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Feedback and Suggestions / More impactful encirclements
« on: May 04, 2017, 12:09:26 pm »
I posted this in the steam forums first because i didn't know this forum existed. Link here:

 but i've copy and pasted the original text down below.

     "Right now both sides of the war have territory surrounded on all sides by enemies, but forces can still enter and leave these "beseiged" positions at the push of the button. Changing the rules of the game whilst its being played is generally unsportsman like, but i have a proposal for the future wars to make the encirclement of regions more engaging and impactful, and increase the depth of the strategy play.

     Right now we can deploy our ships to any region that our faction, and its allies controls or is currently attacking, regardless of its connection to friendly territory.

I propose that players can only deploy to a region if two conditions are met:
     1. The region is being controlled or attacked by your faction's forces or its allies.
     2. The region is connected to a region that meets condition 1.

These restrictions on deployments would significantly increase the impact of encirclement of territory, and introduces the possibility of separating groups of players. Encircled regions would become the locations of valiant last stands or daring blockade runs.
Players would either have to:
A.hold out until their faction leaders could organize a break out attack (attacking a neighboring region to allow the trapped players to retreat). or
B. break out themselves out by completing some form of ex filtration mission.

Additionally it grants faction leaders another tool to use on the strategic side of the game. Wise faction leaders could use encirclement to quickly snatch up encircled territories, or intentionally leave them occupied by the enemy to prevent the trapped defenders from intervening in battles elsewhere.


PS: Other Ideas
     Encircled players could have a "commander" appointed to them based on effort gained if no faction leaders were trapped with them.
     Faction chat could also be limited based on the above conditions to simulate the cutting of communications. Forcing players to use runners to ferry messages. but i think this may be taking things a bit too far. Especially since steam chat and other social media could easily make this limit on comms unenforceable."

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