had to resort to firing the harpoon at the last second just before killing the enemy ship.

Now, putting my rant aside, I think the harpoon gun is useless. Right now it's a joke weapon and any constructive way of using it requires a disproportionate amount of effort. In public games it's virtually non-existent, aside from the occasional joke build.
Is this right? Is the harpoon supposed to be a joke weapon, that no one would ever use seriously?

Oh and please don't start posting things like "I can use the harpoon, here's how". Allright, some of you might be able to put it to good use. I'm not arguing that. I'm arguing that it requires disproportionate effort to manage that and I'm arguing that it's so counter intuitive and hard to use that it's basically non-existent in any given match, which I think proves it's a flawed weapon, regardless of exceptions.

General Discussion / Cosmetic ship customization
« on: July 12, 2013, 11:46:30 am »
So this has probably been asked already, but a quick forum search didn't yield anything.
Are there any projets to implement cosmetic items for the airships? Like custom fins, banners, flags, baloon decals and so on and so forth?
We already have an in-game store so I think this would be a really cool way for us to customize our airships and for Muse to make some extra money, I know I would pay and pay well for a custom figurehead on the prow of my ship!

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